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330 Ridout Street London Ontario

330 Ridout Street London Ontario is a quality-built condominium building in downtown London, steps away from fine dining, theatre, the Budweiser Gardens and Covent Garden Market and is named The Renaissance ll with 188 suites on 28 floors, one and two-bedroom units & 21 penthouse suites.

330 Ridout Street London Ontario Map Location
330 Ridout Street London Ontario N6A 0A7
  • There are three high-speed elevators.
  •  The residents’ lounge features a wet bar with stylish, comfortable furnishings and plenty of room out on the landscaped terrace, all on the seventh floor.
  • Check out the theatre room with a projection screen featuring surround sound, a Blu-ray player and comfortable seating.
  •  Library Room
  • The fitness centre has state-of-the-art workout machines, free weights, plus space for stretching & jumping about!
  • A  guest suite is available for overnight and out-of-town guests.
  • There is secure underground parking and shared amenity areas protected with 24-hour security. High-definition colour security cameras are stationed at all entrances and include night-vision and live-time recording to a DVR system. Camera systems monitor visitor and delivery arrivals, all viewed from your in-suite televisions.
  • There is a large safe, brightly lit underground parking garage with easy access and traffic flow.


  • The Roma is 1549 square feet 2 bedrooms + den, two bathrooms with a 184 square foot balcony available on levels 7-23
  • Valencia is an 1130 square foot 2 bedroom with a 74 square foot balcony on floors 8-23
  • The Vienna is a one-bedroom +den 935 square feet with a 75 square foot balcony available on floors 8-23
    • The Penthouses have various layouts and are available on floors 24-28.

    330 Ridout St London Sales History

    sold , another condo sold by Sutton Group Envelope Real Estate
    • In 2023, as of May 13, two 1-bedroom apartment condos sold, one for $410,000, the other for $435,000 and five two-bedroom apartment condos sold from $527,500 to $615,000, which was 95.31%, averaging $403.00 per square foot and the average days on the market was 33.

    Please Note That We Are Not The Property Manager, Nor Do We Represent This Condo Corporation, Nor are we Rental Agents, We Are Realtors Who Help Buyers & Sellers Get Results.

    You can view the year’s prior stats at the bottom of this page.

    Apartment Condo Buyer 101 London Ontario

    How Often Do You Hear Yourself Saying: “No, I Haven’t Read It: I’ve Been Meaning To!”

    Are You Ready To Start The Condo Buying Journey?

    Most condo buyers , be it a townhouse, townhome or apartment condo, only think about price, style and location. For most, buying a condo in London, Ontario & the area can be an emotional roller coaster! It comes with many details, and some buyers may get caught up in the excitement and tend to overlook a few things.

    Over the years, through experience working with hundreds of buyers and sellers in London Ontario we have been able to help clients overcome the conflicting misinformation about real estate and apply sound common sense so that our clients are assured they are making great decisions and avoiding emotional overzealousness to buy!

    A Good Decision About Real Estate Is Based on Knowledge

    If you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home in London, Ontario, and whether you are a first-time buyer or buying your 5th, a few minutes of informed insights will be well worth your time.

    Below are 6 of 22 reports or videos we have prepared to help our clients make prudent decisions!

    Report # 1 Buying a House

    What price do you offer a seller? Is the seller’s asking price too high? Is it ideal? Without research on the market and comparable homes, you are bidding blind. A professional Realtor who represents you should offer an unbiased opinion on a home’s value based on market conditions and the house and neighbourhood conditions. I said it should, but how would you know if it is unbiased, what comparables are used, and in what time frames? Without this knowledge, you could quickly bid too much or miss out on a great buying opportunity. Why? There are ten other great tips in this report.

    Report# 2 Buying a Condo

    Buying a condo in Dorchester, Ontario, be it an apartment, a townhouse, or a townhome, takes much more care than purchasing a house. The reason is that due diligence is required to understand the condominium corporation’s bylaws, financial status, rules and regulations, and by-laws! These notes will give you several helpful, straightforward tips for buying a condo in London, plus answers to a condo corporation and valuable links. 

    Report # 3 Who Else is Going To Be Involved When I Buy Real Estate?

    Many other professionals or non-professionals are involved in your real estate transaction. An excellent, thorough Realtor will ensure you are working with qualified professionals. 

    Report #4 Role of a Lawyer in a Real Estate Purchase

    The purchaser’s lawyer’s purpose is to protect you, the purchaser, throughout the transaction and ensure that you obtain a good title to your new property. The purchaser’s lawyer also represents your mortgage lender’s interests in preparing and registering the mortgage documents—tips on what to ask a lawyer.

    Report # 5 Role of a Home Inspector

    There are several reasons for having a home inspection, but the most compelling reason is that the inspector looks at the property differently than a purchaser.

    1. The job is to look for significant problems visible on the home inspection day to help you reduce your risk.

          2.  A good home inspector will also educate you on operating your home’s systems.

          3.  A great Home Inspector will explain how to solve the problems found that day, giving you enough information to make the right buying decision with everything you have learned.

    What is a home inspection, how to choose a home inspector & what to be careful about?

    Report # 6 What Do All These Real Estate Words Mean Anyway?

    What do all these real estate words mean? Learn a few; never will a lawyer, Realtor, economist, mortgage lender, politician or hairdresser ever confuse you again!

    Do You Feel You Know Everything There Is To Know About Buying A Condo?

    Most wing it or have any Realtor show a few and then buy one. Sounds foolish and not too wise, yet, that is what most do.

     How much would you save in money, stress or issues if you knew about the following? Below are a few topics we cover with our condo buyer clients.

    • Four Fears Most Condo Buyers Have & How to Respect Those Fears & Handle Them?
    • Four Important Questions to Ask Your Mortgage Lender Before You Sign Anything.
    • I’m The One Buying the Condo Who Are All the Other People Who Get Involved, and why?
    • When I Buy a Condo, How Can I Protect Myself? Before & After?
    • New or Resale, What You May Not Know.
    • Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Car or Furniture Right Before You Buy a Condo.
    • Five Strategies to Never Ever Overpay for a Condo.
    • Getting a Home Inspection for a Condo? Do I Need One?
    • How Credit Reports and Credit Scoring Affects What Dolar Amount You Can Borrow.
    • What Pricing Strategies Are Sellers & Their Realtor Using to Get You to Buy?
    • A Proven Way to Avoid Frustration When Looking for Condos in London, Ontario & Area.
    • How Can I Remember Each Condo When I’ve Seen So Many?
    • Five Questions You Should Ask Your Realtor at Every Condo You Visit.
    • Six Things Most Builders Hope You NEVER Hear.
    • 8 Signs That Could Mean Expensive (hidden) Trouble
    • Avoid Being Beaten Out by Other Buyers Who Want the Same Condo as You Do.
    • A No-Fail Guide to Finding A Mover That Won’t Take You To The Cleaners.
    • Ways You Can Save Thousands of Interest Dollars and Pay Your Mortgage Off Years Sooner.
    • Why Just Any Lawyer Will Not Do
    • How Important Is a Status Certificate? Why Do I Need One? Who Pays for It?

       As you can see, we do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to helping our clients BEFORE they buy. You can imagine then what we do when viewing condos, negotiating a sale, and the hundreds of details after an agreement of purchase is made until the move-in date!

    I can be reached at 519-435-1600 or by email.

    Thinking About Selling Your Home?

    helpful tips selling a house or condo in London Ontario & area

    Below are some helpful tips, money-saving ideas and home seller strategies to help you sell your home quicker, for more money and be stress-free! The procedures below are from our experience selling hundreds of homes successfully in London Ontario, and the area.

          The Role of a Buyer’s & Seller’s Lawyer

    The purchaser’s lawyer’s role is to protect the purchaser throughout the transaction and ensure that the buyer obtains a clear title to the property. Traditionally, the purchaser’s lawyer also represents the mortgage lender’s interests in preparing and registering the documents following their mortgage commitment. The seller’s lawyer ensures you get paid and that your sale closes when it is supposed to!

     50 Inexpensive Tips To Enhance The Value Of Your House or Condo

    Here are 50 inexpensive things you can do to enhance the value of your home. Time and time again, when I show homes or list them, some or all of these tips would have dramatically sped up the sale or received more money. Over the years, I have found that the little things that a buyer sees may be the stumbling block in making an offer on your home. You have one chance of making an excellent first impression when a buyer walks into your home; try one or ten of these, and you will sell quicker and, in most cases, receive more money!

         What Do All These Real Estate Words Mean Anyway?

    When you buy or sell a home in London and South West Ontario or have been through the process, it can be daunting enough without words or phrases bantered about, and you say, “What?” Well, no more; this exhaustive list will now make the playing field level; your knowledge & better understanding of real estate will ensure that your real estate transaction will be less stressful and, in most cases, more rewarding! Plus, less bull sh*t from the word-mongers!

       Who Else is Going To Be Involved When I Sell my Home?

    Purchasing or selling a home requires more than just the buyer and seller; you’ll also need the services of a variety of home-related professionals; here are the key players in your transaction and the roles they play.

       London Home Seller’s Guide to Moneymaking Fix-Ups

    Here’s an informative guide to help you realize the most profit from your home and perhaps avoid costly repair rip-offs. Each year thousands of homeowners needlessly lose thousands of dollars when selling their homes.  But they don’t lose the money for reasons you might think. They lose money because they unknowingly left it on the table, for the buyer to pocket, by failing to recognize their home’s hidden profit potential.

    Those hidden profits exist in two areas. First, most homeowners never discover that particular minor, even inexpensive repairs to their existing home could generate many times their cost in additional home value.  But on the other hand, other repairs and improvements can cost you dearly.  It’s critical to know what repairs and improvements to spend money on and which ones to leave alone.

    Second, when many savvy homeowners decide to make profitable repairs before selling, they expose themselves to some contractors’ ruthless world and potentially deceptive schemes that drive up home repair costs.

    It’s easy to understand how you might become overwhelmed with the whole process between not knowing what to repair for maximum profit and dealing with the world of contractor schemes.  But don’t despair! That’s Why I Created This Helpful Report

    How to Get More Buyers to See Your Home

    Did You Know:

    • 44% of the buyers who walked through a home viewed it online.
    • 67%  of the buyers who walked through a home viewed it online that had a virtual tour.
    • 88.6%  of the buyers who walked through a home viewed it online that had floor plans and a virtual tour

    What percentage of qualified buyers do you want looking at your home when it is for sale? In this market, skill overshadows a pretty face, the rookie, the part-timer, verbal diarrhea and the unwashed! If you read our Condo Buyer 101 above, you can see why we have qualified, able, knowledgeable buyers!

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    Prior Year Stats

    • In 2022, eighteen apartment condos were sold. Nine one-bedroom apartments sold, from$430,000 to $585,000 averaging $513.00 per square foot and taking on average twenty-six days to sell for 99.26% of the asking price. Seven two-bedroom units sold, from$599,900 to $660,000, with the average price per square foot was$435.00 and two penthouse units sold, one for $980,000, the other $1,200,000.
    • In 2021, at “The Renaissance ll,” four one-bedroom apartments sold through our MLS system for 106.56% of the asking price and took six days to sell. Prices ranged from $380,100 to $475,000, and the median price per square foot was $486.00. Seventeen two-bedroom apartment condos sold, averaging 29 days on the market and selling for 98.51% of the asking price; the average price per square foot was $384.00, and prices ranged from $490,000 to $835,000.
    • In 2020, eleven one-bedroom apartment condos changed hands, from $355,900 to $399,900, twelve two-bedroom apartments sold from $422,500 to $615,000 and 1 penthouse at $1,400,000. These apartments sold for a median of 98.86% of the asking price and were on the market for an average of 13 days!
    • In 2019, 19 apartment condos were sold at 330 Ridout St, sixteen two-bedroom residences from $385,000 to $800,000, one three-bedroom apartment at $645,000 and two 1-bedroom apartments, one at $317,750 and the other $339,000. The norm for a sold unit is 10-35 days; however, eight apartments that did sell took 50 or more days to sell!

    Please Note That We Are Not The Property Manager, Nor Do We Represent This Condo Corporation, Nor are we Rental Agents, We Are Realtors Who Help Buyers & Sellers Get Results.