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572 Thistlewood Drive London Ontario

Welcome to 572 Thistlewood Drive London, Ontario, Stoney Creek Meadows, is an enclave of 48 one-floor condo townhome residences in North London. Auburn Homes maintained its quality standards with well-thought-out floor plans, construction materials, and trades. This condo corporation is well managed by Dickenson Property Management.

572 Thstlewood Drive London Ontario map of the location of these one floor townhomes
572 Thistlewood Drive London Ontario N5x 4N8 and N5X 4N7
  • In 2022, as of August 1, two townhome bungalow condominiums sold, one for $675,000, the other for $720,000!
  • In 2021, four bungalow townhomes sold through MLS, averaging seven days on the market and selling for 111.15% of the asking price, the lowest selling price was $572,000, and the highest was $630,000.
  • If interested, you can view the previous years’ stats at the bottom of this page.

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Prior Years Stats:

  • In 2020, two one-floor townhomes sold through MLS, one for $425,000 and the other for $497,000; both averaged three days to sell for a median price of 105.5% of the asking price.
  • in 2019, 1 unit sold for $412,500
  • In 2018, 3 residences sold, from $350,250 to $380,000 even! Yes, this is a seller’s market; quality one-floor townhouses and townhomes are in demand.
  • in 2017, 1 townhouse sold for $277,000
  • $269,900  in 2016, one sold on MLS
  • $282,000 average 2015 price
  • $273,000 average 2014 price
  • $259,500 average 2013 price

Please Note That We Are Not The Property Manager, Nor Do We Represent The Condo Corporation, Nor are we Rental Agents, We Are Realtors Who Help Buyers & Sellers.