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    1500 Richmond Street London Ontario

    1500 Richmond Street London Ontario is an enclave of 142 townhouse condominiums, about 1 km away from The University of Western Ontario, on a bus route and a hop, step and a jump to Masonville Mall & other big box stores.

    There is quite a range of designs and layouts with one-floor bungalow-style up to two-storey units with 3-4 bedrooms and single or double car garages.

    1500 Richmond Street 2 storey                        1500 Richmond Street 1 floor

    • 2020, as of April 1st one 2 bedroom unit sold for $400,000


    • In 2019, two 4 bedroom units sold, one for $340,000, the other $365,000. Two 2 bedroom units sold, one for $350,000 and the other $365,000 and two 3 bedroom units, one for $370,000 and the other for $409,900 with a median of 13 days to sell!


    • In 2018, six units sold, from $294,900 to $385,000!


    •  In 2017, 11 units sold through our MLS system, from as low as $266,000 to $365,000
    All The Townhouses & Townhomes For Sale London Ontario on MLS
    All The Townhouses & Townhomes For Sale London Ontario on MLS


    Are you thinking about buying or selling a unit at 1500 Richmond Street?

    With $350,000 plus at stake, would it make sense to invest 10-15 minutes of your time to ensure your purchase and sale went smoother with less stress, the saving of a few thousand dollars and having the certainty of knowing your decisions were prudent?

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    Talk To Your Condo Manager Before Selling a Condo in London Ontario

    When thinking about selling a condo in London Ontario, besides the price and whom you select to represent you, why not get in touch with your condo corporation before you list it on MLS?

    condo board London Ontario

    99% of the time, when you and the buyer agree on the price, there will be a conditional clause that states that the buyer’s lawyer will have 7-10 days to review the status certificate provided by the condo management company.

    The buyer’s lawyer is looking at the financial status of the corporation, to see if there are any unpaid condo fees or assessments from you if there are any infractions, such as a screen missing, an unauthorized addition such as a deck, satellite dish etc.

    You would be surprised at the number of hasty remedies, discussions that occur if a lawyer finds out some things that you were not aware of.

    To ensure a smooth sale, take the time and effort to find out if there are any issues that could affect the final sale of your condo,  be it an apartment or a townhouse in London Ontario.

    To ensure an even smoother process, we do this every day and have systems in place that will save you from unforeseen issues.