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    50 Northumberland Road London Ontario

    50 Northumberland London Ontario  50 Northumberland London Ontario Clubhouse 50 Northumberland London Ontario Townhomes

    50 Northumberland Road London Ontario is in the Hunt Club neighbourhood of North West London and Units 1-43 are called Hunt Club Glen and Units 44-105 are called Hunt Club Gate.

    As with anything, location, amenities, views, size all come with a personal perspective and budget.

    You will love the quiet, quality landscaping, the closeness to great stores like Remark, Gordons and banks and grocery stores and golf courses and trails and Sifton Bog and churches and schools are far enough away for quiet times.

    • In 2020, as of August 4,  one 4 (2+2) bedroom unit sold for $580,000, one 3 bedroom (2+1) for $517,500.
    • In 2019, 2 condos sold, one for $457,500 and the other for $515,500
    • In 2018, 0ne sold for $475,000
    • In 2017, 6 residences sold through our local MLS system, from $359,900 to $570,000
    • In 2016, 10 sold in a range of $325,000-$590,000
    All The Townhouses & Townhomes For Sale London Ontario on MLS
    All The Townhouses & Townhomes For Sale London Ontario on MLS


    When thinking about selling a condo in London Ontario, besides the price and whom you select to represent you, why not get in touch with your condo corporation before you list it on MLS?


    99% of the time, when you and the buyer agree on a price, there will be a conditional clause that states that the buyer’s lawyer will have 7-10 days to review the status certificate provided by the condo management company.

    The buyer’s lawyer is looking at the financial status of the corporation, checking to see if there are any unpaid fees or assessments, any infractions, such as a screen missing, an unauthorized addition such as a deck, satellite dish etc., as well as the financial stability of the corporation.

    You may be surprised at the number of hasty remedies& discussions that will happen if there are issues! You will not want the stress thinking your unit is sold and then having the buyer back out or delay the sale date.

    To ensure a smooth sale, take the time and effort to find out if there are any issues that could affect the final sale of your condo,  be it an apartment or a townhouse in London Ontario.

    To ensure an even smoother process, we order and pay for a status certificate before we list a condo for sale and have systems in place that prevent unforeseen issues.