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Wortley Village Old South London Ontario

 225 houses sold in Old South London Wortley Village in 2017 for an average 103.02% of the asking price and these took about 18 days to sell. 11 condos sold for 101.9% of the asking price and these took about 33 days to sell.

 I have prepared a 8 page analysis of these sales with the sale price and days on the market and you can get this report below. Factual information is very important whether you are a buyer or a seller of real estate and then knowing how to interpret that information to ensure making wise decisions!

 As you can see, houses in Old South London Ontario sell in a short period of time so being prepared and having all the facts will make a difference in your real estate experience.

 206 houses were sold in Wortley Village, Old South London in 2016 through MLS, starting as low as $200,000 and up to $749,00 and the 26 days on the market and most selling for full price verify that the real estate market in London Ontario and especially this neighbourhood  is very healthy! 

  11 condos sold in the same period for 98.9% of the asking price and took about 42 days to sell.

 The character and charm of this great London neighbourhood is what attracts home buyers and the people who do live in Old South love the ability to walk and shop in the Wortley Village core, with tree lined streets and very few  cookie cutter homes.

Moving to Old South London Wortley Village          


Check out these homes for sale in Wortley Village & Old South London ON MLS


                         Wortley Village  in Old South London    

   Wortley Village is heart of Old South London. The unique village ambiance associated with Wortley Road is the result of a century of change and adaptation.An attractive commercial setting has developed into a unique shopping & dining area.

 Wortley Village London Ontario


 Near by is Thames Park, which provides recreational activities including  4 tennis courts, playground equipment, outdoor pool,  picnic areas, and access to London's riverside bike and walking trails.


   trails in London Ontario

 With some buildings over 100 years old, over 80 small businesses and establishments  and with an abundance of inviting parks, Old South is the only region in London which offers an enticing blend of history, shopping and nature in a few square kilometers.

 The homes in Wortley Village and Old South offer uniqueness, style and a neighbourhood belonging with quite a few events held yearly . The new YMCA has proven to be quite popular and another drawing card for Old South London


Old South Wortley Village

Old South Business Association Wortley Village official website with events and interesting news. 

                               A Map of Old South London Ontario

                                               Old South London Ontario Map


   Other London Neigbourhoods

Old South London Wortley Village 2017 Analysis

  Our role  as real estate professionals is to provide clients with as much factual information as possible because when it comes to real estate, there are many biased opinions, false perceptions, unbridled optimism and misinformation .

  It is essential that a buyer or a seller be aware of all aspects of the real estate market before making a major decision.

 You can access these reports now!

Old South Wortley House Sales Jan 1 to March 31, 2018

Old South Wortley Village 2017 House Sales Analysis
This 8 page report includes the 225 sale prices Old South London & Wortley Village for 2017, such as asking price and sales price along with how many days they took to sell and percentages.
Old South Wortley Village 2017 Condo Analysis
This report includes the 11 sale prices of the condos that sold in Old South London & Wortley Village for 2017, such as asking price and sales price along with how many days they took to sell and percentages.
Old South Wortley Condo Sales Jan 1 to March 31, 2018

Step by Step Seller Chart
This simple, one page process chart starts with you thinking of moving and ends with you moving into your new place, hundreds of our clients have followed these steps, if you do too, it will make your life much, much easier!
What We Do When We List A Property & The Others Don't or Won't Do!
We put our money where our mouth is, in black and white, in plain English! We are not afraid to publicly publish what we do, even if other Realtors want to copy and try to emulate our work ethic! If they copy what we do; great, I thank them for helping our profession be better. And, if someone does more than we do, please let us know, becoming better is much more beneficial to us all than just being good!
Step by Step Buyer Chart
Follow these steps from starting to think about buying a condo to getting the keys from your lawyer to be able to move in. Miss any of these steps and you may have a few challenges!
A Real Estate Buyer System That Works Every Time
House price negotiating is an art and requires considerable skill to get the best result. As professionals, we know how to value and negotiate, we have been around the block a few times, and we know the games some people may play!
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What's It Going To Cost To Sell My House?

       How much are you going to charge me to list my home? What is your commission rate?

​   I get asked this question daily and rightfully so. With 96.6 % of home buyers researching real estate on the web and homes selling quite well in London Ontario, home sellers are thinking, wait a minute, why am I paying a fee to sell my house?

Property Values Old South London Wortley Village    

   Other industries have changed their business models, such as the travel industry, insurance, retailing, coffee shops, and grocery stores and even how we interact with hospitals, federal, provincial and local governments.

  I firmly believe that the high & old-fashioned real estate commission fee structures are outdated and are not keeping up with what is in the best interest for home owners when it comes to sell their home.

As not all real estate companies are the same, not all homes, not all markets and certainly not all people are the same, so I have this philosophy when working with a client and Webster’s Dictionary definition of two, seeming identical words:

   Customer:  is one who purchases a commodity or service.

   Client: is one who is under the protection of another.

  So, when a Realtor “serves” clients rather than “sells” clients, a successful real estate transaction occurs, for the buyer, seller & the Realtor

  What exactly does “under your protection” mean? In real estate it means that from start to finish the best interests of the client comes first in fiduciary duty, thoroughness, service and most importantly, professionalism.

So, how much do I charge?

   I have a flexible fee structure which depends on the property, your needs and your expectations. Once we both go through my home value audit and analysis, together we then can customize a fee structure that will fit your pocket book.

Scheduling an appointment is easy and at no time are you under any obligation, arm twisting, sweet talking, bragging or hearing about out dated methods to market your home!



Customer Reviews

what people are saying

Buying a House in Wortley Village Old South London

   Buying a house in Old South London is not as straight forward as buying a house in a newer section of London Ontario!

A house is a house is a house, right? I do not think so and I think most of you may agree with me.

                                          Wortley Village Old South London Garden

  Most buyers of real estate in Old South  think that if they get a home inspection and their lawyer uses title insurance, they are pretty safe!

  Unfortunately for many that is not the case and and in some cases, buyers have had many extra costs that were not planned for!

  I am not implying that there were any improprieties by anyone, but some due diligence from both buyers, sellers, their Realtors and their lawyers would have saved everone a lot of sleepless nights and loss of thousands of dollars.

   What about:

  • Because of the age of some of these houses and lot lines, are there any infringments with surrounding neighbours? Find out before you buy if you can build that deck, fence or addition!
  • Asbestos?
  • Knob and tube wiring? Is all of it removed from the home?
  • Heating, cooling. electrical and chimney condition

       This is only a brief summary of things to consider, (there are 47 of them)  before you buy a house in Wortley Village or in fact, even list a house in Old South London! 

                                         Happy Buyers in Old South London Wortley Village

   I love Old South London, my clients do as well and I am not a scare mongerer, but real estate in Old South London should be handled a lot more carefully!

  I wrote a couple of reports  that you can download  which will cover quite a few points to ensure a pleasant buyer's journey and which I hope will help you as well!

Downsizing or Relocating To or From Old South London?

                        Downsizing in Old South London

 Downsizing or relocating can be a stressful time, not only economically but on family, even  pets! Being prepared can be a good thing!

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