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    1570 Richmond St London, Ontario is a short walk to The University of Western Ontario, and this condominium townhouse complex has 65 units, ranging from 3-5 bedrooms and all with garages.

    Effortless access to Masonville Mall and area with restaurants, retailers, services, theatre, entertainment and gyms, on a bus route direct to Western, downtown London or Masonville.

    • 2020, as of April 1st no sales have been reported
    • In 2019, nine townhouse residences sold, from $306,000 to $425,000 and averaged about 14 days to sell.
    • In 2018, six sold from as low as $270,000 and up to $295,000
    • In 2017, eleven townhouses sold through our MLS system, ranging in price from $259,000 to $305,000.
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