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624 William Street London Ontario

Welcome to this 624 William Street in London, Ontario ( William Street Manor) real estate page. This is an upscale brownstone condo townhouse in London’s historic Woodfield district.

624 William Street London Ontario map location of where these townhouse condos are
624 William Street in London Ontario N6B 3G2

This charming complex of 30 residential townhouse condominiums is tucked away on William Street, and all have a garage, walkouts and a deck off the living room. A very well-maintained and managed condo corporation.

Please note that we are not the property manager, nor represent the Condo Corporation, nor are we Rental Agents; we Are Realtors who help Buyers & Sellers get what they want!

In 2022 as of August 2, no sales were reported through MLS.

In 2021, five townhouse condos sold through MLS within five days for an average of 113,11% of the asking price, the lowest selling price was $399,900, and the highest was $537,000.

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Prior Years Stats:

  • In 2020, two residences changed hands through our MLS, one for $392,500 and the other for $395,000. Both averaged 11 days on the market, and the median selling prices were 102.4% of the asking price
  • 2019, 2 townhouses were sold through MLS, one at $343,900 and the other at $351,500
  • In 2018, six sold, from $276,000 to $323,000
  • In 2017, three sold, $247,000 to $255,000
  • 2016 average price was $238,900
  • 2015 average price was $232,000
  • 2014 average price was $230,833

Please Note That We Are Not Property Managers, Nor Do We Represent The Condo Corporation, Nor are we Rental Agents, We Are Realtors Who Help Buyers & Sellers.