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    7 Picton Street London Ontario

       7 Picton St London Ontario  7 Picton St London Ontario Entrance

    7 Picton Street London Ontario (Kings Court) is a high rise condominium residence called 7 Picton Place and is on a quiet and short downtown London Ontario street between Queens Ave. And Dufferin St, one minute to City Hall and only 3 minutes to Victoria Park.

    A great location and a well-run building, no balconies. There are 66 apartment units in total, and the building has an indoor swimming pool, sauna, whirlpool, fitness room, a guest suite and a reading/relax area with a full kitchen and beautiful rooftop gardens!

    Guest parking available, also known as 7 Picton Place.

    7 Picton St London Ontario Lobby  7 Picton St London Ontario Sitting Room  7 Picton St London Ontario Pool

    Note: This is a pet-free building, no pets allowed!

    7 Picton St London Ontario Gym  7 Picton St London Ontario Gym 7 Picton St London Ontario Roof Top


    • 2020, as of July 1st five 2 bedroom units sold between $255,000 and $270,000
    • In 2019, 1 sold for $230,000.
    • In 2018, four two-bedroom apartment condominiums sold through our MLS system, from $218,800 to $252,000!
    • In 2017, eleven two-bedroom apartment residences sold, from $165,000 to $225,000


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    Have you ever wondered why some buyers and sellers of real estate in London Ontario seem to get a better buy when they buy and why their home sells for a higher price? Having the right information at your fingertips about a property, about the market, the building & the neighbourhood will get you excellent results. Have a look at these links; your investment in doing so will pay huge dividends!

     Everything You May Want To Know About Mortgage & Condo Loans

    Are You Thinking About Buying a Condominium Soon?

    Are You Thinking About Selling a Condominium Soon?


    Selling An Apartment Condo In London Ontario

       What Would Selling Your Apartment Condo in London Ontario For More Money & in a Reasonable Time Frame Be Worth to You?

    An Apartment in London Ontario Sold

    Selling a condo in London, Ontario, for hundreds of thousands of dollars is not something that people do every day, let alone in a lifetime! We do, every week for the last eighteen years we have seen thousands of apartment condos in London and know what it takes, in a buyers market, even a seller’s market!

    What it takes is marketing, negotiating skills, strength and hard work and being available to show buyers your residence seven days a week. If you require surgery, you will go to a surgeon, not a general practitioner, and if you need a haircut, you do not go to a butcher, the same thing with real estate, hopefully, turn to a condo professional.

     Let us Get Yours Sold, Now!

      What Is The London Ontario Condo Market Doing?

    Every day I get asked these four questions about the London Ontario condo market.

    1. “What is the London Ontario condo market doing?”
    2. “When is the best time to buy or sell a condo?”
    3. “How much should I offer?”
    4. “What should I list it for?”

    Questions & Answers About Condos in London Ontario

    The first step in answering any of the above four questions is knowing how the London condo market performed factually, not by guesswork or perceptions. Most days, I have a detailed list of actual sale prices, days on the market, selling price ratio to the asking price and price reductions.

    You can, too, as well!

    From my experience in helping educate Londoners about condos in London, these averages may not hold for your building or complex.

    Before buying a condo in London or selling a condo in London, you may want to get what I call “brutal truth factual numbers” about what prices are today and not an opinion where prices are heading or what someone received for their unit 6 months ago.

    Price, condition, style and location dictates what a condo sells for and how long it will take to market. For buyers, you will not be overpaying, and for condo sellers, you will not leave money on the table or overprice your condo because of blind optimism or false perceptions!

    It works every time! Want some answers?