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    240 Villagewalk Boulevard London Ontario

    240 Village Walk Blvd London Ontario

    240 Village Walk Boulevard London Ontario is a luxury apartment condominium building with 148 residences completed in 2015 located just off Sunningdale Road West, off of Richmond Street North and about two kilometres northwest of Masonville Mall & The University of Western Ontario.


    outdoor patio 240 Village Walk Blvd London Ontario

    This quality building has a fitness centre, indoor pool, billiards room, theatre, lounge and underground parking. The heating and cooling systems are through a centralized gas-fired boiler and water cooling method; heat is included in the condo fees.

    indoor pool 240 Village Walk London Ontario gym at 240 Village Walk London Ontario

    The building has a mixture of one bedroom plus den and range in size between 1051-1111 sq. ft. and two bedrooms plus den are 1402-1804 sq. ft.

    • 2020,  as of July 1st one 1 bedroom sold for $402,000
    • In 2019, ten units sold: one 1 bedroom apartment residence for $356,000, eight 2 bedroom apartments from $356,000 to $765,000 and one 3 bedroom penthouse for one million-plus. Some took 5 days to sell,  one took 145 days! Why? The market is what a willing buyer will pay and to find that willing buyer, if the price and marketing are not compelling, the apartment is not selling!
    • In 2018, seven units sold, four one-bedroom units $320,000 -$340,000, two two-bedroom apartments, one at $429,000, the other at $530,000 and a three-bedroom unit at $700,000.
    • In 2017, 14 apartment condominiums sold through our MLS system. Three 1 bedroom apartments from $294,500 -$309,000, Six two bedroom units $354,000 -$560,000 and five three bedroom apartments from $409,000 -$655,000.

    relax at 240 Village Walk Blvd London Ontario


    All Apartment Condos London Ontario For Sale
    Here Are All The London Ontario Condo Apartments For Sale on MLS

    20 to 30 Minutes Reviewing The 3 Links Below Will Save You a Minimum $1000 When Buying Or Selling Real Estate in London Ontario!

    Having accurate information about a property, about financing, about the prudent processes, when applied, will save money, time, stress and less sleepless nights.

    making the right decisions when listing a home for sale

    Everything You May Want To Know About Mortgage & Condo Loans

    Are You Thinking About Buying a Condominium Soon?

    Are You Thinking About Selling a Condominium Soon?


    What Happens When Your Condo Is For Sale Yet Very Few Buyers Know About It?

    One of the biggest downfalls I see in marketing a  London Ontario home for sale, be it through a real estate brokerage, a discounter or a For Sale by Owner (FSBO) company is that most marketers & Realtors  think that if they do the following:

    Nobody can find your home for sale

    • Put a for sale sign out front or in the window

    • Get it on MLS or some websites

    • Take  pretty pictures (or doctor them)

    • Make up some fancy brochures

    • Maybe run an ad in a glossy magazine that is one month too late or a newspaper ad ( called tombstone ads for a reason) or, a more massive ad with the Realtor’s picture larger than the property!

    • Do An  Open House (did you know that less than 1% of homes sell with an open house?)

    Major Think!

     Who is going to buy your condo? Marketing to that group, in other words, focusing on the type of buyer your home will attract is beneficial and works!

    For example, if you have a four-bedroom, two-car garage house which is close to good schools, of course, you would market to families, not to an empty nester or single person. Or, a one floor, two-bedroom condo in an upscale neighbourhood of London, you would not market it to a family of 6!

    Focus, narrow down, focus, focus & clarify!

    Most homebuyers view between 10-16 homes in London Ontario; they are very much aware of the price & condition of other homes similar to yours.  If they have a top-notch Realtor helping them, they can laser focus on the property that fits their client’s budget and criteria and not get lost on the bling and shine on properties that do not match their client’s profile.

    focus on your home buyer

    You can have the fanciest billboard in the world, but if it’s located in the middle of the Sahara desert, who is going to see it and if they did, how many miles and hours will it take to get to London Ontario to see it? (I googled it, 9519 KM)

    Why not focus your condo on that buyer? Here’s the thing, a professional condo professional and brokerage has the knowledge, skills and money to promote your home, they have dedicated client care concierges that are on duty 8-8 Monday to Friday, 9 to 6 on Saturday and 9 to 5 on Sundays! To top all that, a 24/7 call centre as well!

    How Much Is My Condo Worth?
    How Much Is My Condo Worth?

    You see, our standards are very high and when you entrust our professionals to market and sell your home, that’s what we do, that is what you hired us to do! Let’s get started and get your property sold, contact us now!

    our team

    Do This Before Buying a Condominium in London Ontario

    In a recent survey,  condo buyers said they wish they had taken more time before they started the process of buying a condo in London.

    The first step was deciding to move,  to stop renting or downsizing from a larger house. All good so far.


    Then, most went and spoke to a mortgage lender( this is a significant and crucial step and be careful whom you talk to, I cover that in another report) to see what they qualified for and if they could get a mortgage.

    Then what?

     Yup, started searching the MLS listings, Kijiji, real estate websites and real estate magazines (that are usually a month old) and what did they do? They called 4 or 5 real estate salespeople who had listings they wanted to see and set up an appointment.

     While making those appointments, they all heard the same thing:

    • Are you pre-approved for a mortgage?
    • Are you working with an agent?
    • Do you have a house to sell?
    • Perhaps a few more personal questions or the name of your cat or dog! 

    All These Questions

    Then they went to see a few units, and if they liked one, they put in an offer with the listing salesperson without any research or thought of the long-term consequences.

    Or, the condo is not to their liking, but they liked the salesperson, and the Realtor convinced them that they could help look for something else, again, without any research of that agent or thought of the long-term consequences!

    The wisest thing that someone can do after they have decided to move, is to research and contact the real estate salesperson who they are comfortable with, has the skills and experience and whom you will entrust your hard-earned money!

     Maybe interview two or three.

    Then when you have confidence in the salesperson you have chosen, that right real estate person will research properties on your behalf, make appointments to match your timetable, protect you in the buying and offer process and be there if any challenges come up.

    Do you not think that having that type of representation would be better for you than just entrusting that binding faith with just anyone? A friend of a friend, Uncle Joe’s distant cousin who just got her license and needs some money, or your co-worker who’s husband ‘does’ real estate on the side!

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