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Dorchester Ontario Real Estate

  Dorchester Ontario is a few miles east of London, a short commute and is the residential and commercial core of the municipality of Thames Centre. With easy access to the 401, this quiet community is ideally situated for those who travel as part of their employment, yet, close enough to London to shop, work & visit.

 2017 Dorchester Ontario real estate was very vibrant, with 109 sales through our MLS system, the median days it took for these to sell was 22 and sold for an average 99.78% of the asking price!


  74 houses in Dorchester sold  in 2016 very close to the asking price and took about 33 days to sell.

      All the houses for sale in Dorchester Ontario on Mls

              comparing house prices in Dorchester Ontario

  Please keep in mind that averages can be deceiving, my last 4 clients in Dorchester were having a heck of a time coming up with values and at times not comparing apples with apples until I showed them a sure fire way for them to satisfy, in their minds that the price they were offered and got accepted was fair value!


          Dorchester Ontario Map


Check out the Dorchester Fair!   Church in Dorchester

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Dorchester Ontario House Prices 2017
This 4 page report includes the 109 sale prices of the homes that sold in the Dorchester Ontario area through MLS in 2017, such as asking price and sales price along with how many days they took to sell and percentages.
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Selling Your House in Dorchester Ontario?

   If you are in the thinking process of selling a home in Dorchester,  marketing  your home effectively can make a huge difference in how quick your home sells and for how much!

                     marketing real estate London Ontario


  You see, marketing a home takes more than just sticking a sign in your yard and putting your property up on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and praying and wishing it will sell, anyone can do that!  It takes assertive , innovative marketing to sell your home in today’s market place!

    In today’s market place there are only so many buyers out there who are ready and able to purchase a home.  So, if you want to sell your home, your Realtor® has to aggressively identify these potential buyers before others get their hooks into them and guide them into a different property.

                                               too bust to market a home in London Ontario

  The fact is, when you enter the market to sell your home, you enter one of the most competitive businesses in existence... anywhere!  Competition is strong and if you’re not ready for it... your home may just sit on the market.  The first major key to effectively marketing a home is to identify potential buyers.


  So, how does a Realtor® identify these “hot” buyers before the competition?  This is where the “rubber meets the road”!  This is what separates the weak Realtor® from the shrewd, business-minded marketing professional.

 The best Realtors® use every available marketing tool, technology, approach, contact or potential avenue to generate prospective buyers for your property!

   One key element is they understand the value of “effective” marketing!  They realize that in today’s competitive market they can’t just splash their name out there and expect people to call... they have to craft their message... and give buyers a compelling reason to call.

  So, how does the Realtor® you’re considering separate him or herself from competitors?

       If you pick up any real estate magazine or flyer, all ads look virtually the same. There is 2 -6 homes in a little box and a huge picture of him or her and #1 this, #1 that, or a member of you name it club. Or, (I can see your eyes rolling now!), they say stuff like, honesty, integrity, we care etc. Well, they better care, they better be honest and they better have all of that and more, it’s your home and your money!


   The top Realtors overcome this huge obstacle with a razor-sharp marketing strategy, (not the usual 3 bdrm, 2 bath, beautiful home, nice floors, clean, good neighbourhood and close to schools. Put’s you to sleep doesn’t it? Your home has a story, it is your past and the marketing of your home must reflect the feel and energy of your home, not necessarily the quantity of rooms, (most people who can afford to buy a home can count!), combined with cutting-edge technology, to generate buyer after buyer!               

   Remember, the major key to generating a buyer for your home is to reach the buyer first. So, if you want to get your home sold... don’t settle for anything less!

                The first two questions then are:

 1. how is someone you are interviewing going to make the phone ring with lots of new buyers for your home?  

 2.  What’s going to give them the edge and get them to the “starting block” first?

                Then comes the next question.  How sharp are your their negotiating skills?  What kind of results have they produced for past clients?  This is so crucial!

                Most people think that selling a home is like being a tour guide.  Show the buyer around, ask if they like it and write up the paperwork.  Well, if that’s all there was to it, anybody could sell your home!  

                So, how do you find out about your prospective Realtor’s negotiating skills?  Meet with them! Do they have testimonials from past clients?

                So, in conclusion, really think these things through!  This is such an important decision.  Get prepared!  Really fire away with questions when interviewing a Realtor®.  Make them stand the test of fire... the best thrive on it! 

   They can’t wait to tell you all about the innovative methods that separate them from those that’ll poke a sign in the ground and act like that’s enough!  In today’s market, it’s most definitely not enough!

 Sell a House in Dorchester Ontario

Buying a House in Dorchester Ontario

  Studies show that in 2014, 65% of real estate buyers were definitely satisfied with their sales representative.  Think about that – that means fully 35% were not!

  In that study, home buyers expect their sales representative to perform very few functions.  For repeat buyers:

1.  62% wanted their sales representative to find the right house,

2.  24% wanted their sales representative to negotiate the price after checking against comparable prices, and

3.  14% wanted their sales representative to complete the paperwork properly.

Buying a house in London or Dochester Ontario

  This is not a long or complicated list! Now, how can one third of all buyers be dissatisfied with the performance of their sales representative?

   Let me let you in on a little secret.  Most sales representatives don’t plan to take care of their clients!  No, I don’t mean they don’t intend to satisfy their clients.  They do.  They generally have the best of intentions.  They just don’t have a plan to accomplish what they intend.

   Ever hear of the old phrase “A failure to plan is a plan to fail?”  Well, welcome to the world of the average real estate practitioner.

  And it doesn’t matter how many designations or years in the business it’s always the same. Experience can  be like fashion, it can change quickly!

   Most have no systematic way of helping a client through the home buying process, sometimes it can be like a haphazard approach depending on the crisis of the day. (I heard that from a frustrated buyer who eventually was referred to me!)

  Now some of you might be saying “I don’t want a rigorous program.  The right house for me isn’t going to be the same as for someone else”.  And you’d be quite right – the right house for you is going to be different.

  However, let me ask you this:  Regardless of your destination, would you want the pilot flying your airplane to use a checklist or would you prefer they wing it because your destination is different?

  I think most you can see that only by employing a well-designed system do you have the best chance of consistently obtaining the results you want.

            Looking for a house to buy in London

   Generally the first thing most home buyers do when they start thinking for a house to buy is to start looking in the newspaper, the real estate magazines at the supermarket or the internet.

   If you use this approach for anything other than to get a general feel for the market, I can almost guarantee you’re going to be frustrated!

  Why?  Well, for the moment let’s skip the fact that I have not invested the time to analyze your requirements, wants, financial qualifications, etc., and just look at this approach to searching.  And let’s further suppose we’ve already found nothing on the market that’s suitable.

   When a property comes onto the market where do the best “buys” go?  Now I know everybody thinks the real estate sales representative gets the best buys, but let me assure you, they don’t have the money.  So, where do they go?

   They go to the buyer who has the first opportunity to say yes!

  And guess who that is?  It’s the buyer who’s’ sales representative is constantly checking for new listings that meet their clients criteria, the buyer who is already pre-approved for a loan, and who is ready to move emotionally when that right property for them comes onto the market.

 Can you figure out which properties show up in the newspaper, the magazines, etc.?

  It’s either already sold or it’s a property my client has rejected!

   Now would you prefer to choose from the gems or choose from the left overs?  

What you can do to make sure you are truly looked after.

Schools in Dorchester

There are four schools in Dorchester. As with most of the schools in the areas surrounding London, they are part of either the Thames Valley District School Board or the London District Catholic School Board.

  • River Heights Public School: Located on Hamilton Road. This is a school for children in junior kindergarten to Grade 3.

  • Northdale Central Public School: Located on Catherine Street. Most children come here after River Heights, for Grades 4 to 8.

  • St. David's Catholic School: Also on Catherine Street, next to Northdale. This school is for Catholic children from Kindergarten to Grade 8.

  • Lord Dorchester Secondary School: Located on Queen Street. 

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