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London Neighbourhoods London Ontario

 If you are looking for a houses or condos for sale around London & South West Ontario here are a few neighbourhoods in London you may want to consider.  

Hunt Club

Hyde Park

Kilworth Komoka Lambeth
Masonville Oakridge Pond Mills



University Western Ontario




Wortley Village Old South London


             March Sales Down 37.9% in London Onrtario and Area

  Home sales in London Ontario and area in March 2018 were down 37.9% from March 2017 as reported by The London and St Thomas Association of Realtors (LSTAR), with 769 homes being sold.


  Very few houses and condos for sale, for example, there were 1,192 active listings (homes for sale), down 20.4% from this time last year and down 55.3% from March 2016. This is similar to last month with the March 2018 inventory being the lowest level for the month in the last 10 years.

 Sales Are Down

  Average home sales price across London and St. Thomas continues to rise, despite the low inventory. The average March sales price in the region was $364,112 up 8.6% over March 2017.

 Geographically, London South was $360,587 up 3.1% from last March.  London North, average home sales price was $438,827 up 7.1% compared to the previous year, while in London East; it was $291,161 an increase of 8.4% from March 2017. In St. Thomas, it was $295,980 up 18.5% over last March.

  According to the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), a ratio between 40% and 60% is generally consistent with a balanced housing market. In March, London and St. Thomas had a sales-to-new listings ratio of 75.1%, which CREA says represents conditions in the marketplaces that favour sellers. It reinforces the trends LSTAR Members have been experiencing, with low supply and high demand, and also managing multiple offer situations and out-of-town interest in our region.”

  St. Thomas saw a total of 73 homes sold in March, down 29.1% from the same period last year. When looking at inventory, there were 42 active listings, down 51.2% from last March.

  The following chart is based on data taken from the CREA National MLS® Report for February 2018 (the latest CREA statistics available). It provides a snapshot of how average home prices in London and St. Thomas compare to other major Ontario and Canadian centres.

 Home Sales Across Canada

 February 2018 Numbers

 January 2018 Numbers

2017 London Ontario & Area Real Estate

   A historic year for real estate in 2017

  11,203 Home Sales sets Record in London Ontario & Area for the first time  


   The London and St. Thomas Association of REALTORS® (LSTAR) announced that 2017 marked a historic year for residential real estate, with home sales surpassing 11,000 for the first time since LSTAR began tracking data in 1978. In 2017, a total of 11,203 homes were sold, up 8.0% from 2016.

  London and St. Thomas reached many ‘firsts,’ from six consecutive months of record sales to robust activity from buyers from outside the city.

  In 2017, the average sales price across London and St. Thomas was $330,037 up 18.0% from 2016. By geographic area, London South was $340,793, up 21.7% from 2016. In London North, average home sales price was $407,801, up 18.1% compared to the previous year, while in London East, it was $258,734, an increase of 16.9%.  In St. Thomas, it was $261,481, up 15.2% over 2016.

  St. Thomas saw a total of 901 homes sold in 2017, up 6.8% from 2016. In 2017, there were a total of 14,301 home listings, down 1.2% from 2016. The trend of high demand with low supply continued in 2017, with inventory (called Active Listings) down 35.6% from the previous year.

  The following table is based on data taken from the CREA (Canadian Real Estate Association) national MLS® Report for November 2017 (the latest CREA statistics available). It provides a snapshot of how average home prices in London and St. Thomas compare to other major Ontario and Canadian centres.


Average Sale





Fraser Valley
















London St. Thomas







  November 2017 Numbers

  October 2017 Numbers

 For a breakdown of sale prices to asking prices and more, contact me for more detailed information:
 We have the facts about real estate in London Ontario

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City of London Ontario Neighbourhoods

city of London Ontario

This City of London Ontario site breaks down the 42 neighbourhoods of London, population, the percentage of households that are home owners and incomes! 

Read More

Environment & London Ontario

           How Does London Ontario Work?

    Sometimes in this busy world we lose track of the day to day inner workings of the city or town we live in and at times are only concerned about what the city does or does not do when effects us.

if you would like to know how London Ontario handles the following:

  • Air Quality

  • Greenhouse Gas emissions from private vehicles

  • Waste Management

  • Water Quality

  • Water Conservation

  • Average Daily Flow of Water

  • Residential Garbage Disposed in Landfill Sites

  • Waste Diverted Away from Landfill Sites

       Go to London Vital Signs  and now you know.

Getting Around London Ontario

Getting Around London

Getting around the city of London by car, bike or foot is relatively easy given the north-south/east-west grid layout of the city. Commute times from the downtown core to any of the four corners of the city are relatively short compared to major cities like Toronto.

The city is criss-crossed with an extensive network of well marked and well maintained bike and walking trails connecting many of the city's park areas and meeting places including the University of Western Ontario, Harris Park and Springbank Park. The relatively flat terrain makes biking to and from work a popular choice for many.

Bus, Taxi and Paratransit

The London Transit Commission (LTC) offers regular conventional and accessible bus services throughout the city. This service is designed to move commuters to and from the downtown core as efficiently as possible. 

LTC also provides specialized transit with a range of service delivery options designed to meet the needs of those with disabilities. A paratransit service is available for those with special needs. Of course, there are also many licensed taxi companies in London, including specialty car and limousine services.

Some sites you may want to visit to learn more about London:



My How Libraries Have Changed

        ages  ago librarian


My, how libraries have changed. A long, long time ago when I was going to school and visited libraries I remember the smell of books, the quite aura that volumes of books exude and the sombre look and attire of librarians.

Well, for some reason, I decided to drop into the 'newer' library on Wonderland Road South and I was blown away. Bright colours, computer stations, noise and staff that seemed to have life in them!today's librarian

My, how libraries have changed! Here are where 16 of them are in London Ontario.

Getting Started In London Ontario

   Getting started in a new community, with its new culture, languages and customs can be tough. Finding employment, learning a new language and gaining recognition for foreign education and credentials are major challenges that many newcomers face.

                                                             Getting Started in London Ontario

    London cannot afford to lose out on skills and talent of our newcomers.

      If you are new to London Ontario, are planning on moving to London Ontario or knows of someone who is, if they visit Vital Signs they will find a wild array of agencies and contacts that can help in adapting to London Ontario.

Working in London Ontario

        Industry sector leaders  have their Canadian headquarters in London. Over the past few years, the city has witnessed growth in manufacturing and new business growth in the areas of life sciences, technology and food services.

       The result is a diverse business community with a well balanced economy that embraces strengths in health care, government, education, manufacturing, IT and business services.

                                    Working in London Ontario


London Ontario Telephone Numbers You May Want To Know

If you are like me, when I want to call someone at London City Hall or the London Library or garbage pick up date, I scramble to find the phone number, or wait to turn on the computer and get the number. Below is a list that I felt you may want to know:

                             community information London Ontario

Civic Contacts      Community Information      


Animal Control                                                        519-685-1330

Building Permits                                                      519-661-4555

London Chamber of Commerce                                519-432-7551

Crime Stoppers                                                       519-661-8477

London Fire Department                                         519-661-4565

Garbage                                                                   519-661-5485

Library                                                                     519-661-5187

London Economic Development Corp.                       519-661-4545

Mayor's Office                                                       519-661-4920

Parking                                                                     519-661-4537

Parks & Recreation                                                  519-661-5575

Police                                                                       519-661-5670

Real Estate                519-435-1600 (I slipped that in, that's mine!)

Recycling                                                                 519-661-5803

Taxes                                                                       519-661-4540

Transit Services                                                       519-451-1347



Children's Hospital of Western Ontario                  519-685-8484

London Health Sciences Centre                               519-685-8500

Parkwood Hospital                                                   519-685-4000

Regional Mental Health Care                                    519-455-5110

St. Joseph's Health Care London                             519-646-6100



Bell Canada                                                               310-2355

London Hydro  (water)                                             519-661-5503

Roger's Cable                                                           519-646-3311

Union Energy (water heater)                                    519-686-7554

Union Gas                                                                 888-774-3111

So there you go, those numbers work! Now, I didn't add some of our great restaurants, watering holes, golf course, pilates class or mud wrestling, I thought I'd leave the adventure up to you.

Connecting Your Child in London Ontario

 I just helped a family from Winnipeg move to London and with 3 school age children, the parents needed information on pre-school, childrens centres and other child related support services.London Connection

The following is a link that should help all newcomers to London Ontario, plus for Londoners who were not aware of the services being offered in London Ontario.

You can access all of the following:

  • Children's Centres
  • Community Home Child Care
  • I'm Home Program
  • Ontario Early Years Centre
  • School Age Program
  • Extended Day Care-before & after school programs for full day kindergartens
  • Thames Valley District School Board
  • French Immersion
  • London District Catholic School Board

Go to London Children's Connection

London Ontario Canada, People Care!

    Londoners have a rich history of volunteering and community involvement. With National Volunteer Week being in April  I thought I would pat those volunteers on the back!

      Most donors and volunteers are active because of what is in their hearts, not the visibility in the press or self-promotion.

                 Londoners Help

   A recent survey carried out by Stats Canada found that London's volunteer rate is at 60%, which is well above the Canadian average of 46%. In Ontario, it is the highest of any other city or community!

  On average, London volunteers contribute 153 hours to volunteering with a nonprofit or voluntary agency each year and the economic value is an incredible 672 million dollars.

Volunteers in London Ontario

     London Ontario substains over 1200 nonprofit groups and charities. So, what are you doing this week?

   Help someone, call someone, smile at someone, help an old lady across the street, help a young lady across the street, feed the birds, pick up some litter, pat a dog, instead of giving the finger to someone, give a wave and a smile, that will really upset them !



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