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Selling a Home London Ontario & Area


  Where Does a Buyer Start To Look When Are Thinking About Buying a House or a Condo in London Ontario & Area? ?


  96.7% of homes sold have been previewed by buyers on websites, either through Realtor's websitesMLS  or social media ! That is a huge number and why it is extremely  imperative when putting your home for sale in London Ontario & area  to have a great web presence or three!


                 Real Estate Websites


 Below is How  Home Buyers First See a Home


  • 59%  Salesperson contact
  • 27% For Sale Sign
  • 8%  Referred by a relocation service 
  • 3% Through family or a neighbour
  • 1% An advertised property in a magazine or print ad
  • 1% Through an open house they saw
  • 1% For Sale by Owner


  Knowing the above numbers and how buyers find your home among all the other homes on the market that are competing with yours, will enable you to make some wise decisions when it comes time to put your home on the market.


 There are many homes for sale in London Ontario and making your home stand out & get noticed is very, very important.

  There should be virtual tours of your home compatable with buyer's desk top, tablet or a handheld device, a good professional  Realtor will spare no expense to ensure your home is presented online in the best possible way. Social media, blogs and on your home on more than one website and a recognized For Sale will expose your home to all buyers.

  The pictures and other web based presentation tools are now truly the difference between a buyer seeing and potentially buying a home and a buyer simply deleting it from their search never to be considered again as a viable purchasing option.

                 looking at homes on our web site

   Exposure and traffic sells homes! Do you not think that a 14% of market share will make a difference?

They say that money is not everything but it is to you when buying or selling real estate! We expose our listings through 37 different channels, from signage, newsletters, e-zines, MLS, social media, 9 websites and we work with 3 relocation companies.

Here's the thing!

   As Realtors, we do not get paid until your home is sold and you have moved . We are able  spend $6,000 to $10,000 a month on marketing because we get results and are prepared to risk our hard earned money before we even receive a dime!

So, if money is not everything, who you going to call?  


  • 14 % market share in London Ontario and area
  • 6,766 Realtors Across Canada for referrals 
  • 100% Canadian
  • Success Leaves Clues


2017 Market Share Sutton Group Envelope Real Estate

Sutton Group Envelope Real Estate Market Share London Ontario


  Market Based Pricing

 When the initial list price for a property is too high for the current market, it guarantees that the property will be on the market for an extended period of time. A consequence of an extended time on the market is that potential buyers develop an unfavorable opinion of the home prior to even viewing it.

 Rational or not, buyers often believe that there must be something wrong with a property if it has been listed on the market for a long period of time. To avoid this, we use an exhaustive market based comparison approach to insure that your home is priced right from the start, allowing us to sell your property for the best possible price in the shortest time possible.

 When a real estate person suggests a list price for the sale of a home based on what the real estate person thinks the seller wants to hear instead of what the market will bear, then that real estate person is misleading  their potential client. People’s time and money should not be wasted and listing a home too high is a huge waste of everyone’s time!

                      overpriced listings

  Homes have a value and there is accurate data that illustrates what that value is.

 Knowing your target buyer

 Every property has a target buyer audience. That audience is different for every property type, whether it is a two story double car garage house, Old North or Old South property, a downtown condo with city views, or a one floor detached townhouse adult orientated community.

 Identifying and marketing for the specific buyer audience that match up with your listing is crucial to the successful sale of a home.

 The key is knowing what the marketable aspects of a certain type of property are, how those aspects appeal to different types of buyer audiences & the best way(s) to make buyers aware that those appealing aspects exist within the specific property being listed.

 This is where skill really shows up. How many descriptions of houses have you read that says stuff like: '4 bdr, 3bath, dble.gr, 5 appliances, nice back yard, act fast, it won't last' Exciting, not. 

Or the wannabe Hemmingway' Outstanding 4 bedroom magnificent adobe nestled among the verdant street landscape that will tug at your heart when you tear yourself away to care for your employees who love you" Yuk!

 The sale of your home is worth hundred's of thousands of dollars and there is no need for you to throw away thousands of dollars because of misleading information, lack of thoroughness or 1990's  marketing!                                              

​    Those extra few days, effort and diligence spent is to make sure your property is market ready saves days if not weeks waiting for an offer and that is worth every second of preparation it takes.

  We Sell Homes , we do not just put up a sign on MLS and hope your home sells!

  Ty Lacroix Realtor

Ty Lacroix Broker of Record & Owner

Selling a Home London Ontario? Who Wins? Who Loses?


  Over 99% of transactions done in real estate in London Ontario & area is done the Contingent Fee Model. Risk & reward is contingent on results, in other words, if your home sells, you and the Realtor get rewarded, if it does not sell, you both lose! That's a fact in the real world!

     London Ontario Real Estate Sales, Not all are happy!

   The only guarantee a Realtor has is the listing agreement, that means he or she has exclusive rights  and guarantees the Realtor has 60 or 90 days or as long as six months to sell your home. ( 6 months? I also have swamp land for sale in the desert)

   A professional listing Realtor will invest considerable time & money gaining the experience and the skills to effectively perform his or her's fiduciary duty to you, the home seller.

  You the seller, entrust the marketing and the sale of your home, which in most cases is the most significant asset you have, to the Realtor.

  If the effort put forth by both of you get a result (a sale) then both win, the home sells and the Realtor earns a fee. If the home does not sell, again you both lose, not only time, but money and in most cases, lost opportunities!

  What amazes me the most about this business is the amount of home sellers who entrust their most valuable asset to just anybody,( a family friend, niece or nephew, or good old Bob, who sold your parents house 14 years ago), or the lowest price (cheapest) person who charges the lowest commission fee.

 house not selling in London Ontario

  You see, you both lose. Whether the home sells or not!


  How much time and money did you leave on the table? Most home sellers never know!

  If you want to win, work with a winner. Does the NHL, NFL OR FIFA champions have a team of losers? Were their top players paid less than the losers? 

  As a famous oil rig fire fighter said "If you think a professional is expensive, wait till' you use an amateur."

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