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House & Condo Rentals London Ontario

 Our main business is helping our clients to buy a house or a condo in London and S/W Ontario, or, to, help them sell.

    house to rent London Ontario

 From time to time, a good client will ask us to rent out a property for them, either as an investment or they are on a sabbatical and do not want to leave the house vacant.

 Even so, we are particular and picky about the house or condo or apartment. It must be:

  • Priced correctly
  • Very clean and modern
  • A pleasant  neighbourhood
  • The landlord must have in place reliable tradespeople to be able to call, be within 24hrs call back with their tenants and abide by the Landlord & Tenant Act.


 If there are no properties for rent below,  at this time we have nothing to offer you and thank you for visiting.