House & Condo Rentals London Ontario

 Our main business is helping our clients to buy a house or a condo in London and S/W Ontario, or, to, help them sell.

    house to rent London Ontario

 From time to time, a good client will ask us to rent out a property for them, either as an investment or they are on a sabbatical and do not want to leave the house vacant.

 Even so, we are particular and picky about the house or condo or apartment. It must be:

  • Priced correctly
  • Very clean and modern
  • A pleasant  neighbourhood
  • The landlord must have in place reliable trades people to be able to call, be within 24hrs call back with their tenants and abide by the Landord & Tenant Act.


 If there are no properties for rent below,  at this time we have nothing to offer you and thank you for visiting.

Check Out These Apartments

 Close to downtown London, 3 price ranges, $825, $875 and $900, have two available right now.