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Investing in London Ontario


                 London Ontario’s Real Estate Market Growth & Why

   Income properties London Ontario


   There is a huge demand for secondary markets like London and this is where the commercial and industrial investors are going as per this latest financial report.

   With that and there being a shortage of decent rental properties, we are seeing rental rates increasing and income property prices increasing as well.

   Getting a cap rate of over 6% is a challenge for residential investors, however, the long term investor’s confidence level is quite high and with the average Canadian’s debt load at its peak, the demand for rental units, be they multi-family, townhouses or apartment condos and single family homes is very strong.

   We can toss and turn all night long about interest rates until the cows come home, I know from experience that smart investors buy value first and then allow the economy to catch up, even if it takes a year or two.

   I, being an advocate of positive cash flow from day 1, the last paragraph was difficult for me to write!

   One thing I have learned over the years is to dress to fit the change in climate, Mother Nature can be finicky and act without any warning, so can the economy, the bureaucrats and the rent review board!

   Spring is here, London is expanding, interest rates are low and the door is open for those seeking good financial opportunities in real estate.

Investing in Real Estate London Ontario- Missing Opportunities?

  Quite a few ftimes, people looking for income properties in London Ontario miss the boat because by the time they have confirmed all the facts, or,  ‘run their numbers’ (usually erroneously), or, gathered solid information, the opportunity is gone because of other buyers or the property has been sold!

  Get Results, investing in real estate London Ontario

   I see this daily, the fence sitters, the ‘time is not right’ folks or in 75% of the cases, their analysis of the property and income is faulty, that their illusion or perception of cash flow, appreciation and risk tolerance is inconsistemt with what wise investors do!

  The average real estate professional relies on what he or she  hears & perceives, a great real estate professional assimilates all the available facts, sifts out the chaff, and makes the go/no go decision on his/her ability to adhere to what I call the brutal truth.

   Great investors never buy because of what the market is doing, they don’t care. It can be up, it can be down, they understand cash flow, they look at the big picture and they think long term.They buy on expectation and sell on results! Period.

   As J.P. Getty said “Investors bank on climate, while speculators bet on the weather.” In other words, the real estate market works more like a barometer than a thermometer.

   Getting good and accurate information and then being able to act decisively on that information is what really separates the wannabees and the wealthy.

Your boat will come in as an investor

Your boat will never come in if it never goes out.

 Ty Lacroix Broker of Record

Ty Lacroix Broker of Record & Owner

 Not All Realtors Are The Same, This Is What We Do When We Work With An Investor Client

  • First Time Client Meeting: We understand that each & every client has different needs, goals and financial and risk tolerance. We spend an immense amount of time discussing, understanding and designing a systematic approach to match or even surpass your criteria. It can be an apartment condo or townhouse to rent, to multifamily to small commercial properties.
  • The Process: We then prepare a list of properties that will match your criteria and goals. We perform our due diligence on each property, verifying expenses, leases, licencing, permits, zoning, public transportation, schools, area rents, vacancies and perform our 44 point check list to ensure we are thorough. If we have a successful acceptance of your purchase agreement, (which has conditions and wording to protect you) we work closely with your lawyer to ensure he/she has all the information required to ensure the closing takes place. We even perform a final walkthrough before closing to ensure that what you purchased is in the same shape or better than when you decided on the property and that all chattels are included and  in good working condition.
  • Leases and Screening Tenants:  If you wish us to be involved in attracting tenants, doing credit checks and verifying employment and references and preparing a lease, we are very good at that. If, however, you wish to do your own tenant attraction, screening and leasing, that is fine with us, we do tenant leases only as an add on to our services. We are not Property Managers.
  • Optimizing Cash Flow & Capital Improvements: We will prepare a spread sheet outlining what you can do to maximize your investment and cash flow in the years going forward.
  • Selling: 99% of our clients are of the buy and hold mentality but weekly we are contacted by other owners asking us to sell their investment property or properties. Our selling process is even more meticulous than our buying process, the reason being, having all documentation and pro formas in place, we eliminate 90% plus of the stress in the closing period, proving that our properties sell for more and in less time!


If we work together, you’ll receive the following services that no other Realtor in the country provides, which includes:

  • Access to my monthly wealth-building newsletter where I share different real estate investment strategies you can use to increase your income and build wealth.


  • My special 6 part quality tenant training, I call it “The 80/20 System for Hassle-Free Management”, where you’ll learn how to screen tenants for your rental properties.


  • Our 5 Point PropertySearch where we’ll help you identify undervalued properties.


  • For properties that match your criteria, we will walk through them together and analyze the condition and profit potential.


  • We will help you with legal contracts and addendums and we will negotiate your purchase for the lowest price and best terms.


  • We will manage the closing process with all involved parties (lenders, home inspectors and appraisers)


  • We will help you advertise, market, show and screen prospective tenants for your property.


  • We will help you create an auction like environment for your rental properties whereby, prospective tenants will compete for your property.


  • We will teach you How to Show & Prepare Your Property to Prospective Tenants


  • We’ll provide you with rental applications and lease agreements.


  • We’ll work with you EVERY step through the process until you have a qualified new tenant providing you with monthly income.


  Now I know what you’re probably thinking... what will this cost you? If we decide to work together, the minimum fee for my professional services is $4,000. There is no upfront money required.


  I only get paid once we have successfully located and purchased a property for you and the majority, if not all of this fee, will be paid by the Seller of the property you acquire. You’re under NO obligation to buy any investment property.


However, to have access our services, you must be a client. Call 519-435-1600 and ask for me, Ty Lacroix or email info@enveloperealestate.com


   P.S. The best part is you can actually set this entire plan up inside a special RSP account using your existing retirement savings to buy the rental home for cash. The monthly rental income will actually go directly into your special RSP providing the funds for your monthly index fund investment.

   P.P.S. Investing is not risk-free. You can lose money depending on your skills as an investor. Your risk of loss is reduced dramatically because you’ll be buying your one home that you can always resell.  You could over pay for a property by not using a skilled Realtor, you could choose bad tenants by not using a skilled Realtor and not adhering to the steps a skilled Realtor will lay out for you.

  P.P.P.S. Yes, I hear this all the time, what about a new roof, or new windows, appliances etc. So what? Your tenant is paying down your mortgage every month and one thing I forgot to mention, at year one that amount is $326.81 a month and add that to your $412 and you have $739 per month on a $50,000 down payment, which equals 17.7% annual return!

 Please discuss this strategy with your professional advisors, including your lawyer and your accountant to make sure it is appropriate for you.


 Search income properties for sale in London Ontario .

Thinking of Selling a Multi Family Property?

 Thinking of Selling a Multi-Family Residential Property in London Ontario & Area?

 Over the past few months there has been a shortage of good quality duplexes, triplexes, four-plexes and 6-12 unit properties in London and area.

 All the ones I had were sold or are conditional  from 27 units and down and I have;

  • 3 registered buyers for anything over 18 units or more
  • 5 registered buyers for a 6-12 unit property
  • 6 registered qualified buyers for a tri-plex or 4-plex
  • 4 serious buyers for duplexes, (pre-approved for financing and experienced) that are looking to buy, actually more than looking, real serious, no nonsense types who can make a decision within 24 hours.
  • 9 contracted buyers for single family houses or condos.

 Why not take advantage of my buyers pleading with me to find properties for them?

 Heres the deal:

  •  No sign 
  • Allow my associates to see the building, look at expenses and get a rent roll
  • If the numbers make sense, we will make an offer
  • If an offer, an exclusive listing agreement must be in place before receiving an offer, this ensures we get paid if a successful transaction takes place. You see, I have been in the trenches, so no games, no B.S., I and my associates bring willing buyers and sellers together . Period.


 Our investors are not unwashed, they want to see value or be able to create value and they are long term investors so they are not interested in drastically overpriced properties, junk or cap rates below 6%.

   Stress Test for Mortgages

 Come 2018, the stress test for mortgages comes into effect and I am hearing from mortgage providers that there will be fewer buyers able to qualify for a mortgage without a truly hefty downpayment.

 That is good news for my buyers, the stress test has little effect on them and will actually be better for them, less buyers, less competition.

 So, if you have a property you want sold without a song and dance process, contact me, I don't sing and the only time I dance may be if there is amber liquid around and that is very unlikely as well.

Investing In Real Estate London Ontario

    Investing in real estate rental properties can be financially rewarding if and when it’s done correctly.

   However, just as with all investments, there are some risks, and not everyone who invests in real estate has had good experiences. I’ve seen more than a few landlords quit because they were either losing money or just barely breaking even.

                           Happy real estate investor London Ontario

       What went wrong for the investors who didn’t succeed? They made some common mistakes.

   Maximizing ROI ( return on investment) isn’t just about buying a property and collecting rent. You might experience a number of events throughout the year that will increase or decrease your ROI.

  For example, landlords can increase ROI by keeping the premises in good shape and with modern appliances. (less repairs in the long run or that emergency call that the fridge is not working!)

 Tenants can decrease ROI by not paying their rent, moving out prematurely, or damaging your property.

 Being an investor in small real estate properties will not make you rich overnight, but over time you can build what I call slow wealth! You make money in real estate when you buy, not when you sell!

  All my client’s do well with this philosophy and though boring as heck, it woeks!

  Again, slow wealth and walking the talk!

  Below are two highly acclaimed tutorials about investment properties.


14 Valuable Lessons About Investing in Real Estate
I have spent a lot of time studying and working with wealthy real estate investors and I am not talking about the flashy ones or the jet setters, I am talking about the person who looks and acts like your neighbour next door, yet has a portfolio of 5 or more properties. They could be condos, single family houses or multi-family homes and whatever they are comfortable with; they take the attitude of slow and long term growth. They do not flip, they do not take excess risks and they are great landlords because they know the secret to being a successful landlord. Being an investor in small real estate properties will not make you rich overnight, but over time you can build what I call slow wealth! You make money in real estate when you buy, not when you sell! All my client’s do well with this philosophy that I share and as J.P. Getty said “Investors bank on climate, while speculators bet on the weather.” Below are a few “lessons” that have been experienced the hard way by thousands of investors and a few tips how to overcome the consequences of poor decision making and erroneous opinions, be they yours or the so called experts!
Should You Base Your Decisions on Just Cash Flow?
So many beginning real estate investors will decide whether or not a real estate investment is good or bad based on the answer to this single question: “Will the property produce positive monthly cash flow?"Basing your entire decision on the answer to positive cash flow question is a very limited way to look at an investment. Sometimes there just isn't a simple answer for you when you're looking to create wealth. There are several things real estate investing beginners or even experienced investors should consider.
Marketing Strategy
Using knowledge, expertise and technology to sell your property! The web is now by far the most important advertising medium for real estate, and that’s becoming truer every day. Fortunately, I’ve managed to stay ahead of this trend, and have been continuously working to increase my web presence so that I can push listings to more places very quickly, putting properties in front of online buyers very effectively.
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Investing in Real Estate London Ontario, Flipping or Being a Landlord?

                                           Flipping Houses or Renting Houses?

                   Flipping or investing in real estate


  Everything you read or see on those reality shows is about buying properties to fix up and resell.   Very seldom do you hear about buying a property and holding it as a long-term rental property.

 When mulling over these two options it really boils down to this:

 Do you want to be a fixer upper and every day you are doing, doing, or would you prefer to eventually sit back and receive income for the rest of your life?

  A fixer upper fixes up a place and if all goes well, makes a profit. Once the transaction is complete and they have collected a cheque at the closing, they are done and go back and repeat the same thing over again, or, try to. . There is no additional income or profit available. In order to make any more money, you have got to and fix up another place.

 Work & take a risk… get a cheque. Work & take a risk… get a cheque. Work & take a risk… get a cheque.

  No work… no cheque

  Flipping houses is a job and you don’t get paid unless you work.

 Even worse, the profit on a flip is fixed based upon the final sale price of the home. No matter what you do, you won’t be able to make any additional profit on the deal. Sadly, this profit can disappear very quickly if you encounter unforeseen problems in your renovation.

 Who really wants another job?

 The investor who focuses on investing for the long-term in rental properties enjoys annual income for life. They work to buy a property and get it rented to a quality tenant and then they sit back and collect rent cheques each month. This is the same as a writer who works to write a book and then sits back and collects royalties from their book sales or a song writer or movie actress, do it once and keep getting paid!

 Work & take a risk… get a cheque once. Work once & take a risk… keep getting cheques!  

 When the writer wants more cheques, he or she simply writes another book. They work again for a few months and then start collecting two cheques each month going forward. These cheques tend to compound on top of each other. The reason why is because every time they work they get paid multiple times from their effort. They’re still getting paid from their first book as they write and complete their second book.

 Even better, the profit on a long-term rental is unlimited as you collect more and more income with each passing year. One rental home that pays you $5,000 a year can ultimately generate $100,000 of income in 20 years, $200,000 of income in 40 years.  And here is the best part; your tenants are paying down your mortgage!

  You can even leave your rental property to your children and they’ll collect cheques each month throughout their lives.

  You can’t compound home flips because you’re not still getting paid from your first flip when you’re working on your second flip.

  This means investors who flip homes really aren’t investors. Instead they become employees and have to continue working to get paid.

  Flipping is a j-o-b and your boss will want you to work evenings and weekends for months!

Note: I didn’t write the above and I can’t remember who did but I have been letting my clients know about this for years and those who apply this long term strategy are doing extremely well!

Testimonials Thanks Ty


                Satisfied clients

Thank you! Ty your help has been invaluable. We are returning to Toronto tonight and really appreciate all you have done to help us.

   I could not agree more with your latest email on people paying over asking price.The market must be accelerating even more than a month or two ago.
We very much appreciate the work you have done in helping us to achieve a portfolio of ten rental properties, and in disposing of Pond Mills. We would not have known where to start were it not for having benefit of your expertise.
I have been busy leasing xxxxxxxxxxxxx. It took six weeks to find someone decent, and I rejected seven applicants in a row, but I finally found a great candidate.  All his references describe him as reliable and his landlord says he pays rent like clockwork. The lesson in leasing is not to compromise with a weak tenant and keep marketing like crazy until the right one comes along.

Best Regards,


Dear Mr.Lacroix
Thank you for helping my clients estate dispose of the seven properties, I and the family are quite pleased with the prices we received, we now have one more property to go, which is a private residence, see the details below and thank you again.
The place is going great!! We have an incredible tenant
that pays early every month and she's super quiet. We
have been really pleased with the location and
neighbourhood and how everything has been with the house.
We walk right downtown in minutes and never have to worry
about parking! I would suggest this location to anyone, although
we keep looking for similar properties for ourselves in the same
neighbourhood for the future.... 
Nothing was really wrong with the sewer system other then large
root buildup but once we got a competent plumber in that had
a large enough root cutting machine we were back in business! 
Thanks so much for all you did to get us this place and for the
wisdom and experience you had to guide us into making a very
attractive offer to get this house. Taylor and I really enjoy it. 
Anna was an incredible resource for us as well. We were really happy
we went with her and look forward to working with her again in the future. 
We will definitely be using your office in our future home buying process! 
Thanks for the follow up!
Derek & Taylor


OK thanks Ty - appreciate your reply. I don't think I am in a position to

invest in real estate at the current time. However should the situation

arise when I am interested again I'll contact you. 

Appreciate the follow up - your office has been great to
work with.
 Hi Ty
 Just a brief note to thank you for selling my two income properties by Western. I know the 6 bedroom was a nightmare and thanks for taking the time with the Fire Marshall, the electrician, drywallers and getting the garbage guy out to clean up.
 I thought the deal was off a few times, thanks for keeping it on track. At times I thought I was going to lose money on it but in fact, I did far better than expected.
 I have included a little token of my appreciation for what you did for me and my family, and my father has asked me to offer you any of his various time shares for a week. Let him know, it'syours.
Hey Ty
  Just like you said, we are now into our 11th condo that we have bought through you and you know, as I teach this, your systematic  approach was the same as our first one, the only change being we did not know what or how do anything when we bought our first one.
   Thank you for your patience and setting us straight on the numbers, you have saved us I don't know how many headaches or thousands.
   We are now preparing to buy our 12th at the end of the year, of course, with your guidance. Oh, and thanks for the name of the furnace guy, he's great, we even had him come to our house and look at our A/C.

 Hi Ty:

Thank you for your follow up email. We are very pleased with Paul's help for finding and buying the property. Paul was very efficient and effective on each step of the buying process. He was also very helpful to us in finding a home inspector, a mortgage agent and a lawyer for closing the deal. It was a pleasant journey for us. 
I am sure we will have more opportunities to work together in the near future. 
Thank you for the excellent help.
Best regards,

Fiona Douglas has recommended your work as Broker of Record & Owner at Envelope Real Estate Brokerage Inc.

Dear Ty,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users March 21,2013

Details of the Recommendation: "Ty has been a pleasure to work with over the past couple of years, on a least two major projects we have had on the go. He goes above and beyond and has never disappointed us, and his calm demeanour goes a long way towards keeping us focussed when dealing in our very volatile real estate market. We have no qualms about recommending Ty's services highly, and with pleasure!"
Service Category: Real Estate Agent
Year first hired: 2011 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrit

Hey Ty,

When I was looking at places with you last year you had mentioned purchasing gift cards for your tenants at Christmas time. I took your idea and bought a couple gift cards and the tenants seemed to love it!! Inexpensive and pretty simple, but they felt it was very thoughtful and like you said...how many landlords give tenants gifts??
All is well with the properties so far, I really appreciate the education you helped provide me in 2012...nothing beats the gift of knowledge. It's hard to believe I went from never owning a property only 6 months ago to now have two income properties in London running!! You really emphasized the philosophy that if you keep your place proper, and treat your tenants well, then you will have success (as opposed to the slumlord philosophy lol).
Thanks and best of luck in the new year!! I will definitely be using Envelope for all my future purchases!!
ps...If any interesting properties or places pop up, I'm always interested in new ideas!! lol
 We finally closed the deal yesterday with Dan.  Vanty and I would like to thank you for your professional service and help; we felt confidence that we were in good hands.  Tenant is more than happy to sign another one-year lease agreement for the condo highrise apartment.  It's almost like a happy-ending Hollywod stuff for now, but Vanty and I are aware that there will be a steep learning curve for us in real-estate investment ahead. We believe it will be challenging and rewarding for us. We'll be in touch again after our vacation.
Best Regards,
Jerry and Vanty
Dear Ty,
I reviewed all the statements and the invoices , every thing looks clear  to me , yo did a fantastic work ,  I really thank you for your effort and appreciated.
Now I am planing my booking to london ontario , on third or forth week of october , please let me know which time  is more suitable for you.

Sent: Thursday, August 9, 2012 10:28am
To: ty@enveloperealestate.com
Subject: Re: Another Tenancy agreement

Hey Ty,

Just wanted to let you know that everything worked out with the couple I showed my place to.  They provided two references, both of which said they wished all their tenants were this good.  The guy is doing a fellowship at the hospital, so he has a fantastic job and they just come across as very respectful, quiet people.  I used the lease you provided, and they signed on Tuesday.  I asked them to bring along a rent deposit for last month's rent, and they could pay first month's rent on Sept. 1.  Instead, they gave me a bank draft for entire first and last month's up front!!!   I got $920/month, just like you thought would be reasonable and which covers my costs each month, and I only had the place for one week before finding tenants!!
...Things have went so smoothly, that it looks like I may have to come in and see you again to start planning my next move!!!  lol
Here is a testimonial, in case you would like to ever use it:
I am very happy with all the service you have provided.  As a first time buyer, you were extremely helpful through the researching, viewing and purchasing processes.  And even after I bought my condo in Pond Mills, and you had already earned your commission, you have promptly responded to every question I sent you regarding tenants, leases and the entire rental procedure.  I can't thank you enough for everything.  I will definitely be coming back to work with you again!!
On Mon, Aug 6, 2012 at 12:16 PM, Scott  wrote:
Hey Ty,
The lease looks excellent.  Thanks so much for your help!!!  I will let you know how everything goes.


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