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240 Villagewalk Boulevard London Ontario

Welcome to the 240 & 260 Village Walk Boulevard London Ontario real estate page! 240 is Village North 1; these are two upscale apartment condominium buildings facing Sunningdale Road West, a little from the corner of Sunningdale & Richmond Street North and about two kilometres northwest of Masonville Mall & The University of Western Ontario. Joined is 260 Village Walk Blvd (Village North ll)

These two quality buildings have a fitness centre, indoor pool, billiards room, theatre, lounge and underground parking. The heating and cooling systems are through a centralized gas-fired boiler and water cooling method; heat is included in the condo fees.

The buildings have a mixture of one bedroom plus den and range between 1051-1111 sq. ft. Two bedrooms plus den are 1402-1804 sq. ft.

240 Village Walk Stats:

As of August 2, 2022, year-to-date nine apartment condos were sold. Six two-bedroom apartments with prices ranging from $685,000 to $865,000, which was $460.00 per square foot. These took on average nine days to sell through MLS for 104.28% of the asking price. Three 1 bedroom units sold, ranging from $620,000 to $682,000 with the average price per square foot being $598.00

  • In 2021, four one-bedroom apartment condos sold for 102.51% of the asking price, averaging seven days to sell, from $399,900 to $549,900, the median selling price per square foot was $471.00!
  • Eleven 2-bedroom apartment condos at 240 Villagewalk sold for 99.66% of the asking price, taking an average of 16 days on the market to sell for a median square foot price of $383.00 with prices ranging from $560,000 to $627,000. One 3-bedroom apartment sold for $690,000.

260 Village Walk Stats:

As of August 2, 2022, fifteen apartment condos were sold year-to-date. Thirteen two-bedroom units with prices ranging from $630,000 to $852,000, and the average price per square foot was $509.00! These selling prices were 106.14% of the asking price and, on average, sold within eleven days. Two one-bedroom apartments sold, one for $615,000, the other for $620,000 and the average price per square foot for a one-bedroom was $570.00.

  • In 2021, seventeen apartment condos sold at 260 Village Walk Blvd. For four one-bedroom apartments from $526,000 to $551,000, taking 15 days or less to sell, the average price per square foot for a one-bedroom apartment condo at 260 Villagewalk was $490.00. Thirteen two-bedroom apartment condos at 260 Village walk sold, from $555,00 to $875,000, averaging 21 days on the market and selling for 100.69% of the asking price. The median price per square foot was $412.00.
  • If you are curious what the previous years’ stats were, go to the bottom of this page and there they are!
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Prior Years Stats:

  • In 2020,  at 240 Village Walk, five apartments changed hands through our MLS system, a one-bedroom for $402,000, a three-bedroom for $869,900 and three two-bedroom apartments, from $425,000 to $610,000, all averaging ten days on the market and selling for a median of 100.53% of the asking price.
  • In 2019, ten units sold: one 1 bedroom apartment residence for $356,000, eight 2 bedroom apartments from $356,000 to $765,000 and one 3 bedroom penthouse for one million-plus.
  • In 2018, seven units sold four one-bedroom units, $320,000 -$340,000, two two-bedroom apartments, one at $429,000, the other at $530,000 and a three-bedroom unit at $700,000.
  • In 2017, 14 apartment condominiums sold through our MLS system. Three 1 bedroom apartments from $294,500 -$309,000, Six two bedroom units $354,000 -$560,000 and five three bedroom apartments from $409,000 -$655,000.

Please Note That We Are Not Property Managers, Nor Do We Represent The Condo Corporation Of Any Of These Condominiums, Nor are we Rental Agents, We Are Realtors Who Help Buyers & Sellers.