Investing in Real Estate London Ontario- Missing Opportunities?

  Quite a few first time real estate investors miss the boat because by the time they have confirmed all the facts, or,  ‘run their numbers’ (usually erroneously), or, gathered solid information, the opportunity is gone because of other buyers or the property is sold!

  looking for real estate opportunities

   I see this daily, the fence sitters, the ‘time is not right’ folks or in 75% of the cases, their analysis of the property and income is faulty, that their illusion or perception of cash flow, appreciation and risk tolerance is inconsistemt with what wise investors do!

  The average real estate professional relies on what he or she  hears & perceives, a great real estate professional assimilates all the available facts, sifts out the chaff, and makes the go/no go decision on his/her ability to adhere to what I call the brutal truth.

   Great investors never buy what the market is doing, they don’t care. It can be up, it can be down, the motivation of the investor, be it the buyer or seller, takes two to tango!

   You buy on expectation and sell on results! Period.

   As J.P. Getty said “Investors bank on climate, while speculators bet on the weather.” In other words, the real estate market works more like a barometer than a thermometer.

   Getting good and accurate information and then being able to act decisively on the incomplete information is what really separates the wannabees and the wealthy.

Your boat will come in as an investor

Your boat will never come in if it never goes out.

 Ty Lacroix Broker of Record

 Search income properties for sale in London Ontario and read about compound interest in Real Estate here.

New Ontario Rules When Buying a Property With Tenants

  If you have a client who is interested in buying a property, but it has a tenant, make sure to extend the closing date because the required notice days in Ontario have now doubled in length. In the past, only 30 days written notice was required to terminate a tenancy. Now it’s 60.

  Landlord in London Onatrio

  Another glitch: the date the tenancy ends must coincide with the end of term or rent period. This could result in a full year passing before your client can move in.

  For example, if the tenant’s lease ends Dec. 1, 2018, your buyer can’t move until Dec. 1, 2018 even if the closing date is Nov. 1, 2017. And if you’re thinking of “fudging the dates” by giving less notice than is required, don’t! If the termination date is so much as a day off, the notice is invalid, and you’ll have to start all over again.

  Previously, landlords have not been required to compensate the tenant if the landlord gave proper notice and acted in good faith. That’s no longer so. Section 48.1 of the RTA requires that the landlord compensate the tenant equal to one month’s rent. This amount has to be paid prior to the termination date specified on the N12 notice. This means a tenant can take the money and still refuse to leave!

  Some real estate salespeople have encouraged investor buyers to buy a place and evict a tenant under the pretense that the buyer, or her family member, is moving in. Under the new rules, if the buyer gets caught, she can be fined up to $25,000. This fine can also be levied if the buyer decides to move out before 12 months are up following the date of eviction, rent it to her cousin and charge rent or demolish the place.

  Given these rules, it’s important that you get a copy of the tenant’s lease. This way, you can gauge when your buyer can move in and how much she’ll have to pay the tenant to move out.  It’s also important that you always use the updated forms found on the Landlord and Tenant Board’s website, because the previous forms are no longer valid.

 To avoid extortion by the tenant – a practice whereby tenants demand money in order to move – make sure that your buyer, once she becomes the landlord, files an L2 application and obtains an order terminating the tenancy pursuant to the notice prior to the termination date. Ensure that the order references the payment so that it is documented that you will be providing the tenant with proper compensation. Getting an order in place speeds up the process if the tenant refuses to move following the notice date and prevents the tenant from extorting the landlord by demanding more and more money in order to move out.

 While affordability is an issue and the housing reforms attempted to solve this matter, the reforms have disproportionately hurt landlords and those who are scrimping and saving to buy a home. As such, buyer agents, as well as seller agents, must be aware of these financial and practical changes. They can destroy a deal.

 The above was written by   Natalka Falcomer  a lawyer in the GTA area 

 Another interesting tip about investing in London Ontario


Thinking of Selling a Multi Family Property?

 Thinking of Selling a Multi-Family Residential Property in London Ontario & Area?

 Over the past few months there has been a shortage of good quality duplexes, triplexes, four-plexes and 6-12 unit properties in London and area.

 All the ones I had were sold or are conditional  from 27 units and down and I have;

  • 5 registered buyers for anything over 18 units or more
  • 7 registerd buyers for a 6-12 unit property
  • 3 registered qualified buyers for a tri-plex or 4-plex
  • 2 serious buyers for duplexes, (pre-approved for financing and experienced) that are looking to buy, actually more than looking, real serious, no nonsense types who can make a decision within 24 hours.

 Why not take advantage of my buyers begging me to find a properties for them?

 Heres the deal:

  •   No sign 
  • Allow my associates to see the building, look at expenses and get a rent roll
  • If the numbers make sense, we will make an offer
  • If an offer, an exclusive listing agreement must be in place before receiving an offer, this ensures we get paid if a successful transaction takes place. You see, I have been in the trenches, so no games, no B.S., I and my associates bring willing buyers and sellers together , we do not have time for dreamers.


 Our investors are not unwashed, they want to see value or be able to create value and they are long term investors so they are not interested in drastically overpriced properties, junk or cap rates below 6%.

   Stress Test for Mortgages

 Come 2018, the stress test for mortgages comes into effect and I am hearing from mortgage providers that there be fewer buyers that will be able to pull the trigger on a purchase.

 That is good news for my buyers, the stress test has little effect on them and will actually be better for them, less buyers, less competition.

 So, if you have a property you want sold without a song and dance process, contact me, I don't sing and the only time I dance may be if there is amber liquid around and that is very unlikely as well.

Tenant Lessons, Check their application thoroughly!

 Below is an email from a client who has purchased 10 properties from me over the past few years. He and his wife have done exceptionally well and in his email to me, a few things that he is now doing may help you.:


Sat, Dec 2, 2017 at 3:39 pm

We had the Settlement Conference for our small claims case against the Gatewood tenants for damages on Friday. To cut a long story short we settled for $2,400 to be paid in $100 instalments. A conservative view of our claim was we could maybe get $4,000 or more at trial but would have to pay Cohen Highley's paralegal $800. The tenant had hired a pretty aggressive paralegal and we represented ourselves throughout. So at $4,000 - $800 = $3,200 the additional payoff for carrying on was looking like $800. I was getting a bit tired of it and at least we had the victory that they would pay something for what they did. So we signed off on the deal. The tenants looked pretty beaten up. I think they honestly thought they could walk without paying a penny.

They have excellent credit however and were very concerned that their payments should be properly recorded and credited to them so I think we will likely be paid. If not I am not messing around, I am either putting a lien on their house or setting collections on them. I am now ultra careful about assessing tenants. Just the other day I had an applicant whose application concealed past addresses. They were on the Rent Check report so I googled the addresses and got landlord references. Lo and behold Old Oak had an ill fated four month tenancy with her in which she was late with rent twice earning two N4 notices and then did a flit and left. Instant rejection and she worked for a prominent social services agency in town, you would have thought she would have been more responsible. If i had just relied on credit I would have been burned because that was 800+. She paid her other bills, she just had a history of stiffing landlords and knew the game. This week I had an applicant who claimed to be applying on behalf of his ailing parents who had just sold a condo in the GTA. He wanted them listed as occupants and him as sole tenant. All rent money would come from him, he assured me. What do you know, he had just timed out a proposal in bankruptcy this summer and then on an income of $80k had purchased a $66k Ford truck on credit. No.

So the longer I go in this business the more cautious I become with tenant acceptance decisions. The remedies are just too painful to go through. Prevention is key.

Trust that you are well.

Best Regards,

Real Estate Wealth Machine

                            How You Can Create a Real Estate Wealth Machine

               Grow Your Wealth Slowly With Real Estate

                           People Always Need a Place To Live


The average person today has many investment options. How many of them can be considered self-financing? The key to self-financing investments is those that offer recurring income. What investment choices do we have that are truly self-financing? Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular investments people make to see if they are self-financing:


STOCKS: For the most part, stocks are not-self-financing because they do not regularly pay income to the investor. Only stocks that regularly pay dividends would fit our description as self-financing. Doing some quick Internet research, you can find approximately 300 stocks paying consistently monthly dividends. Only these 300 stocks might be considered self-financing out of the thousands of stocks available.


MUTUAL FUNDS: In most cases, these investments are not self- financing. They do not regularly pay income to their shareholders. Yes, some do but most don’t. Those that do, and re-invest income toward acquiring more shares, come with transaction costs that severely eat into the investor’s income.


BONDS/CDs/MONEY MARKET ACCOUNTS: The majority of bonds pay interest income to the investor. These bonds would be self- financing. However, Zero Coupon bonds would not considered be self- financing because they don’t pay interest until maturity. That’s hardly perpetual money-making. Another challenge with these investments is they usually don’t pay a very high rate of return.


LENDING MONEY: Loaning money to others would be self-financing if your borrower paid interest each month. The interest income you received could be used to loan additional funds to other borrowers.

Lending money is risky if you don’t acquire some form of protection, such as a lien, on their property. However, with this higher risk, you’ll find higher rates of return. The other downside to lending money is the lack of investment appreciation. Throughout the loan payment period, your profits are tapped out at the interest rate charged.


REAL ESTATE (HELD FOR RENT): Now, I’m a bit biased on this investment choice. But real estate is one of the best self-financing investments you can make. This is because it pays for itself and, in many cases, it provides additional income that can be used to purchase additional investments.


Why is this idea of self-financing so important for investors? It’s important because self-financing investments help you build wealth faster. With investments that are NOT self-financing, you need to use your own money to acquire more of the investment.

With a self-financing investment, you can use income from the investment to acquire additional investments.

 How do you do that?

 Download this free 16 page report now and find out


Investing In Real Estate London Ontario

    Investing in real estate rental properties can be financially rewarding if and when it’s done correctly.

   However, just as with all investments, there are some risks, and not everyone who invests in real estate has had good experiences. I’ve seen more than a few landlords quit because they were either losing money or just barely breaking even.

                           Happy real estate investor London Ontario

       What went wrong for the investors who didn’t succeed? They made some common mistakes.

   Maximizing ROI ( return on investment) isn’t just about buying a property and collecting rent. You might experience a number of events throughout the year that will increase or decrease your ROI.

  For example, landlords can increase ROI by keeping the premises in good shape and with modern appliances. (less repairs in the long run or that emergency call that the fridge is not working!)

 Tenants can decrease ROI by not paying their rent, moving out prematurely, or damaging your property.

 Being an investor in small real estate properties will not make you rich overnight, but over time you can build what I call slow wealth! You make money in real estate when you buy, not when you sell!

  All my client’s do well with this philosophy and though boring as heck, it woeks!

  Again, slow wealth and walking the talk!

  Below are two highly acclaimed tutorials about investment properties.


14 Valuable Lessons About Investing in Real Estate
I have spent a lot of time studying and working with wealthy real estate investors and I am not talking about the flashy ones or the jet setters, I am talking about the person who looks and acts like your neighbour next door, yet has a portfolio of 5 or more properties. They could be condos, single family houses or multi-family homes and whatever they are comfortable with; they take the attitude of slow and long term growth. They do not flip, they do not take excess risks and they are great landlords because they know the secret to being a successful landlord. Being an investor in small real estate properties will not make you rich overnight, but over time you can build what I call slow wealth! You make money in real estate when you buy, not when you sell! All my client’s do well with this philosophy that I share and as J.P. Getty said “Investors bank on climate, while speculators bet on the weather.” Below are a few “lessons” that have been experienced the hard way by thousands of investors and a few tips how to overcome the consequences of poor decision making and erroneous opinions, be they yours or the so called experts!
Should You Base Your Decisions on Just Cash Flow?
So many beginning real estate investors will decide whether or not a real estate investment is good or bad based on the answer to this single question: “Will the property produce positive monthly cash flow?"Basing your entire decision on the answer to positive cash flow question is a very limited way to look at an investment. Sometimes there just isn't a simple answer for you when you're looking to create wealth. There are several things real estate investing beginners or even experienced investors should consider.
Marketing Strategy
Using knowledge, expertise and technology to sell your property! The web is now by far the most important advertising medium for real estate, and that’s becoming truer every day. Fortunately, I’ve managed to stay ahead of this trend, and have been continuously working to increase my web presence so that I can push listings to more places very quickly, putting properties in front of online buyers very effectively.

2018 Rent Review Ontario

2018 Ontario Rent Increases capped at 1.8%
Ontario Minister of Housing Chris Ballard announced that the 2018 provincial rent increase guideline has been set at 1.8%, up .3% over the current year.
The annual rate of increase is based on the Ontario Consumer Price Index, a measure of inflation that reflects current economic conditions affecting the
As in previous years, this amount is the maximum that a tenant's rent can be raised without approval from the provincial Landlord and Tenant Board, and applies to all new rent increases made between January 1 and December 31, 2018; it is also retroactively effective as of April 20, 2017.
Unlike previous years, however, the ministry’s annual rent control guidelines have now been expanded to include all private rental units, including those built as tenant-occupied premises on or before November 1, 1991.
This anticipated change results from the recently-passed Rental Fairness Act, 2017 that was introduced to protect an estimated 250,000 Ontario renters living in pre-1991 units from unreasonable and/or unpredictable rent hikes.
Ballard, who is also the minister responsible for Ontario’s Poverty Reduction Strategy, said the aim of the expanded 2018 rent increase guidelines is to make the housing market fairer for all, “ensuring that everyone in Ontario has the peace of mind they need...”
Please visit 
to read the entire Government of Ontario announcement.

Investing in Real Estate London Ontario, Flipping or Being a Landlord?

                                           Flipping Houses or Renting Houses?

                   Flipping or investing in real estate


  Everything you read or see on those reality shows is about buying properties to fix up and resell.   Very seldom do you hear about buying a property and holding it as a long-term rental property.

 When mulling over these two options it really boils down to this:

 Do you want to be a fixer upper and every day you are doing, doing, or would you prefer to eventually sit back and receive income for the rest of your life?

  A fixer upper fixes up a place and if all goes well, makes a profit. Once the transaction is complete and they have collected a cheque at the closing, they are done and go back and repeat the same thing over again, or, try to. . There is no additional income or profit available. In order to make any more money, you have got to and fix up another place.

 Work & take a risk… get a cheque. Work & take a risk… get a cheque. Work & take a risk… get a cheque.

  No work… no cheque

  Flipping houses is a job and you don’t get paid unless you work.

 Even worse, the profit on a flip is fixed based upon the final sale price of the home. No matter what you do, you won’t be able to make any additional profit on the deal. Sadly, this profit can disappear very quickly if you encounter unforeseen problems in your renovation.

 Who really wants another job?

 The investor who focuses on investing for the long-term in rental properties enjoys annual income for life. They work to buy a property and get it rented to a quality tenant and then they sit back and collect rent cheques each month. This is the same as a writer who works to write a book and then sits back and collects royalties from their book sales or a song writer or movie actress, do it once and keep getting paid!

 Work & take a risk… get a cheque once. Work once & take a risk… keep getting cheques!  

 When the writer wants more cheques, he or she simply writes another book. They work again for a few months and then start collecting two cheques each month going forward. These cheques tend to compound on top of each other. The reason why is because every time they work they get paid multiple times from their effort. They’re still getting paid from their first book as they write and complete their second book.

 Even better, the profit on a long-term rental is unlimited as you collect more and more income with each passing year. One rental home that pays you $5,000 a year can ultimately generate $100,000 of income in 20 years, $200,000 of income in 40 years.  And here is the best part; your tenants are paying down your mortgage!

  You can even leave your rental property to your children and they’ll collect cheques each month throughout their lives.

  You can’t compound home flips because you’re not still getting paid from your first flip when you’re working on your second flip.

  This means investors who flip homes really aren’t investors. Instead they become employees and have to continue working to get paid.

  Flipping is a j-o-b and your boss will want you to work evenings and weekends for months!

Note: I didn’t write the above and I can’t remember who did but I have been letting my clients know about this for years and those who apply this long term strategy are doing extremely well!

Need a Property Manager For Your Properties?


  Do you have one or a  a few income properties and not happy with your property manager or are thinking about hiring a property manager?

  I am not a property manager nor ever intend to be one so the points below are are for you to consider in an unbiased format. I do from time to time help my clients find tenants, screen and prepare a lease and even offer names of trusted trades people but the day to day, month to month management, I do not touch!

Property Managers in London

Due Diligence
This is probably the most important clause you can have in a management agreement. In it the management company promises to do its best when managing your property.  It is a legal term, which, among other things is defined as "that amount of diligence which a reasonable and prudent person would exercise under the circumstances."

The professional property manager has an extra duty of diligence, since it has implied, by taking on a management contract, that it is expert in rental property management.

Communication and Notification
Here they are obligated to tell you what's going on in the management of your property, as necessary.

Ask to see a copy of a spreadsheet or past client sample accounting for expenses and revenues, both monthly and year end one.

One thing to watch out for is when will they send the money? How? By cheque or direct deposit. By what day of the month will your cheque be mailed to you? Will the cheque be for that month, or will the management company hold back a month? What happens to the security deposit they collect from the tenant?

Termination of the Agreement
Every agreement will have a provision for its termination. The question is how long does it take to terminate and is there a cost or penalty to you if you do so before a certain date?

repairing a house

Just about every management agreement will provide for the management company to handle repairs. Usually they hire contractors or other companies to handle them. What you will find in the agreement is a "hold-harmless" clause, saying that the management company is not responsible for the "acts, defaults and negligence" of the people they hire. What you also want to see in the agreement is a statement that they will use "reasonable care" when they hire anyone to work on the property. 

Certainly they are not responsible for people over whom they have no control. But they are responsible if they hired someone who has a history of shoddy or dangerous work and they knew or should have known that he did.

Evictions and Terminations of Tenancy
Believe it or not, some agreements don't provide for the management company to handle evictions. What are you hiring them for if not for their ability to deal with problems in the property? And what bigger problem is there than a tenant who must be evicted?

What you want is their expertise and their willingness to use it. Always make sure that the property management company will use due diligence in terminating the tenancy of any tenant who must be removed.

Will having all these clauses in a management agreement guarantee a smooth relationship with the property management company you hire? Absolutely not. You need to interview and get references from several before you commit to anyone. But not having these clauses in the agreement will almost guarantee you problems. 

                                                         Investing in Real Estate Cash Flow Why

How Much Should You Offer For That Property?

  You would be amazed at the number of investors who do not know how to determine the value of real estate.As an investor, it is crucial that you are able to determine value for yourself and not leave it up to someone else.

The three primary yet different ways of determining value with real estate are the CMA, the Income Approach method and the Replacement Cost method.

                           3 ways to value a property in London Ontario

The CMA method (What most REALTORS use)

The CMA (Comparable Market Analysis) method is based on what similar or comparable properties have sold for in the past, typically within the last three months.

The CMA is the most common valuation method for residential single-family homes. However, it's typically the least favourable valuation method for investment real estate.

The Income Approach

The Income Approach method of valuation puts a value on the income generated from the property. This is the valuation method investors use most when evaluating an income property.

The Replacement Cost

This  method of valuation is simply what it would cost to buy the land today and build a new building with the same square footage with similar features.

Let's use an example to illustrate the differences between the valuation methods and assume for a moment that we are talking about a three-bedroom home with a two-bedroom basement suite.

The main level of the home is 1,000 sq ft and so is the basement for a total of 2,000 (finished) sq ft. The home is occupied by the seller and the seller collects $1,000 per month from the suite and the tenant pays for their portion of utilities in addition to their rent.

                                           What is the price of a home in London Ontario?

The seller is asking $400,000 since a Realtor told the seller that the CMA (Comparable Market Analysis) showed that similar properties in this neighbourhood have recently sold in this price range. This is the CMA value which is again what the market is currently willing to pay.

We can determine what the income is worth from an Income Approach method of valuation. Since the seller occupies the main house and we know the market rents in the area, we can quickly estimate that the home would rent for $1,500 month plus utilities.

Including the suite income of $1,000 we would have a total of $2,500 in total gross income. We then deduct all of the expenses, not including financing.

Let's assume that we have calculated the property taxes, insurance, vacancies, advertising, management, repairs and maintenance and a monthly miscellaneous allowance totalling $900 in monthly expenses. That leaves $1,600 ($2,500 - $900) remaining each month which is the amount left over to pay a mortgage.

By running a simple mortgage calculation based on $1,600 per month for a mortgage payment using a 25-year amortization and a 4% interest rate, the amount of mortgage that a $1,600 payment can support is $304,000. Adding a 20% down payment of $76,000 on to the mortgage amount would give a maximum Income Value of $380,000. ($304,000 + $76,000).

Pretty simple isn’t it, yet 90-95% of people who I see in my office have used the CMA approach or as an example, when I show properties, I review what the previous owner had purchased the property for and guess what?


Note: Paul Hecht, an investor, wrote most of this article, the italics re my words!No wonder they were losing money and are discouraged!

How To Retire in Your 50's or Even Earlier

    In 2013, a nurse in a terminal palliative care unit started polling her patients in the last days of their lives.

  The poll was designed to uncover the top regrets from their lives. The top five regrets she found through these patient polls were...

1. “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

2. “I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.”

3. “I wish I had the courage to express my feelings.”

4. “I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.”

5. “I wish that I had let myself be happier.”

  These were the top five regrets of the dying and they’re actually suggestions for us to consider with our own lives. These people have shared mistakes they’ve made in their lives and we have the opportunity to learn from what they’ve shared.

  Retire Early With Real Estate

  The second top regret was, “I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.” This regret makes a lot of sense when we stop and think about it. We don’t get any special award at the end of our lives for working more. Wouldn’t it make sense to work less?

  After thinking seriously about these regrets, I decided to study different ways to retire early. I realized that working too much actually caused two of the other regrets and by reducing our hours worked; we have the opportunity to possibly lead a “regret-free” life.  If you quit working for money, you would be a lot happier and you would have a lot more time for friends and family.

  My studies of early retirees brought me to three different people who retired early. These people didn’t just retire a few years early. They retired decades early:

  #1.Could you imagine what life would be like retiring at the age of 31? Well, you can dive in to Joe Dominquez’s story and financial plan in his fantastic book titled, “Your Money Or Your Life – Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence.”

Your Money or Your Life
 “In 1969, at the age of thirty-one, Joe retired from his career on Wall Street – never again to accept money for any of his work. In his ten years as a technical analyst and institutional investment adviser, he had been pursuing a secret agenda: to learn enough about money to develop a program that would allow him to retire with an income adequate to maintain his chosen life-style for the rest of his life – all from a modest salary, without speculation or big “killings.”

 Notice the words “maintain his chosen life-style for the rest of his life.” These words are an important part of Joe’s financial plan. He realized he didn’t need to spend a lot of money to be happy and that the best things in life are typically free.

Joe retired in 1969 with $100,000 in retirement savings. He invested this $100,000 in bonds providing $7,000 of annual income. Joe lived off of this level of income and never worked for money again. (Joe’s numbers adjusted for inflation today would be around $627,000 in retirement savings providing $38,000 of annual income.)

 Cashing in early

   2: Paul Terhorst Who Retired at 35   

  In 1988, Paul Terhorst published a book titled, “Cashing in on the American Dream – How to Retire At 35.” Paul was a partner at a large public accounting firm and decided to retire at the age of 35. When he retired, he only had a net worth of around $500,000. Paul is still retired today and has been retired over 28 years. He has traveled the world with his wife and is living an amazing life. 

Cash Flow Quadrant

 #3: Robert Kiyosaki who retired at 47 .You’ve probably heard of Robert Kiyosaki, as he has authored several best selling books. His best book is titled, “The Cashflow Quadrant – Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Freedom”, is one of his best.

  Robert didn’t retire in his 30’s like our first two early retirees; however, he is worth studying because his philosophy on financial freedom differs and is worth considering.

  Imagine what it would be like to retire 20 years early? You would definitely minimize a few of these top regrets, wouldn’t you?
  Well, if you would like to see how these three people retired early, you might be interested in my new report titled, How to Retire 20 Years Early where I highlight the three different plans these early retirees used. You’ll also see the commonalities in the three “retire early” plans and will be able to use their plans for yourself.

  The best part is you may be able to retire early without having a large retirement fund!

You can download this report in PDF format below

How To Retire Earlier Than You Ever Thought
Have you ever thought about retiring early but didn’t think it was possible? Well, if you’ve had this thought, you might want to download this report I’ve prepared detailing how 3 different people retired early. The best part about these 3 people is they all retired many years before the traditional retirement age! In this report, you’ll see the plan each person followed to retire early. I’ve also included the commonalties of their plans, which you might want to consider in your own plan to retire early! (There is no charge for this report!) You’ll definitely be surprised to see that you won’t need a large retirement fund to retire early. And, get this, you can start right away , why wait?
First Name: 
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* * Maximum of 2000 characters

Testimonials Thanks Ty


                Satisfied clients

Thank you! Ty your help has been invaluable. We are returning to Toronto tonight and really appreciate all you have done to help us.

   I could not agree more with your latest email on people paying over asking price.The market must be accelerating even more than a month or two ago.
We very much appreciate the work you have done in helping us to achieve a portfolio of ten rental properties, and in disposing of Pond Mills. We would not have known where to start were it not for having benefit of your expertise.
I have been busy leasing xxxxxxxxxxxxx. It took six weeks to find someone decent, and I rejected seven applicants in a row, but I finally found a great candidate.  All his references describe him as reliable and his landlord says he pays rent like clockwork. The lesson in leasing is not to compromise with a weak tenant and keep marketing like crazy until the right one comes along.

Best Regards,


Dear Mr.Lacroix
Thank you for helping my clients estate dispose of the seven properties, I and the family are quite pleased with the prices we received, we now have one more property to go, which is a private residence, see the details below and thank you again.
The place is going great!! We have an incredible tenant
that pays early every month and she's super quiet. We
have been really pleased with the location and
neighbourhood and how everything has been with the house.
We walk right downtown in minutes and never have to worry
about parking! I would suggest this location to anyone, although
we keep looking for similar properties for ourselves in the same
neighbourhood for the future.... 
Nothing was really wrong with the sewer system other then large
root buildup but once we got a competent plumber in that had
a large enough root cutting machine we were back in business! 
Thanks so much for all you did to get us this place and for the
wisdom and experience you had to guide us into making a very
attractive offer to get this house. Taylor and I really enjoy it. 
Anna was an incredible resource for us as well. We were really happy
we went with her and look forward to working with her again in the future. 
We will definitely be using your office in our future home buying process! 
Thanks for the follow up!
Derek & Taylor


OK thanks Ty - appreciate your reply. I don't think I am in a position to

invest in real estate at the current time. However should the situation

arise when I am interested again I'll contact you. 

Appreciate the follow up - your office has been great to
work with.
 Hi Ty
 Just a brief note to thank you for selling my two income properties by Western. I know the 6 bedroom was a nightmare and thanks for taking the time with the Fire Marshall, the electrician, drywallers and getting the garbage guy out to clean up.
 I thought the deal was off a few times, thanks for keeping it on track. At times I thought I was going to lose money on it but in fact, I did far better than expected.
 I have included a little token of my appreciation for what you did for me and my family, and my father has asked me to offer you any of his various time shares for a week. Let him know, it'syours.
Hey Ty
  Just like you said, we are now into our 11th condo that we have bought through you and you know, as I teach this, your systematic  approach was the same as our first one, the only change being we did not know what or how do anything when we bought our first one.
   Thank you for your patience and setting us straight on the numbers, you have saved us I don't know how many headaches or thousands.
   We are now preparing to buy our 12th at the end of the year, of course, with your guidance. Oh, and thanks for the name of the furnace guy, he's great, we even had him come to our house and look at our A/C.

 Hi Ty:

Thank you for your follow up email. We are very pleased with Paul's help for finding and buying the property. Paul was very efficient and effective on each step of the buying process. He was also very helpful to us in finding a home inspector, a mortgage agent and a lawyer for closing the deal. It was a pleasant journey for us. 
I am sure we will have more opportunities to work together in the near future. 
Thank you for the excellent help.
Best regards,

Fiona Douglas has recommended your work as Broker of Record & Owner at Envelope Real Estate Brokerage Inc.

Dear Ty,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users March 21,2013

Details of the Recommendation: "Ty has been a pleasure to work with over the past couple of years, on a least two major projects we have had on the go. He goes above and beyond and has never disappointed us, and his calm demeanour goes a long way towards keeping us focussed when dealing in our very volatile real estate market. We have no qualms about recommending Ty's services highly, and with pleasure!"
Service Category: Real Estate Agent
Year first hired: 2011 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrit

Hey Ty,

When I was looking at places with you last year you had mentioned purchasing gift cards for your tenants at Christmas time. I took your idea and bought a couple gift cards and the tenants seemed to love it!! Inexpensive and pretty simple, but they felt it was very thoughtful and like you many landlords give tenants gifts??
All is well with the properties so far, I really appreciate the education you helped provide me in 2012...nothing beats the gift of knowledge. It's hard to believe I went from never owning a property only 6 months ago to now have two income properties in London running!! You really emphasized the philosophy that if you keep your place proper, and treat your tenants well, then you will have success (as opposed to the slumlord philosophy lol).
Thanks and best of luck in the new year!! I will definitely be using Envelope for all my future purchases!!
ps...If any interesting properties or places pop up, I'm always interested in new ideas!! lol
 We finally closed the deal yesterday with Dan.  Vanty and I would like to thank you for your professional service and help; we felt confidence that we were in good hands.  Tenant is more than happy to sign another one-year lease agreement for the condo highrise apartment.  It's almost like a happy-ending Hollywod stuff for now, but Vanty and I are aware that there will be a steep learning curve for us in real-estate investment ahead. We believe it will be challenging and rewarding for us. We'll be in touch again after our vacation.
Best Regards,
Jerry and Vanty
Dear Ty,
I reviewed all the statements and the invoices , every thing looks clear  to me , yo did a fantastic work ,  I really thank you for your effort and appreciated.
Now I am planing my booking to london ontario , on third or forth week of october , please let me know which time  is more suitable for you.

Sent: Thursday, August 9, 2012 10:28am
Subject: Re: Another Tenancy agreement

Hey Ty,

Just wanted to let you know that everything worked out with the couple I showed my place to.  They provided two references, both of which said they wished all their tenants were this good.  The guy is doing a fellowship at the hospital, so he has a fantastic job and they just come across as very respectful, quiet people.  I used the lease you provided, and they signed on Tuesday.  I asked them to bring along a rent deposit for last month's rent, and they could pay first month's rent on Sept. 1.  Instead, they gave me a bank draft for entire first and last month's up front!!!   I got $920/month, just like you thought would be reasonable and which covers my costs each month, and I only had the place for one week before finding tenants!!
...Things have went so smoothly, that it looks like I may have to come in and see you again to start planning my next move!!!  lol
Here is a testimonial, in case you would like to ever use it:
I am very happy with all the service you have provided.  As a first time buyer, you were extremely helpful through the researching, viewing and purchasing processes.  And even after I bought my condo in Pond Mills, and you had already earned your commission, you have promptly responded to every question I sent you regarding tenants, leases and the entire rental procedure.  I can't thank you enough for everything.  I will definitely be coming back to work with you again!!
On Mon, Aug 6, 2012 at 12:16 PM, Scott  wrote:
Hey Ty,
The lease looks excellent.  Thanks so much for your help!!!  I will let you know how everything goes.


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