Pond Mills Real Estate Glen Cairn House Prices !

   Houses sold very well iin the first 9 months of 2015 in the Glen Cairn, Pond Mills neighbourhood of London Ontario with 111 changing hands for an average price of $214,375 which was 98% of the asking price and it took these houses in London about 30 days to sell.

   62 condos sold for an average $128,850 in the same period which was 97% of the asking price and these were on the market an average 57 days!

 Houses and Condos in Pond Mills, Glen Cairn area of London Ontario were quite active in  2014.


  147 houses sold for 97% of the $208,426 asking price and those that sold (14 did not) sold within 38 days! 59 condos sold for an average price of $123,794 within 67 days for 97% of the asking price.

   As you can see, Glen Cairn Pond Mills have attractive home prices and the neighbourhood has alot going for it, take a drive, you may be surprised!

Pond Mills Glen Cairn Neighbourhood of London Ontario

          Want to know why people like to live in Pond Mills, Glen Cairn neighbourhood in south east London Ontario?

                                               Nice walks in Pond Mills

   Pond Mills and Glen Cairn offers a wide  variety of house styles, most with larger lots than the norm and some of the best values for the dollar in London Ontario. For condos in Pond Mills, there is a highrise apartment, some low rise apartment condos on Deveron and some great townhouse condos at a reasonable price.

   Pond Mills Glen Cairn in London offers all the amenities that  London has to offer, plus, easy access to the 401 highway via either Highbury Ave South or Veterans Memorial Parkway.  


        Pond Mills. a nature park inside London Ontario 

  You also have 203 hectares of Westminster Ponds /Pond Mills Environmentally Significant Area (ESA)and  is the largest publicly owned ESA in London.

     The ESA is located south of Commissioners Road and east of Wellington Road, adjacent to the Tourist Information Centre, and extends eastward to Pond Mills Road

     The ESA is significant for its size and for its great variety of natural habitats within the boundaries of a major urban centre. The site is also designated as a Provincially Significant Wetland.

Trails to walk in Pond Mills   

  Why not take a drive out, go for a walk, even go fishing or canoeing if you want!

  Pond Mills Real Estate Map


Buying a House or a Condo in Pond Mills Glen Cairn?

  Wanting to buy a house or a condo in Pond Mills, Glen Cairn area in London Ontario. Pond Mills Glen Cairn Real Estate is one of the better values in London Ontario with a great variety to choose from, good schools and easy to get around.                      

                                     buy a home in Pond Mills safely     Pond Mills Happy Buyers

  The question most home buyers have and their biggest fear is buying a home for a good, fair price and that they will be safe and comfortable and no unexpected costly repairs.  So, how do you, the buyer, do that?

  • Pick the largest brokerage in town?
  • Pick the prettiest or handsomest person from their ads?
  • Use Uncle Harry's friend who he thinks is 'doing' real estate?
  • Buy from the Listing Agent?

   This free no obligation report that will answer most home buyers' concerns and the steps that you can take to ensure that the house or condo in London you buy will be the correct move!

Buy a Home in London the right way

Sell Your Pond Mills Glen Cairn Home Quicker & For More Money

   The first impression people have of your Pond Mills , Glen Cairn home, is what it looks like from the outside. What are they going to say to themselves as they approach your home?  Believe it or not, some buyers make a decision to keep on driving, just by looking at the outside of the house. 

                                             Get your Pond Mills Home Sold Quicker

    So, if a buyer won't even come in, youv'e lost them! And then, once a buyer is inside, how are you going to wow them because you know they may be looking at 4-6 homes that day?

  Here are some tips to make them want to come inside and stay inside and put an offer on your home.


Buyers inspect 17 homes before  making an offer. That means 16  other homes are competing  against your house. What 6  ingredients are necessary to ensure your home get's that  offer? Free Download