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    1,5,9,15 Jacksway Crescent London Ontario


    Jacksway Cr London Ontario                                                      

    1,5,9,15 Jacksway Crescent London Ontario are four stand-alone apartment condo buildings (332 units in total) called Masonville Gardens located in north London Ontario across from Masonville Mall. Plenty of restaurants, shopping and services all within a short walk.

    There are some two bedrooms with two full bathrooms, some with two bedrooms & 1 1/2 baths, a few three-bedroom apartments & a few one-bedroom units. Lots of free open parking,  all apartments have balconies except the ground floor ones, and all have gas fireplaces!

    1,5,9,15 Jacksway Gardens 4 storey apartment condominiums       the gym at Masonville Gardens

    The complex is less than 1 mile to the University of Western Ontario and University Hospital & on a direct bus route.


    The lobby at 5 Jacksway Cr London Ontario

    • 2020, as of July 1st eight 2 bedroom units have sold between $256,000 and $285,403. One 1 bedrooom units have sold, one for $240,000
    • In 2019, Ninteen  2 bedroom apartment condos sold from a low of $222,500 up to $261,1500 and 1 three bedroom unit sold for $286,500. Some of these apartments at Jacksway sold within 10 days, while a few took 40 to 119 days to sell! This is a great indicator of the difference between effective marketing, pricing and negotiating. Remember, if the place isn’t selling, the price and marketing are not compelling, another reason to work with condo professionals, not a generalist
    • In 2018, nine two-bedroom apartments changed hands from as low as $146,500 up to $181,900 and one three-bedroom unit sold for $189,00


    • In 2017, 21 two-bedroom units sold, as low as $109,900 up to $158,000 and one three-bedroom unit for $174,000


    This complex has gone through extensive exterior maintenance with new roofs, windows and doors, balconies and the exterior recladded, wood fireplaces converted to gas and landscaping.

    The turmoil and construction took a toll on sales for 2016 & 2017 & most of 2018, but now, sale prices will zoom because of the location and how great these residences are looking!

     You can see the significant shift in prices from 2017 to 2018 and 2019 is a seller’s market!


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    Buying or Selling a Condominium in London Ontario?

    How you go about starting the process when buying or selling real estate in London Ontario will make a difference between success and irritation and discomfort. Paying too much for a property or not getting the right price for a property is the result of not enough accurate information and not choosing a condo professional for guidance!

    Knowledge is a tool for great real estate decisions

     Everything You May Want To Know About Mortgage & Condo Loans

    Are You Thinking About Buying a Condominium Soon?

    Are You Thinking About Selling a Condominium Soon?


        How To Make Buying An Apartment Condo in London Ontario That Much Easier


    The way you progress through a condo-buying transaction varies on the property, the timing, the seller and market conditions.

    You’ll feel more confident about your condo buying journey when you understand what is required of you and every other person who is involved in the transaction.

    I believe that there should be a thorough plan BEFORE a  buyer even starts looking because when there is a systematic plan in place before you shop, you’ll know what to expect and if any unforeseen events occur, you will know how to overcome them.

                                 Working to ensure you find the right condo for you

    I know some buyers prefer to search MLS real estate listings, go to lots of open houses, spend weekends & evenings looking and looking and trying to find the right place or perhaps, get a deal!

    As a professional Realtor and owner of the brokerage, we have helped hundreds of house & condo buyers in London Ontario, and I can vouch that buying a home can take an enormous amount of time,  patience & fortitude.  We do it every day and I can tell you, there are events and people that sometimes challenge our mindset!

    For those of you who are looking for that ideal condo, perhaps one not even on MLS yet & would like professional real estate guidance, negotiation, diligence and care, our “Dedicated Home Buyer Program” is something that you will find has benefits to take 15-20 minutes of your time and ask us about it.

    making the right decisions when listing a home for sale

    search apartments for sale in London Ontario on MLS
    All apartment condos for sale in London Ontario & area on MLS


    The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has created a  guide to help you become an informed condominium buyer and to help you make the best choice. At the end of the CMHC Guide, you will find full definitions of some of the terms used.

       It will identify essential questions to ask—and the people you should be asking—before you make this important purchase.

     At the end of the report, there is a selection checklist to help you narrow down the choice between the different types of condominiums you might see.

      Another excellent information tool is our Condos in London guide,  one that I have been providing to Londoners for the last 15 years, in it you will see price ranges and styles of condos, neighbourhoods, specific buildings or complexes, local London Ontario links and telephone numbers, maps and tips.

       I hope you will find it as helpful as hundreds of these clients have.



    It May Be a Seller’s Market But That Does Mean You Can Ignore Common Sense!

    Condos in London Property Values

    Even though we are in a Seller’s market, when you’re getting ready to put your condo for sale on MLS in London Ontario, there are some things to think about, to prepare for, and to organize.

    •  Most buyers select their homes based on EMOTIONS.  Once their decision is made to buy, they justify their purchase with LOGICAL reasons:  facts and features.  So, it’s most important to make your condo appeal to all senses.  Your property is NOT the only condo the buyers will see.  You are competing with other condos in the market.
    • Every seller wants to realize as much money as possible when selling their condo.  The natural inclination is to price high, thinking you can always come down in the future. With most condo listings getting multiple offers, why hurt your chances?
    • Buyers have a lot more information than you think, plus, their Realtor knows prices as well, so, when a buyer is looking for condos in your price range, they or their Realtor may reject showing your condo in favour of other condos in a more reasonable price range.
    • For goodness sake, allow your place to be shown to buyers! Do you know how many condo listings have restrictive times, like 1-2 on Tuesdays or Thursdays or no showings if it’s raining, if it’s sunny & my favourite, (true story!), “You can’t show it today because the seller doesn’t feel like cleaning up today!)


     We Sell Condos; We Do Not Just List Them, a Huge Difference!

    We market and sell hundreds of condos in London Ontario & area & we accomplish this first by doing a supply/demand analysis in the immediate area for any house or condo that requires marketing.

    Most Realtors have access to market information; it is the valuation and experience of what that information means to the marketing of a home that matters. Plus, we have invested in some special software that allows us to acquire ALL the pertinent information to give our clients the facts, even if the harsh reality of the market.

    Then we market the property through our multiple websites, blogs, social media, cooperation with 1853 local Realtors and thousands of associated Realtors across Canada and the US.

     All actions have consequences! Multiple actions gets multiple results!

    Opinions can be costly, especially for real estate, so we double and triple-check our numbers to be able to give our clients the best possible accurate advice.

           Real Estate Fact: The Seller Is Solely Responsible For How Much, and How Quickly Their Home Sells!              


    Good Research Gets You More Money For Your Property in London Ontario
    Thorough Research Gets You More Money For Your Property in London Ontario

    I know, a bold statement but from selling 100’s of homes in London Ontario and area, it is the brutal truth.  One of our principles is to guide clients to make good decisions. The way we found to do that is to be upfront with all facts, not sugar coat anything and not make false promises or make unrealistic assumptions.

    Our systematic approach is not for everyone, we get that,  but we sure enjoy helping those who grasp reality and appreciate systems over those who wing it! That way, the property sells quickly and for more.

    If You Like Winning, Give Us a Call at 519-435-1600 and Start Packing!

    How Much Is My Condo Worth?
    How Much Is My Condo Worth?