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340 Ambleside Drive London Ontario

Welcome to this 340 Ambleside Drive London Ontario real estate page! This is an enclave of 38 condo townhouses a mile and half from The University of  Western Ontario with easy access to Masonville Mall, hospitals and the big box stores in Hyde Park. A bonus is that there is a bus stop out in front of the entrance to the townhouses.

340 Ambleside Drive London Ontario Location Map
340 Ambleside Drive London Ontario N6G 4Y5

Please note that we are not the property manager, nor represent the Condo Corporation, nor are we Rental Agents; we Are Realtors who help Buyers & Sellers get what they want!

  • In 2022, as of August 2, one townhouse sold for $715,000, as reported by MLS.
  • In 2021, three townhouses sold through MLS, averaging 23 days on the market and selling for 114.31% of the asking price, selling prices ranging from $541,000 to $605,000!

If curious, you can view the prior years’ stats by scrolling down this page.

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For Prior Years Stats:

  • In 2020, two townhouses changed hands through MLS, one for $385,000, the other for $440,000; on the marketaveraging4 days and sold for a median of 104.4% of the asking price.
  • In  2019, four have sold from $357,410-$369,900.
  • In 2018, three sold from $327,500 to $355, 000! Quite an increase over 2017! Why? More buyers than sellers, and finally, our historical lower prices in London attract more buyers.
  • In 2017, three townhouses sold through our MLS system, from $231,500 to $300,000.

Please Note That We Are Not Property Managers, Nor Do We Represent The Condo Corporation, Nor are we Rental Agents, We Are Realtors Who Help Buyers & Sellers.