Career in Real Estate

   To be a truly successful real estate sale person , if you  strip away the noise and clutter and just focus on the few things that will have the greatest impact, you will notice a huge difference in the enjoyment of this business!

 The greatest impact you can have is consulting with clients who wish to buy or sell real estate. After consulting and establishing trust and faith that you get results, then get results, which means your clients are satisfied and happy and will refer you to others.

  Real simple isn't it? Yet, a large percentage of real estate sales people are busy being busy and their questions to me are: 

  • How do I get clients?
  • What about social media?
  • What about company caravans?
  • What about previewing homes?
  • It takes me more than 3 hours to do a comparative market review? (really?)
  • I do this, I do that, I talk to whomever, I play solitaire, or whatever
  • You name the excuse here_______________


 Having lots of satisfied clients and having them praise your professionalism, work ethic and diligence is what real estate success is about. Income, freedom and time all follow, all you have to do is do outstanding work, one client at a time!

What I Think a Realtors Career Should Be Like

How I Define a Successful Real Estate Career in London Ontario

Success can mean many things , to some it is money, to some is helping others, to some it is just a job!        

                  enjoying being a real estate agent in London Ontario                       

How many describe their real estate career that way?

Fact: Most real estate agents EITHER: make a lot of money and have no life outside their job, OR have a life outside real estate but don't make enough money, OR kill themselves with grueling 80+ hour weeks AND barely make enough money to survive!

What Do You Believe?

  • I have to trade my time for money
  • Time is finite
  • I'm working as hard as I can
  • I can't get beyond this level
  • My job consumes me ... I have no time for my personal life
  • I'll never get out of this rut
  • I'm trapped inside a box of my own making
  • If I can only work HARDER, someday I will see the light at the end of the tunnel

Think Again • • • the only logical outcome of” working harder" is "burning out"                                         

The only walls that confine you are the ones you've built yourself can get out of the box by thinking "outside of the box"

I can help good Realtors be better, but can't turn lazy Realtors into good ones.

A lot of Realtors are willing to automate their current processes, but not change them. They already think they’re doing it the right way.

People resist change. Change requires people to rethink the way they work and the way they are organized. You can’t get wealthy by doing the same thing as everyone else.

If you work hard in real estate, you make a living, if you work hard on yourself, you will become very successful!

 If you do the same thing as a competitor who’s ahead of you, you’ll never catch up.

Thinking you know things you don’t know leads to a lot of mistakes.

You CAN have both a profitable real estate career AND plenty of free time left over to enjoy your life outside your business

                             Use leverage as a real estate agent

Leverage is the power to maximize results with the least amount of energy, time, money and risk.

Marketing ...Marketing & advertising are two distinct activities and effective marketing to attract buyers and sellers should not be taken lightly.                                                                     

Technology ...Technology can be used to amass and track volumes of data which would be impossible to organize by hand. It can speed up and invent processes. It makes these processes more efficient and allows them to be easily duplicated. Technology makes things that were impossible, possible. We spend thousands every month on innovative SEO techniques, our lead quality and conversions are way above the industry average.

Money The comp plan is structured in a way that is a vital ingredient in determining success or failure. The comp plan is transparent and fair and encourages the achievement of carefully worked out ‘stretch’ targets. 

By leveraging yourself in these three important areas, you can tum your job into a business. When you couple this with a "systems" approach, you will have a great career in Real Estate.

A system is a tested, proven, duplicable method of achieving a consistently superior result.

I know that the above is quite blunt, but the brutal truth is that real estate sales is not easy, you have to work hard and here we outwork the competition by understanding the 80/20 rule, that 20% of our activities account for 80% of our results! 

 We believe in the meritocratic system: (A select group of people whose progress is based on ability and talent rather than on just showing up and a system in which such persons are rewarded and advanced)

Career in Real Estate London Ontario

 Want a great career in real estate in London Ontario? Don't!


 Before I started my career in real estate quite a few  years ago, (my third career and the first two I screwed up), whenever I talked to people about real estate and making it a career, people (other Realtors) would go all out to tell me how tough it was, how it was impossibe as a rookie to get started, there are too many people in real estate all ready and on and on.

 Well, I had already knew about business the hard way, the disappointments, the late nights, the hard work and at times, wondering how I was going to pay my mortgage. You see, I concluded that all these people giving me advice were of three kinds:

  • They were insecure and feared competition
  • They were trying to protect their earnings
  • Their ego's were like the amorous ant crawling up an elephants hind leg and saying " Don't worry, it won't hurt at all"

  Here is what I know:

 Real estate is a great career because like most situations in life, sucess is determined over the long term! 

 In Sun Tzu's  "The Art of War"  he wrote about the best generals and leaders and warriors understanding the following:

 'Know yourself and the others - you win 100% of the time'

'Know yourself and not the other - you may win 50% of the time'

'Know neither yourself or the other and you most likely will lose 100% of the time'

 In real estate and in life, knowing yourself, what are your standards, morals, knowing that reality is neither the way you wish things to be nor the way they appear to be, but the way the actually are.

 You either grasp reality and use it to your benefit or reality will come by and bite you!

 In the same token, knowing your client, their fears, their needs, their DNA (desire, need and ability to buy or sell real estate).

The 3 Phases of Most Realtor's Careers!

There are 3 phases for most Realtor's in their career: The beginning, the learning and the rewarding.

   Understanding each phase is critical in discovering your path in real estate, why quite a few do not thrive and ensuring that you will. Most obviously start at the beginning, yet I still see agents after 10 years still at the beginning, but I digress!

  Most real estate sales people at first believe what their clients are saying. Betty is good, Mark really looked after me, Sharon is awesome, and Philip is good.

                            Struggling REALTOR

  And then?

  Things start changing, you get busy, there is more work to do, you are falling behind, your clients are relentless, they’re bugging you, instead of working 10 hours a day, you now are working 14, you cancel the times with your children, the date with your partner, the missed phone call or emails not returned.

   No matter how hard you try, you are getting behind. And, get this. You do, do, do but stop your marketing, networking because you have no time.

  And Then?

   You are not busy anymore! So you start the frantic race again but this time, because you had no systematic follow up and tasks, your recent past clients feel that your service and skills were lacking! They may not refer you and most likely will never! Another vicious cycle starts!

   (When someone tells me their real estate business is slow, I know what they did not do 3-6 months ago!).

   You see, as Michael Gerber wrote in The E-Myth Revisited, in a business that depends on you, on your style, on your personality, on your presence, on your talent and willingness to do the work, and you are not there, are sick, injured, on a holiday, then of course your customers will go someplace else!

   Your customers and clients are not using the real estate business’s ability to give them what they want but YOUR ABILITY to give them what they want.

        Start Over

  If your real estate business depends on you, welcome to long nights, weekends worked, missed family engagements, stress and burn out. As well, is that really why you got into real estate in the first place? Ask yourself; ask your partner, ask your children, is this really the best way to spend the rest of my life?

   I have made all of these mistakes, many times over and after banging my head on that proverbial brick wall, I developed, designed and in a constant work in progress system, a way to change the frustration, the fear, the provide an income that a real estate sales person deserves and a lifestyle that you decide on, not the real estate business.

   What kind of help do you, the underpaid, overworked, frustrated REALTOR go out and get? What most do is, they hire an assistant or team up with someone in their office, or, they move to another real estate brokerage because the grass is greener and they have been promised____________?

   Now, they are excited again, things will get better they say, I can work half the time, I don’t have to do this, do that, and I will make more money!

  Well, the opposite actually happens, time and time again. You’ve seen it, I’ve seen it. Your so called freedom is now weighing you down with a chain and anchor! A client calls about the less than courteous call from your partner or assistant, or you did not follow up as promised, or those feature sheets were wrong, you forgot to call someone back, you’re late for appointments, the name on the offer is wrong, you missed a clause and on and on. So what do you do? You say no one can do it as well as I can, I’ll do it!

  Oops! Guess where you are again?

    Struggling again

   It’s not your clients who are driving you crazy, (or, lack of clients!)

   It’s not your buyers, your brokerage, the other agent, the home inspector, the appraiser, the mortgage lender, the home stager or for that matter, the world’s a problem!

 The problem is you because you do not know any other way. You are now at your limit, your capacity to create a great lifestyle is burdensome, and so what you do is put your head down and work, work or as over 80% of you do, keep doing the same thing over and over and over, and then leave the business.

 Again, a real tragedy.

  If you feel your real estate business is sucking the life out of you, learn why the black hole phase of real estate exists and how you can get back on track to ensure a great lifestyle.


   Note: There is a huge difference between work and enjoying what you do. If you truly enjoy what you do, in helping people, having a great lifestyle, if that is work, then what a wonderful 4 letter word!

  I believe this: "Make your vocation your vacation!"

Joining a Real Estate Company in London Ontario


  When you think about it, picking the right career and company in any type of industry is not something you do every week.

   Perhaps that’s why many new licensees or those wanting to make a switch go out looking for a real estate brokerage to affiliate with often aren’t totally prepared to pick the right combination of company and management( broker of record, manager or mentor) for their particular personality.

  In truth, the residential real estate industry has a poor track record of developing systems to help new people and experienced make more educated decisions about who they ought to join. 

 At the heart of all real estate transactions, there is a real estate representative who developed a relationship with their customer, who turned into their client. Real estate is a very local, “what’s going on in your city” type business. A recent CREA study indicated that buyers and sellers actually are more apt to choose the Realtor, not the company. There is a revolution now occurring in the industry, and many brokerages are becoming wise to the fact that, indeed, they don’t actually control clients, their associates’ do.

  So the goal of you, the potential associate, is to find a brokerage who believes that you are the central reason that the firm is or should be successful, not the company. Keep in mind, this is not the goal of many real estate brokerages and franchises who might have you believe that they are the reason you have success. 

 As a real estate sales person, you are paid in direct proportion to your ability to communicate with people and serve their needs. If you cannot do that, you will go nowhere in this business. Your aim should be learn how to become  a real estate professional.

 Selling real estate is no different from any other profession.  People in most professions are paid in direct proportion to the amount of service they give. You, as a real estate sales person, are as professional as the income you earn.

  If you are not making enough money, you are are not giving enough service!

   To learn how to give more service, you must learn from a professional- someone who has done what you want to do: real estate. The problem with most sales people is that they are taking advice or "training" from people who are not professionals. How can they teach you something they have never accomplished themselves?

Or, what worked 5 years ago, 10 years ago? Or, you are being taught and given the same training that hundreds, maybe thousands of real estate people have received!

 I have never met a great Realtor yet who was a robot, doing what everybody else is doing!

 If you want to be average, stick with average people!

 A professional salesperson is a person who earns more money than the average salesperson. If you are not earning two to three times more income than the average sales person, you are not as professional as you could be.

 If you had a choice between being rich or poor, what would you choose?

 When I say rich, I am not talking just about money, what about emotional , physical and spiritual riches?

 How would your life be if you had all the four riches? 

When Choosing a Real Estate Company to Join, How Do You Know You Are Making The Right Choice?

 By the way, as the Broker of Record and owner, I cannot positively answer some of these 84 questions!

84 Questions You May Want To Know Before Joining a Brokerage
When you think about it, picking the right career and company in any type of industry is not something you do every week. Perhaps that’s why many new licensees or those wanting to make a switch go out looking for Real Estate Company to affiliate with often aren’t totally prepared to pick the right combination of company and broker of record for their particular personality. In truth, the residential real estate industry has a poor track record of developing systems to help new people and experienced make more educated decisions about who they ought to join. Upon reading “The Interview Quest”, you now have a valuable resource
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The Difference Between a Good & A Great Realtor in London Ontario

 The big difference between a good & a great real estate sales person is that the successful ones take everything as a welcomed challenge while an ordinary one takes everything either as a blessing or a curse!     

  The struggle for most ordinary Realtors is caused by that they don't take enough time to learn about the true role of money(the four roles are income, flow, profit & equity or exit),  how to effectively market themselves or their listings, those are easy enough to learn, it's just that they spend their time and energy defending what they think they know! Or, as this great poem states:

Spring has passed

Summer has gone

Winter is here

and the song I meant to sing remains unsung

For I have spent my days stringing

and unstringing my instrument.


                                                Joining a real estate company in London today

  Great real estate representatives in London Ontario, the really happy ones, are down to earth, compulsive about detail, are honest with themselves & their clients & their compensation reflects how happy and satisfied their clients are!. 

  They understand that they must know what goes on in every aspect of their business, the why and the how.

 They focus their attention on the multitude of seemingly insignificant, unimportant & boring things that make up every successful transaction & keeping their real estate business profitable & life fulfilling!

  Those mundane, little things, done with care & done consistently, form a huge difference from those who are satisfied to just get through, to just get by, to live from commission cheque to commission cheque.

  You see, it is those everyday tasks, done right, is just like compound interest & what Albert Einstein called the 8th wonder of the world.

  Most Realtors depend on luck, family, the market, their brokerage or the latest fad to get more business, yet, why is it that  93% don't make it past year one, 80% don't make it past 5 years and  90% don't make it after 10 years?

                                                do not take a chance with your real estate career

                               HOW SAD & UNNECESSARY! 

  You see, your real estate business is nothing more than a reflection of who you are.

  • If your thinking is sloppy, your business will be sloppy!
  • If you are disorganized, your business will be disorganized
  • If you come from a lack of abundance, your business will suffer from lack of abundance. (Give and you will receive.)
  • If you are greedy, your clients will be greedy, your associates  will be greedy, your family will be greedy ( those will be your thoughts, not others)
  • If the information about what needs to be done is limited, if your research of properties & values is haphazard or limited, your business (income) will reflect that limitation.

    So, if your real estate career and business is to change-as it must continuously to thrive and survive-you must change first. (To change your life, change your thoughts).

     If you are unwilling to change, your life and real estate career will never allow you to have the lifestyle, peace of mind or to give you what you and your family want.

     The first change that has to take place has to do with your idea of what a real estate career is really like & what it will take to make it rewarding, ( and not doing the same thing over and over & all that old 1990 stuff your brokerage told you to do!).

     To have a great career in real estate, once you understand the relationship every Realtor must have with their business to really work for them, your life & business will dramatically change.

                                   Joining the right real estate company in London Ontario

   You will see the great opportunities available if you start doing things the right way, with the right understanding & tools.

   The role of a Realtor is rapidly changing & you'll see how you can position yourself to be on top of that change.

  Here's the thing, when you started your real estate career and like all of us, to get your license you took a course on property law, how to write up an offer, how to write up a listing agreement, how to value a property and perhaps another 65% of things you most likely will never use again!

  Then, you joined a real estate company that promised to offer you all the training you will ever need to make it (if that were true, why do over 86.7% don't make it past year 2?) or, you may have learned a few ideas & methods about marketing and "getting your name out there." Really, whose name?                                   

  Your real estate practice is not a job, it is a business.   

Don’t be distracted by criticism. Remember the only taste of success some people have is when they take a bite out of you.”


                  I HAVE A QUESTION FOR YOU

 If you continue on your present path, if you continue to practice as you are now, hunting­ down business as you are now, attempting to convince  buyers and sellers "of your difference" as you are now, 'being just a real estate agent' and destined only to continue- do you have a rational reason to stay in a rut?

 A rut is nothing more than a coffin with both ends open!

 Can you honestly say your income's future is certain and secure? Can you see yourself achieving all your goals? - not just money-wise, but life and time-wise too?

  Why not get back  the control over your income, and be treated with respect?

  Fear of the unknown is strong and holds many people from living their ideal life. You already know how your present business is performing. 

 Awareness is very powerful.


 I am looking for talent, I am looking for a salaried licensed inside sales associate and one more buyer's agent. Talent to me is someone who is willing to learn, has a great work ethic, has sound principles and a grasp of the fact that the strength of company is the strength of all its associates collectively.


The Turning Point in Your Real Estate Career

  What do you think the one thing is that you absolutely have to have if you want to survive and thrive in real estate? Money? An impressive car? A large sphere of influence? If you guessed any of those, you’re wrong… it’s a Strategic Plan.

  Virtually every business coach on the planet stresses the importance of Strategic Plans… and successful CEOs live, eat, and breathe by theirs. That’s because Strategic Plans are the actual road maps that prevent them from veering off the paths that lead to their ultimate destinations.


London Real Estate Career Road Map


 Nothing has ever impacted my real estate businesse more than a Strategic Plan and here is one that really helped me and I would like to share it with you. But be warned, it is not easy and I read a report once that only 10% of people get past the first part of the plan.

 It does not surprise me because it takes effort, some quiet time, some thinking and the real tough part, being completely honest with yourself and your present situation!

 Think for a moment about a car’s GPS system. It will get you to your destination, but only if you give it two critical pieces of information: where you are right now and where you want to go. In your real estate business, you have to figure those things out before you can do anything else, and they will eventually serve as the bookends of your Strategic Plan.

    But first thing’s first

   Part one of this plan is “the Brutal Truth” where you’ll take inventory of where you are now and decide where you want to go.

   The next part is “Aha, I Get It” where you’ll learn the three core components of a killer Strategic Plan.

   Then, the third and final part is where you’ll actually create “The Now I Know How Plan” based on what you uncovered in parts one and two.

  Once all three of these are done, these will be the cornerstone of your entire real estate  business from this point forward.

 And then, This Bonus!

3 High Quality Strategies Most Realtors Aren't Using

  We hear so much talk in our business of getting more sales and more commissions. What this talk is really all about is getting more leads. Getting more leads (or, more specifically, getting more high quality leads) on a consistent basis is the KEY to getting more sales and making more money . . . period.

 What is the difference between the Realtorss who are getting a ton of high quality leads, and the Realtors who struggle to get leads or who get a lot of low quality leads?

  Do the successful real estate people work harder?

  Are they just better?

   Well I suppose in some cases they do just plain work harder. In my experience, though, the explanation is most often something else.

   The answer is usually that the great Realtors have a better strategy.

Turn Your Real Estate Career Around
Wow, you got this far! Congratulations! Did you know that a study was done and that 85% of people do not read a full article? Good for you, you are in the 15% of those who want to succeed and now you can by reading this free no obligation report. Again, congratulations, your career in real estate will get a lot more better!
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