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600 Grenfell Drive London Ontario

Welcome to this 600 Grenfell Drive London Ontario (Legacy Place) real estate page! This high-rise apartment condo building is halfway between Western & Fanshawe College. There are 118 apartments on ten floors, with no balconies or in-unit laundry. The laundry is on the main floor; see the pictures below.

Across the street and a few steps is a 24-hour grocery store, Home Depot, Tim Horton’s, and other retailers on a bus route. The Legacy’s location is convenient, has lots of parking (each unit has a designated spot) and is one of the better-priced apartment residences in London, Ontario.

600 Grenfell Drive London Ontario location map of the apartment condos
600 Grenfell Drive London Ontario (The Legacy)
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  • In 2022, year to date, as of August 2, a 1 bedroom apartment condo sold for $430,000. Three two-bedroom apartments sold, ranging in price from $360,000 to $470,000, which was 107.63% of the asking price, the price per square foot was $457.00 and the average days on the market to sell was sixteen.
  • In 2021, five two-bedroom apartment condos sold through our MLS for a median price of 125.57% of the asking price and took on average seven days to sell, the average price per square foot was $325.00, and the prices ranged from $276,000 to $426,000 ( we listed and sold the one for $426,000, a record for a two-bedroom at 600 Grenfell. Six one-bedroom units sold, averaging six days on the market and selling for 121.48% of the asking price, the low being $250,000, the high $313,000 and the average price per square foot was $371.00.
  • You can view the previous years’ stats at the bottom of this page.

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Prior Years Stats:

  • In 2020, two one-bedroom apartments sold through our local MLS, one for $195,00, the other for $231,500. Five two-bedroom apartment condos changed hands from $229,000 to $262,000, all seven selling for a median of 103.79% of the asking price and averaging 12 days on the market.
  • In 2019, Eleven apartment condos were sold through the MLS system, two one-bedroom apartments, $152,000 and $165,000 and nine two-bedroom condo apartments from $170,000 to $253,000.
  • In 2018, fifteen apartment condominium residences were sold, three one-bedroom units, all for $109,900 each and twelve two-bedroom apartments, from $130,000 to $155,000.
  •  In 2017. fourteen apartment condos sold, three one-bedroom units from $96,000 to $106,500 and eleven two-bedroom apartments, from $99,500 to $140,000 even.

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