1499 Byron Baseline Road West London Ontario

    1499 Byron Baseline Road London Ontario  1499 Byron Baseline Rd Entrance

    1499 Byron Baseline Road West is in Byron and on the edge of Warbler Woods. This 39 unit enclave of upscale detached townhome condominiums (completed in 1999) has a mix of single and double car garages. The landscaping and care of this enclave are outstanding and a very desirable neighbourhood in London.

    There are seven golf courses within a 15-minute drive, Springbank park is 3km away, the trails at Komoka Provincial Park are 7 minutes away, and the layout of these townhomes offer privacy and pride of ownership.

    • 2020, as of April 1st no sales have been reported
    •  In 2019, 3 three-bedroom units sold, one one for for $379,000, $431,100 and the highest at $457,000
    • In 2018, two sold, one for $416,000 and the other for $428,000
    • In 2017, four townhomes sold through our MLS system, from as low as $320,000 and topped out at $430,000
    • In 2016 , three sold from $272,000 to $313,000

    These are all the condos & houses currently listed for sale on MLS in Byron.

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    All The Townhouses & Townhomes For Sale London Ontario on MLS
    All The Townhouses & Townhomes For Sale London Ontario on MLS