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    363 Colborne Street London Ontario

    363 Colborne and 323 Colborne St London Ontario


    363 Colborne Street London Ontario is a 26 story condo building in downtown London and part of the Colborne Centre, which includes 323 Colborne St.  Minutes’ walk to some of the better restaurants in London, Covent Garden Market, Budweiser Gardens, Victoria Park. You can take a stroll down to the farmers market, downtown festivals and enjoy plays and activities at the Grand Theatre.

    This downtown London Ontario apartment condo building has:

    • Underground Parking
    • Guest Parking
    • Controlled Entry
    • Surveillance System
    •  Public Transit
    • Elevator
    • Ensuite Laundry
    • Swimming Pool
    • Hot Tub
    • Exercise Area
    • Tennis Courts
    • Balcony / Patio
    • Large Closets / Ensuite Storage
    • Cable

    363 Colborne London Ontario Lobby 1          363 Colborne London Ontario Lobby

    363 and 323 Colborne Pool           363 Colborne reading room

    363 Colborne get together room            323 & 363 Colborne St London Ontario BBQ Patio

    323 & 363 Colborne St London Ontario Tennis court            323 & 363 Colborne St London Ontario Gym

    • 2020, as of July 1st two 2 bedroom units sold, one for $255,000 and the other for $265,000


    • In 2019, thirteen apartment residences were sold through the MLS system, two 1 bedroom apartments from $205,000 and the other $239,000. Nine 2 bedroom apartment condos sold from $196,000 to $280,000.


    • In 2018, 19 apartment condominium residences sold through our MLS system. Five one-bedroom apartments from $165,000 to $188,000. Fourteen two-bedroom units sold, from $179,900 to $243,600! ​


    • In 2017, 16 sold, six one-bedroom apartments from $125,000 to $169,000 and ten, two-bedroom units from $145,000 to $200,000 even.


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    Are You Thinking About Selling a Condominium Soon?

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    Buying A  London Ontario Apartment Condo?

    Buying a Place to Live in London Ontario

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