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Buy a House London Ontario

 How would you feel if that before, during and after you bought a house in London Ontario you knew that the price was right, the location and the condition of the home was right?

 Most house buyers only think about price, style and location. But there's more than that!

 buying a House in London Ontario

  For most, buying a house in London Ontario & area can be an emotional roller coaster! It comes with a myriad of details and some buyers or even their Realtor can get caught up in the excitement and tend to overlook a few things.

 Over the years, through experience in working with hundreds of buyers and sellers in London Ontario real estate, I have been able to help my clients avoid these most common overlooked details below:

  • Making an offer without taking the time to gather the sufficient information to make a prudent decision.

  • So confused and can't make a decision or discouraged with what is available for sale or the price or being out bid!

  • Rushing into buying and then finding out the home they selected did not fit their  lifestyle or comfort zone

  • Unexpected repairs because of not doing a home inspection or worse yet, not hiring the best home inspectors in the market.

  • Hidden costs that were not budgeted for because of lack of thoroughness on your part or the professionals you hired.

  • Not understanding the whole process of buying real estate, the time, of being un-available and not being in the presence from start to finish.

  • Listening to the wrong advice , though from parents, friends, neighbours & co-workers who mean well, from social media or the latest local news.

​              Sutton Group Envelope Real Estate Help Desk

  I know that the answers to the following questions prepares buyers in the home buying process,  they sleep better and can't wait for  excitement of buying a house! 

  The buying process should uncover the following:

  • How To Evaluate Homes Like a Pro.​​

  • What to Really  Look For When You Visit a Home For Sale.

  • What is the Real Price and The Market Price?

  • How To Know When Someone is Not Telling You The Truth in a Real Estate Transaction.

  • How to Save Thousands of Dollars When Writing & Negotiating an Offer.

  • What Are The FOUR Most important "Market Telltale Signs" You Must Know & Understand Before You Make an Offer?

  • Who can you trust?

​                            Truth is our Motto at Sutton Group Envelope Real Estate          


 In a 2017 Consumer Real Estate Survey, 77.8% of Canadians responded that they either paid too much for their house or made a huge mistake somewhere in the buying process!

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   The specific way you progress through a home buying transaction varies but there are many home buying steps that are a must, and omitting one or more can cause you harm financially or emotionally.

  These free no obligation guides were written to  guide real estate buyers  through the process and is based on real life experiences, both the good and the bad and from hundreds of transactions, so this is the real thing, there is no theory or personal opinions, just actual real life facts. 

 Also note that you don't have to go through 21 more questions to receive these guide, then, be directed to another page, click, click and more clicks, and then, get phone calls or emails telling you how good someone is and generally being a pain in the butt.

     If you are going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home in London Ontario and regardless if you are a first time buyer or buying your 5th, a few minutes of informed insights will be well worth your time. 

It did for these buyers

Never, Ever Overpay for Real Estate in London Ontario & Area
What price do you offer a seller? Is the seller’s asking price too high? Is it ideal? Without research on the market and comparable homes, you basically are bidding blind. A professional Realtor who represents you, the buyer, should be able to offer an unbiased opinion on the value of a home, based on market conditions, condition of the home and neighborhood. I said should, but how would you know if it is unbiased and what comparables were used and in what time frames? (At the end of this report I will explain how you can know!) Without this knowledge, you could easily bid too much, or worse, miss out on a great buying opportunity.
Who Else is Going To Be Involved When I Buy Real Estate?
There can be many other professionals or non-professionals involved in your real estate transaction. A good thorough Realtor will ensure you are working with qualified professionals and with experience and trial and error, they will only work with the more competent lawyers, home inspectors and mortgage lenders.
Role of a Lawyer in a Real Estate Purchase
The role of the purchaser’s lawyer is to protect you, the purchaser, throughout the transaction, and to make sure that you obtain good title to your new property. The purchaser’s lawyer also represents the interests of your mortgage lender in preparing and registering the mortgage documents. Tips on what to ask a lawyer.
Role of a Home Inspector
There are several reasons for having a home inspection, but the most compelling reason is that the inspector looks at the property differently than a purchaser does. 1 The actual job of an inspector is to look for major problems visible the day of the home inspection to help you reduce your risk. 2 A good home inspector will also give you an education on the operation of the systems of your home. 3 A great Home Inspector will give you an understanding of how to solve the problems found that day which will ultimately give you enough information to make a good buying decision with everything you have learned. The BIG Question: Who is a great home inspector and how do I know?
7 Steps for Buyers of Real Estate Course Notes…
If you’re like most, the decision to buy a home involves a number of stresses and strains. For about 90% of buyers, it’s the single largest financial transaction of their lives. Missteps in any part of the buying process can cost thousands. The intent of these notes is to give you a number of helpful, straightforward tips for buying a home that meets your needs, and in time become a smart financial investment for you.
What Do All These Real Estate Words Mean Anyway?
What do all these real estate words mean? Learn a few, that way never will a lawyer, Realtor, economist, mortgage lender or your hair dresser ever confuse you again!
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London Ontario Real Estate Guides

 London Ontario real estate continues to have one of the best house and condo  prices in Canada. So, what can you buy a house or a condo for in London Ontario and area?

                  London Ontario House Guide

  • What styles?

  • Neighbourhoods?

  • Quality?


These guides  I have put together will give you a general idea of what you can get for your money, home styles, links to services, schools and more!


London Ontario Condo Guide
The original London Ontario Condo Guide with price ranges, styles, locations and helpful London area phone numbers and contacts, condo buildings and complexes.
London Ontario House Guide
A wonderful, unique 19 page guide that will give you an idea of London Ontario house prices, neighbourhoods in London, schools, telephone numbers, utilities, hospitals, links. Break down of price ranges, styles and Sutton Group Envelope Real Estate is the sole supplier of this guide, get your exclusive guide now!
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