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    665 Commissioners Road West London Ontario

    665 Commissioners Road West London Ontario 665 Commissioners Road London Ontario One Floor Condo 665 Commissioners Road Quality Landscaping

    665 Commissioners Road West London Ontario, known as Rosecliffe Valley, is a 27 detached unit vacant land condominium residential enclave of quality homes.

    It is located in a ravine-like setting in south-west London nestled among upscale detached homes.

    A vacant land condo means that you own the building and the land and pay a condo management fee to the condo corporation for snow removal, ground maintenance and management.

     These are the four types of condominiums and what they mean.

    • 2020, as of July 1st no sales have been reported
    • In 2019, 1 sold for $579,000
    • In 2018, 1 sold $448,000
    • In 2017, 2 residences sold, one for $445,000 and the other $450,000.
    • In 2016 3 units sold for 99.42% of the asking price and took about 17 days to sell

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    Selling a London Ontario Townhouse? The First 10 Days Are Critical!

      selling a townhouse London Ontario

    When selling a townhouse in London, Ontario, the first ten days are critical and will make the difference how quickly and how much you receive!

    The most critical time for a new listing in London, Ontario, is two days before it officially goes on MLS and the eight days after!

    Why two days before? From experience, I have found that when you and an excellent listing Realtor has prepared and gathered all the necessary marketing tools the following occurs:

    • The listing documents are completed accurately and thoroughly, no mistakes or missing information
    • All the pictures are taken, edited or retaken to show your condo the best way possible.
    • Care can be taken to describe your unit in the best light.
    • All the marketing material & dedicated websites are ready
    • All the virtual tours are available
    • You can do the final touch-ups or any cleaning that may be required.
    • The For Sale sign (if allowed! Many condo corporations in London, Ontario have restrictions about ‘For Sale’ signs) is up and any directional signs as well.
    • Extra keys are cut


    Day 3 to Day 8:  This is when buyers and their agents are searching the Internet for buying a condo in London and certain streets for something new. When the excitement is the highest. You can now:

    • Be ready for all showings, have all the marketing materials and home information prepared for that one buyer who loves your condo!
    • You have at least one weekend when historically condo viewing is the busiest.
    • If no offers, the pricing or marketing is wrong after ten days!

    Once day 11 starts, do something drastically to attract new buyers to your condo!

    The way a transaction starts is indicative of how your sale will go, quickly or a long rocky road before you sell your condo.

    Listing with a Realtor who has a reputation for being thorough will never do you any harm. Who uses the Internet correctly, has a follow-up system and the finances to see your property through to the final stages.

    Ensure that before the sign goes up and the listing gets to the MLS, everything from the lockbox, listing brochures and presentations is in place and ready to go. Make sure your listing person has a system to let you view the comments and feedback about your condo on an individual listing website. Do they have a checklist (I have 133 ) that they share with you before it even gets on MLS?

    Do not let others impede the selling of your condo.

    In summary, the most critical time for a new listing when selling a condo in London, Ontario, is BEFORE it gets on MLS.

     More Tips and Ideas 

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