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    135 Baseline Road London Ontario


    135 Base Line Road London Ontario Condo Building

    135 Base Line Road London Ontario is in an ideal location in the south-west part of London. This high rise condominium is a short walk to shopping, on a bus route and easy access to all parts of the city. There are 80 apartments in the building, consisting of one and two bedrooms (close to 1000 square feet) units.

    135 Base Line Road London Ontario Lobby     135 Base Line Road London Ontario Lobby 1

    The building has a secured entrance, lots of parking, a library, a sauna and an exercise centre and is very well-managed, the condo fees include building maintenance, landscaping, garbage removal, water, building insurance, property superintendent, caretaker and management.

    • 2020
    • In 2019, two 1 bedroom apartment residence sold one for $160,150 and the other for $170,000. Three 2 bedroom apartment condos, from $186,000 to $201,100
    •  In 2018,  four one-bedroom units from $95,000 to $106,000 and six two-bedroom units from as low as $138,000 to $180,100!  A huge difference from 2017, do not even look at 2016 prices!
    • In 2017, eight apartments sold, one-bedroom at $83,000 and seven two-bedroom apartment condos, as low as $103,000 to $117,000!
    •  In 2016, a one-bedroom averaged $82,750, and the two bedrooms were $104,687.

                            135 Base Line Road London Ontario

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    Knowing About Condos in London Ontario, Be It As a Buyer or a Seller Will Make a Huge Difference In How All Works Out!


     Everything You May Want To Know About Mortgage & Condo Loans

    Are You Thinking About Buying a Condominium Soon?

    Are You Thinking About Selling a Condominium Soon?

    How Not To Price Your Condo For Sale in London Ontario

    What price do you choose when deciding to put your condo for sale on MLS? I won’t go into the debate about “free advice,” you know, your hairdresser, co-worker, Uncle Ted who knows everything about everything, your financial advisor, or the “Free Market Evaluation” postcard or online generalities.

    Ask an Expert At Envelope Real Estate

    Below are a few things you may want to give considerable thought to when selling a house in London Ontario:

    • Not choosing the right price when a property is first listed. In other words, thinking “We can always come down.”
    • Put your property for sale at a realistic price. A home must be priced on a comparative basis to the other features which are similar. (I should add, everyone thinks their home is different, but buyers and their Realtor do not think so.)
    • Relate the time to sell to your price. Generally, the quicker you want to sell, the less you should be willing to take.
    • Calculating brokerage fees on top of the sales price. A home is worth what it is worth, with or without a commission.
    • Thinking that buyers aren’t comparing your place, on a dollar-for-dollar basis, with every other house on the market
    • Do not add up all your credit card debt, car loans, a line of credit, mortgage, that one-month luxury cruise and then $20,000 just for the heck of it, and that is the price! Think I am joking? I was on a listing presentation, and the price they wanted was to be able to do the above.


    • If it is a condominium for sale, you may want to choose a condo professional, selling a condo takes much more diligence and knowledge than a detached home. If you needed surgery, would you go to your doctor or a surgeon? These folks came to us!

    Call 519-435-1600 today and allow our client care concierge put you in touch with one of our professional listing Realtor or:

    call 519-435-1600

    Why a Market Education Before Buying An Apartment Condo?

    “Ty, your market education system is wonderful!” Marilyn Cuthbert.  “Ty, you made our decision so much easier with your market education, thank you”  Philip Rosenburg (Client Reviews)

    Would it be of benefit to you too if you could get what I call ‘market education,’ (to look at 3-4 properties that are similar to what you are looking for,  not to make an offer or buy on any of those 4, but to learn a little about the market?

    looking at buying a home in London Ontario
    Involve everyone in your family before buying a home in London Ontario

    Then, when you are ready, you will know what to expect and to better clarify your wants & needs.

    As well, I will leave you with a 40-page in-depth buyer manual loaded with tips and ideas, from the just looking stage to the day you move in.

    There is no obligation on your part, no signing anything, just an old fashion face to face meeting that again, past clients said helped them.

    Again, we see 3 or 4 places; the idea is not to buy these but to get to know what you can buy for your money.

    Again, let’s look at a few and keep your chequebook at home!!!!!


    • No signing anything
    • No blah blah blah stuff, such as, “we’re #1, we sell gazillions of homes,
    • No, “I’m a miracle worker and can find your dream home for 1/2 price
    • No begging,” Please buy from me, or they are going to take away my house, kids and Mercedes!
    • No coffee, tea or lunch (if you are not bringing your chequebook, I’m not buying either!)