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    600-640 Wilkins Street London Ontario

    600-640 Wilkins Avenue London Ontario 600-640 Wilkins Ave London Ontario

    600-640 Wilkins Street London Ontario is an enclave of 20 townhouse-condo residences, on a bus route and easy access to Parkwood Hospital, Victoria Hospital and the Wellington Road area of stores and services

    This enclave is well managed, maintained and landscaped with nearby parks.

    • In 2020, as of August 4, two sold, one for $275,000 and the other $277,000
    • ​In 2019, three townhouses sold from $251,000 to $261,000, averaging ten days on the market before selling.
    •  In 2018, one sold $212,000 even.
    •  In 2017, two townhouse residences sold, one for $185,000, the other $199,90
    • 2016 average sale $138,300
    • 2015  average sale $137,000
    • 2014  average sale $139,900
    • 2013  average sale $127,250


    All The Townhouses & Townhomes For Sale London Ontario on MLS
    All The Townhouses & Townhomes For Sale London Ontario on MLS

    De-Stress When Selling a Townhouse in London Ontario

     Whether you’ve lived in your condo in London, Ontario for two years or 14, you know it’s not just a shelter or even another investment.  It’s the place where your dreams came to life, or unfortunately for some, ended.

    Selling a Townhouse in London Ontario

    So, there comes a day when it’s time to move on.  You have taken the time to reflect on old memories, and prepare to build new ones.  You have decided it is time to leave the past behind for a new future.  It’s no wonder why buying or selling a condo is often emotionally charged and potentially overwhelming.

    When you are thinking of selling your condo in London, Ontario, there are some things to think about, to prepare for, and to organize.

    The price you are thinking or wishing to sell your condo for is usually the first concern for most, and that I can genuinely appreciate it.

    With the condo market being robust in London, Ontario, your condo will sell, so perhaps you may want to ask yourself the most important question of all, “How can I maximize the sale price?”  

    Determining your bottom line based on accurate information BEFORE you list your condo in London, Ontario will give you peace of mind, clarity and a sense of security.

    I can write this because my condo clients have told me that not only did they get their price in the timeline they wanted, the process was less stressful than they thought!

    Wondering What to Do?

    Having the right information about a property and getting excellent results, when applied, will save yourself some money. Have a look at these links; you will be glad you did!

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    Are You Thinking About Buying a Condominium Soon?

    Are You Thinking About Selling a Condominium Soon?