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Masonville London Ontario Real Estate

                                Masonville Medway London Ontario location

    I am sure you have heard the talk about prices ricing and multiple bids and a shortage of good homes for sale , well, it is not all talk and misinformation, even as we are in the beginning of 2018, this is still occuring!

 Our research team does a very thorough in depth study of the local markets and our clients love having that information, be they a buyer or a seller. The advantages are huge, these clients thought so.

 The real estate market in the Medway, Richmond Hill area of London Ontario has been indicative of the majority of the London Ontario neighbourhoods, record sales, record prices and  when priced right, less days on the market! 

  Masonville London Ontario House Information

 In 2017, 66 houses in the Medway, Richmond Hill neighbourhood of London were sold through our MLS system for a median price of 100.07% of the asking price and on the market an average 10 days, for townhouses such as those on Ambleside Drive, 19 were sold at close to asking price and taking about 15 days to sell!

 I have prepared two analysis of these sales which you can download by scrolling down the page.


  64 houses in the Masonville, Medway Heights and Richmond Hill area of London Ontario were sold in 2016, from as low as $359,000 and up to $690,000and these sold at asking price or very close and as this neighbourhod is in demand, the houses sold in less than 26 days! 

 10 condos were sold as well, from $180,000 to $290,000 and took 18 days to sell for 99.4% of the asking price!

  Masonville,Medway Heights, Richmond Hill neighbourhood is bordered by Richmond St., Fanshawe Park Road West in the north, Ambleside Drive to the west and Windermere Road to the south is a very distinct  neighbourhood in London Ontario with homes starting in the 3's to over 1 million.               

   Western (UWO, The University of Western Ontario) is close along with Brescia, Althouse, King's College,  London Science Centre, University Hospital and The Research Park.

   You can shop till you drop at Masonville Mall and area along with a wide range of professional services and dining, 10 minutes or so to downtown London.

  Easy access to the 401, less than 1 hour to the sandy beaches of Lake Huron and of course, Sunningdale Golf Club, Fanshawe Golf Club and others nearby.You can find a  house or condo in Masonville to meet everyone's taste, from one floor condos, low rise and highrise apartment condos, condo townhouses to one floor ranches, 2 storey houses and London houses with a pool.


   condos near Masonville   Houses near Masonville 


 Other London Neigbourhoods

Masonville, Medway, Richmond Hill Real Estate Numbers

 Masonville, Medway, Richmond Hill house prices

 My role as professional Realtor is to guide our clients and help them choose to make wise decisions.

  A principle that I believe in is that with all the misinformation that is available today, poor perceptions and false premises, real estate buyers & sellers need more than ever to have accurate data based on facts and then knowing how to use those facts to their benefit.

 Here are a few facts about Medway, Richmond Hill and Masonville area house and condos.

2017 House Sales in Medway, Richmond Hill, Masonville Neighbourhoods
This 3 page report includes the 66 sale prices of houses sold through MLS in 2017 for this neighbourhood, such as asking price and sales price along with how many days they took to sell and percentages.
2017 Townhouse Sales Medway, Richmond Hill, Masonville Neighbourhood
This 2 page report includes the 19 sale prices of condo townhouses sold through MLS in 2017 for this neighbourhood, such as asking price and sales price along with how many days they took to sell and percentages.
Recent Sales January 1 to April 11, 2018

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Masonville, Medway London Ontario Real Estate

   If you are planning to move to London Ontario and be in the Masonville area of London, which is very close to Western, and buying a house or a condo, you have quite a good selection to choose from.                                  

                                   Western University london Ontario

   There are three distinct buyers of real estate in this neighbourhood;

  • parents buying for the children while attending Western
  • Grad students getting their professional designations
  • Professionals who work at Western or nearby


  Each and every one of those three have a different set of values when selecting and buying real estate. Having dealt with all three, I know the difference between the three, the wants and of course the criteria that is very important.

  That being said, all buyers have inherent fears and I address these BEFORE we even start to look at any properties. 


  Being prepared, doing the research and backing that research with facts, not opinions  and having what I call market education enables the transaction to go smoother, save time, save money just as this example below will show you.


  So, before you latch onto the first real estate person you get passed onto, know the difference between average, good and great.  Do not throw darts!

                                                Choose a REALTOR Wisely



                                  Then you can decide! 

12 Steps To Get Your Masonville London Ontario House Sold!

 Yes, houses in the Masonville area of London Ontario are selling quite well but were you aware that 41% of houses listed take over 60 days to sell or do not sell at all?

 To maximize your home's selling price there are steps you can take to ensure that your Masonville home sells quicker, reducing stress and maintaining some control of one of your largest financial decisions in your lifetime.


  Keep the reason you are selling to yourself and your Realtor.

 Do not reveal your motivation for selling to anyone else because they may use it against you at the negotiating table. When asked, just say that your housing needs have changed.

  Different goals will dictate different strategies.

 What is more important to you: the money you walk away with or the length of time your property is on the market or both?

   Do your homework before setting a price.

 The average buyer will look at 15-20 homes at the same time they are looking at yours. That buyer will now have a basis of comparison, and if your home does not compare favorably with others in the price range, you will not be taken serious by prospects or Realtors. The result can be that your home will sit on the market for a long time, knowing this; new buyers on the market will think there is something wrong with your home.

 More Homework.

 (A good Realtor should do this for you) Find out what homes in your neighbourhood have sold for in the last 6-12 months, and research what current homes are listed for. That is how a prospective buyers and their Realtor will assess the worth of your home.

 Maximize your home's sales potential.

 You may not be able to change your home's location or floor plan, but you can do a lot to improve its appearance. The look and feel of your home generates a greater emotional response than any other factor.  

 Before showings, pick up, straighten up, unclutter, scrub, scour and dust. Present your home to get a "WOW" response from prospective buyers. Allow the buyers to imagine themselves living in your home. The decision to buy a home is based on emotion, not logic.

101 Ways To Sell Your House in London Ontario

  Deciding upon a Realtor

You and your Realtor must work together and be in harmony in marketing your home. Choose carefully and wisely. 

  Make it easy for buyers to get information on your home.

  Buyers calling for information on your home value their time as much as you do. They also do not want to be hassled or frustrated because they cannot get a hold of the listing Realtor or some of the information in the listing is incorrect. Over 82% of homes sold have been previewed over the Internet! Make sure your Realtor has a proven feedback system to allow you to know the comments and opinions of prospective buyers.

 Keep emotions in check.

  Do not be offended by a low offer or certain demands from the buyer. A good listing Realtor can turn these negatives into a positive situation. You will have an advantage over others who get caught up emotionally.

 Be a smart seller- disclose everything.

  Be proactive, by disclosing any problems or defects you are giving the buyer confidence that you are not hiding anything. This also will prevent liability or legal issues to follow.

 Make sure the contract is complete.

   Ensure that all terms, conditions and responsibilities are spelled out in the offer and that you fully understand them. A good listing Realtor will take the time to inform  you on the conditions and terms and will insert clauses if required to further protect you

 In closing, I sell homes, I just do not list them!

.do not sign everything without checking first

 If you will be leaving London or moving to another part of London, who is going to buy your house or condo? For how much? How long will it take? When should I start? All good valid questions and I have written some guidlines which after reading will enable you to make a good financial and emotional decision.

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