50 Northumberland Road London Ontario

    50 Northumberland London Ontario  50 Northumberland London Ontario Clubhouse 50 Northumberland London Ontario Townhomes

    50 Northumberland Road London Ontario is in the Hunt Club neighbourhood of North West London and Units 1-43 are called Hunt Club Glen and Units 44-105 are called Hunt Club Gate.

    As with anything, location, amenities, views, size all come with a personal perspective and budget.

    You will love the quiet, quality landscaping, the closeness to great stores like Remark, Gordons and banks and grocery stores and golf courses and trails and Sifton Bog and churches and schools are far enough away for quiet times.

    • 2020, as of April 1st one 4 bedroom unit sold for $580,000
    • In 2019, 2 condos sold, one for $457,500 and the other for $515,500
    • In 2018, 0ne sold for $475,000
    • In 2017, 6 residences sold through our local MLS system, from $359,900 to $570,000
    • In 2016, 10 sold in a range of $325,000-$590,000
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