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 As of October 3, 2017, the average days on the marker for a house or condo to sell in the Oakridge area  was 13 days, for a breakdown of sale prices to asking prices and more, contact me for more detailed information:
 We have the facts about real estate in London Ontario
 I can give you :
  • Days on the market vs List Price Median for the last 10 years


  • Historic count of active listings


  • Historic sales for the last 10 years


  • Historic sales price trends


  • Historic sales and price range


  • Original price vs sold price


  • Sale price / listprice ratios


 Why is this information important? Whether you were buying or selling, these numbers will give you peace of mind of the neighbourhood trends, plus, a confidence level for price, expectation levels for negotiating and about 8 other advantages I can help you with.


 Our knowledge of the market, our ability to get hard facts and not assume anything or give an opinion that could be biased is the cornerstone of our business and the reason why our volume of business and referrals are growing exponentially.


 Oh, a hard work ethic makes a huge difference as well!


All the houses & condos in Oakridge London Ontario For Sale on MLS

   295 houses in Oakridge were sold in 2016  through our local MLS starting at $270,000 all the way up to $740,000 and Oakridge was no different than the rest of London Ontario, a shortage of quality homes for sale saw these 295 houses sell very close for the asking price and in some cases for more and took about 19 days to sell!

  sold houses in Oakridge London Ontario

  Unfortunately for 37 house owners in Oakridge and their Realtor, their houses did not sell or were put back on the market again or the price was reduced to bring the house price in line with the competition! heres the thing, the stongest real estate market in the last 10 years and a house did not sell! 

 Do you not think that after 15 to 20 days a home owner would sit down with their Realtor and face the brutal truth and address the price or the condition of the home and the marketing of the home? By the way, I have heard both sides of the story, the Realtor said it wasn't the price they wanted to list the house at and the home owner said their Realtor did not promote their house well enough.

 Wise choices start with looking in the mirror, taking responsibility and choosing to choose the price, the marketing and the Realtor and doing whatever it takes to sell your house. 

  105 condos in Oakridge were sold through MLS in 2016, from as low as $122,000 and up to $669,000  which was about 99.6% of the asking price and on the market 25 days! 15 condos did not sell or were re-listed and put back on the market, some three times! 

 What do these numbers indicate? There are buyers willing to buy and seller's who price their homes at the market price will get 99-101% of their asking price. Pretty simple, yet, I hear of buyers who think they can  get 10-15% off the asking price and a few misquided sellers who think their home is worth more than the other homes that have sold in their neighbourhood!


                                           Oakridge London Ontario       

  In 2015

 255  houses in Oakridge in London Ontario sold through our MLS system for an average $326,740 which was 99% of the asking price and these were on the market less tan 30 days

  110 condos in Oakridge sold in the same period for an average $228.046 which was 98.1% of the asking prices and these condos took 38 days to sell on average.

     More and more people are returning to their roots, buying these homes in Oakridge where they grew up, having large, deep lots and renovating them to meet their aging lifestyles. I have had many clients buy these 60's and 70’s homes and upgrade them with modern kitchens, larger bedrooms and bathrooms.

   Oakridge Acres, Oakridge Meadows & Oakridge Park are neighbourhoods in north west London (with a few small patches of 10 year old or less homes) with large lots, mature trees and very few cookie cutter streets. 

            Some Condo Properties in Oakridge in London Ontario


                                Oakridge London Ontario Real Estate Map

 Other London Neigbourhoods

Oakridge London Ontario & Downsizing

       Downsizing or Right Sizing Your Oakridge Area Home - Keep it Simple

      Downsizing your Oakridge London Ontario house

   Life changes—children grow up and leave home, we don’t need as much space, and our financial means may change. Any of these reasons may prompt us to consider downsizing: reducing our possessions and moving to a smaller home.

   If you’re contemplating making such a change, take time to evaluate the many facets involved. Downsizing is an important transition requiring careful consideration.

    What’s involved? Relocating to a new home that’s more suitable to your current needs requires well-planned steps, including financial planning and paring down your possessions. Social and health considerations also play a role. Like any long-term commitment, consider the benefits and limitations a new home will provide.

    I have amassed a few of my old blogs and put them into a page that may offer you an insight about finances, letting go, challenges, downsizing dos and as an added feature "The Hidden Costs of Downsizing!


 Why Selling a House in Oakridge Could be Stressful if You Allow It To Be

 Have you ever tried to make your way through a corn maze out in the country? If you don’t know the layout, it’s probably going to take you a long time to find your way through. You’ll hit a lot of dead ends, go around in circles a few times, and maybe even become frustrated before you finally find your way out.

           what to do

  The same can be said about selling a home in London Ontario.

  Real estate transactions are probably not something you do every day, so you’re not as familiar with their “layout”. As a result, the process of preparing your home for sale, getting it listed, dealing with viewings and buyers, and negotiating offers can potentially be very stressful… so stressful, in fact, you might be discouraged from making a move!

  That’s why finding someone who knows your local market is so important. He or she knows the maze and can guide you through it.

As well, selling your home in Oakridge Ontario properly and for the lowest possible fee should be the norm.

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Insider Tips on Selling a Condo in London

 If you have ever wondered why some condos sell quicker than others, this free guide may answer some of your questions and most importantly, allow you to not leave money on the table or have your condo languish on the market!


learn how to sell your condo in London

Buying a House or Condo in Oakridge In London Ontario?

  A Few Ideas On Buying a House or a Condo in Oakridge in London Ontario!                                                 

 buying a home in Oakridge


             If you knew before hand some helpful strategies before buying a house or a condo, do you think you may be able to get a better price or at least know you did not over pay? That the Realtor you have chosen to work with will be an asset and not a chain around your feet? That you will usually have the first chance to view a home before others get a chance?

   Over the years I have listened to the questions hundreds of buyers have asked me, I have got to understand their concerns and at times, the fear of the unknown. I put together some of the major points that should help guide a buyer through the process, perhaps open their mind to other possibilities and even what questions they may want straight answers.

Over 55 If You Have a Sense of Humour

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Sifton Bog

Sifton Bog in London Ontario

Sifton Bog is located on the south side of Oxford Street, west of Hyde Park Road

  The main feature of this public site is the floating acid peat bog and associated boreal plant life. Deciduous swamp and upland forest surround the bog, providing a sharp contrast between the northern (boreal) and southern (Carolinian) vegetation types.

   There is a variety of trails within this site, totaling 2.5 km. A 370-metre long boardwalk leads from the parking lot at Oxford Street to Redmond’s Pond at the centre of the bog, where there is a viewing platform. Most of the trails are easy to walk, but there are a couple of short hills.

 Sifton Bog Map