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   The real estate market in London Ontario has been very vibrant so far in 2017 and houses and condos in Uplands in North London Ontario was no different.

  From January 1 to July 17, 2017, 60 houses in Uplands were sold for an average price of $553,086 which was 108% of the asking price and these took about 11 days to sell.

  24 condos in Uplands were sold in the same period, averaging 368,417 which was 102% of asking abd about 15 days on the market.

 In 2016

  102 houses sold in the Uplands neighbourhood in London Ontario in 2016 , from as low as $331,000 and up to $848,000 and on average, sold for  99.2% of the asking price and took about 27 days to sell.


             house sales in Uplands in London Ontario

   44 condos were sold in the Uplands neighbourhood of London through MLS in 2016 from $241,000 to $467,000 and were on the market for about 32 days & sold for about 98.6% of the asking price. 

 Look at these houses and condos for sale in Uplands in London Ontario.

   In 2015,  97 houses changed hands in Uplands in North London on the MLS system and 42 condos. The houses took 40 days & 40 nights to sell for 98% of the asking price of $452,871 and the  condos took an average 57 days to sell  for 98% of the $319,004 asking price!  

  Uplands  is located in the north end of London and is bounded by Richmond Street to the west, Sunningdale Road to the south, Adelaide Street North to the east and London municipal boundary to the north.

                                     Uplands London Ontario Map     

  Uplands is a relatively newer area of London with a great cross section of executive style homes, one floor bungalows and a great selection of one floor condo homes, both attached and detached.

       Living in Uplands is convenient to major shopping, churches, schools, dining, golf courses and other recreation venues and attractions.

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Selling Your House in London Ontario in Uplands

Effective Pricing Leads to To Your House Selling in Uplands in London Ontario

Over 94% of home buyers surf the internet to begin their home search. That means home buyers are well aware of what houses are available & selling for.

looking for a house in Warbler Woods

Today’s home buyers are wiser and have access to information that was not available years ago.

Knowing that, now more than ever, pricing is the key to selling a house in London Ontario and area. Some home sellers think that a higher price will give them some negotiating room. But in fact many buyers don't even look at a property that is overpriced; much less make an offer on it. This can lead to the house listing becoming tired.

 The first question m a home buyer asks me when showing them a house to buy is “How long has this house been on the market?”

If it has been on the market more than 20-25 days, buyers wonder if there is something wrong with the property. After a while, the home seller then has to drop the price, taking less than they might have if they had priced it correctly to begin with.

Homes that are well-priced attract the buyers in their price range.

If the buyer's perception is that the property is a good buy, then the seller is positioned to receive the listing price or close to it.

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