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     As of October 12, 2017, the average days on the market for a house or condo to sell in the Ilderton area  was 22 days, for a breakdown of sale prices to asking prices and more, contact me for more detailed information:

 We have the facts about real estate in London Ontario
 I can give you :
  • Days on the market vs List Price Median for the last 10 years


  • Historic count of active listings


  • Historic sales for the last 10 years


  • Historic sales price trends


  • Historic sales and price range


  • Original price vs sold price


  • Sale price / listprice ratios


 Why is this information important? Whether you were buying or selling, these numbers will give you peace of mind of the neighbourhood trends, plus, a confidence level for price, expectation levels for negotiating and about 8 other advantages I can help you with.


 Our knowledge of the market, our ability to get hard facts and not assume anything or give an opinion that could be biased is the cornerstone of our business and the reason why our volume of business and referrals are growing exponentially.


 Oh, a hard work ethic makes a huge difference as well!



 50 houses sold in Ilderton through MLS in 2016, starting at $289,000 and up to $570,000 and took an average 57 days to sell for 99.1% of the asking price. 2 condos were sold at 121 Meadowcreek Drive in 2016.


62 houses in Ilderton sold through our MLS system in 2015 for an average price of $356,453 which was 2% less than the asking price and it took on avearge 52 days for these to sell!


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Ilderton's Buyer Tool Kit

Home Buyer Toolkit

Preparing To Sell Your House in Ilderton Ontario?

The Right Selling Price Will Make A Huge Difference in How Much You Actually Receive!

Before selling your house in Ilderton, the price you set is a critical factor in the return you’ll receive and when it sells.

selling a house in Komoka

That’s why a professional evaluation from an experienced listing Realtor can provide you with an honest assessment of your home, based on several factors including:

  • Market conditions

  • Condition of your home

  • Repairs or improvements

  • Time frame

In real estate terms, market value is the price at which a particular house, in its current condition, will sell within 30 to 45 days.

Free Home Seller Tool Kit

If the price of your home is too high, several things could happen:

  • Limits buyers. Potential buyers may not view your home, because it would be out of their buying range.

  • Limits showings. Other salespeople may be less reluctant to view your home.

  • Used as leverage. Other Realtors may use this home to sell against homes that are better priced.

  • Extended stay on the market. When a home is on the market too long, it may be perceived as defective. Buyers may wonder, “what’s wrong,” or “why hasn’t this sold?”

  • Lower price. An overpriced home, still on the market beyond the average selling time, could lead a lower selling price. To sell it, you will have to reduce the price, sometimes, several times. In the end, you’ll probably get less than if it had been properly priced at the start.

  • Wasted time and energy. A bank appraisal is most often required to finance a home and if the buyer's mortgage company will not appraise the property at that higher price, they cannot get the financing!

Realtors have known it for years – Well-kept homes, properly priced in the beginning always get you the fast sale for the best price! And that’s why a professional real estate lister, will tell you the truth, explain the facts of selling a house and then guide you in the selling of your home!

Love It Or Leave It

Love it or Leave It” London Ontario’s Only Home Buying Guarantee

100% Home Buyer Guarantee

If you obtain a home through Sutton Group Envelope Real Estate Brokerage and you are not 100% pleased with it, we will sell your home for you for FREE! We offer this guarantee within the first 24 months after you purchase the home.


We want you to be totally satisfied with your home and will do everything to get you into a home that you will love…Guaranteed!

We are confident that we have the ability to listen to you and to being dedicated in finding the “Perfect Home” for you.  We take 100% responsibility; we offer no excuses and no finger pointing.

That’s why we are willing to work for FREE if your home isn’t everything you expected it to be.  You have nothing to lose, 

There is some fine print and here it is:

This home buying guarantee excludes commercial properties, investors & students.

Ilderton Home Seller Fears

   What’s some of the fears when someone lists a home with a Realtor?

  For most, its worry about being locked into a lengthy listing agreement with a less than competent Realtor, costing valuable time and exposure on the market.

   Agreement for sale of a house in London


  • How quick will it take to sell?
  • How do I get as much money as I can for the house?
  • How do I avoid paying a huge commission fee and I don’t want to go to a discount, bare bones real estate brokerage or even to try to sell it myself?


  You do have options! Our many plans take the risk and the fear out of listing your home with a Realtor. 


   Because we clearly spell out our promise to you–it’s simple! You then pick the best plan available for marketing your home to its fullest potential. We are able to obtain the highest possible market value by doing the following:


  • “No Questions Asked, No Fee” Cancellation Agreement
  • Input your property into the MLS
  • Feature your property on over 56 real estate websites.
  • We make the additional investment to have our listings as “featured homes” on Point 2 homes, Kijiji, Craigslist &  Facebook
  • Create a virtual tour of your property and will be shown on the multiple websites.
  • Your home personal website
  • 118 other tasks


    “No Pressure” presentation

   We will never allow you to be pressured.  All offers will be emailed, faxed or delivered to my office and presented to you by us, so you can make an informed decision.

   Frequently Asked Questions:

 Shouldn’t I pick an “area specialist” to sell my home?

   There are Realtors who focus primarily in one geographic are or neighborhood. But buyers come from all over the city and in some cases, all over the province, not just from that small neighborhood. So an area specialist usually really means “listing agent” in the area.

 But MLS, computers, the internet and cell phones have changed that aspect of the real estate business. Now the important points in selecting an agent are experience, track record, technology and marketing skills.

   Also, buyers do not care whose sign is on the lawn, they want to see your home and not be pressured.

    Why do your homes sell so fast? Do you price them too low?

   Absolutely not! Many of our listings sell at full price. We make it our business to know the market, so we can ensure we get the highest possible price for our sellers. Studies show that the highest value for a home is achieved in the first 10 days—so it is important to get it right the first time.


 Our homes typically sell quicker than the average because of the effective marketing we do. We accomplish this by first doing a supply/demand analysis in the immediate area for any home we consider marketing. All Realtors have access to the same market information. It is the evaluation of what that information means to the marketing of a home that matters. X-rays mean nothing until they are evaluated by a competent doctor. Similarly, knowing what the market is doing affects both the marketing time and value.

   Why do you sell so many homes?

   Our extensive marketing campaigns, as well as our  internet presence, experience, product knowledge, doing the little things right, effective marketing programs and our skilled team all add up to positive results. Every field has people who, through their drive and passion, manage to excel.

  I heard that there are limited service brokerages who charge less. Why shouldn’t I hire the cheapest agent?

  Sellers don’t’ need an agent just to sell their house. They need an agent to sell their house for more! If your property would sell for the same price no matter who sells it – it probably would be in your best interest to sell the home yourself. In that case, why pay any agent?

  The fact of the matter is we can sell your home for more. We have the track record we do because we are experts at pricing the property (using a specific supply-demand analysis prior to even looking for “comps”) and experts at creating the greatest amount of exposure of your property.

  Even when receiving offers, we do not follow the pack. We do not permit other Realtors to pressure you into a rash decision. The offer will be presented to you by us alone. 

  Why Do You Have So Many Buyers?

  Full-time Buyer Specialists

  Our buyer specialists only show property, write offers and negotiate contracts. They know the inventory, the ins and outs of financing, and which lenders to use to get the best rates.

  Another reason is our “Love it or Leave It “guarantee!