681 Commissioners Road West London Ontario

    681 Commissioners Road W London Ontario 681 Commissioners Road W London Ontario Townhomes 681 Commissioners Road W London Ontario Townhomes 1

    681 Commissioners Road West London Ontario is an upscale enclave of 39 detached one-floor condominiums named Rosecliffe Ridge, some have ravine settings, and the condo corporation is well managed, as you can tell by the landscaping.

    These one floor detached residences are in demand as they offer a bit more privacy and the sense of a single-family home.

    Situated in south-west London in the Westmount Neighbourhood, there is straightforward access to parks, shopping and services.

    • 2020, as of April 1st no sales have been reported
    • In 2019, three sold, one for $480,000, one for $501,000 and the 3rd for $550,000
    • In 2018, 0ne residence sold for $440,000
    • In 2017, no recorded sales on MLS
    • 2016 average price $367,000
    • 2015  average price  $285,500
    • 2014 average price $295,767

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