Condos in London Ontario

 My business of helping Londoners buy and sell a condo in London Ontario keeps growing every month and it got to the point that I built another website 'Condos in London'.

 The idea is to make this website all about you, a buyer or a seller of a condo in London Ontario and area.

 This site will give you  access to more property information, more financial information and more in-depth community information than you'll find at almost any other real estate websites , it is not about awards, Number 1 this or largest or the fanciest office blah blah stuff.

 I believe that to be able to make good decisions, a person should have the correct and up to date information.

 My goal  is to be helpful, not a nuisance! 

I have built my business around attracting like minded clients , so unlike most real estate sites where they want your name, address, email, how many children you have, the colour of your socks, if you are left or right handed, there is none of that.

 Here is what my clients think of me:


 Whether this is your first real estate experience, or your 6th, I hope this web site will answer some questions, address your concerns, and help you with your real estate quest. 

 As well, I have another website where you can search for any and all condos for sale in Southwest Ontario on this site, it has walk scores, active maps and more information without you having to ransom your children, your dog or cat to get information! 

Little confused about condos and the lifestyle? Allow me to be your guide.

Ty Lacroix Broker of Record


Thinking of selling your house and moving to a condo?

Downsizing and enjoying life

   Downsizing can create more time for doing the things we enjoy most. When we consider the amount of time many of us spend cleaning and maintaining our home, the opportunity to increase our leisure time is very appealing.

   Many of our clients have told us that after downsizing , they felt more relaxed and free, able to spend more time with friends and family.

Learn how you can downsize when you are ready!


Selling A Condo in London Ontario?

When thinking about selling your townhouse in London or South West Ontario, where do you start? When do you start?

How would you feel if you knew some surefire ways to prepare before selling a condo, if you knew about the timely steps to take, the questions to ask, the caveats to be aware of?

This unbiased real estate white paper will get you thinking and keep you on track before, during and after you list your condo for sale.

Here it Is!


Look at These Condos in London Ontario

 Apartment Condos

 There are two types of apartment condos in London Ontario, high rise and low rise.  Prices start from $76,000 and up! Low rise are typically up to 4 floors and anything above that is usually called a highrise, I use the term Vertical Living London Ontario!

Townhouse or Townhome Condominiums 

   Townhouse condo complexes (townhomes, attached and detached, one floor and more) in London Ontario.

                         find condos in London Ontario

Included  as well are maps, recent prices, descriptions, pictures and if available, condos presently being listed for sale on MLS.

 Where do you start when it comes to locating and buying a condo  in London Ontario?

  Most start off by going to MLS or picking up all the real estate magazines they can get their hands on.

   Thats a good way to get a feel for price and style. But then what? What about certain condo rules, fees and financial stability of the condo corporation, amenities and other questions that are very important to you?


 I and my associates sell a lot of condos in London Ontario and area,  we view condos daily and know prices to the penny and the better run condo corporations.