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Did you know that London Ontario has over 280 parks and green spaces. Springbank Park with its myriads of trails, bike paths and mini parks within the park is the most popular in London.

What about Victoria Park with its bandshell, Harris Park for concerts, Fanshawe Park for boating and camping and Pond Mills for its ponds and trails?

There are 4.4 million trees or about 12 for every Londoner and 120 tree species. Do you think that is why we are known as the Forest City?

Among all these trees and parks are great neighbourhoods with a variety of cultures, home styles and ambiance. How can I help find you the right neighbourhood for your family?

My How Libraries Have Changed

    My, how libraries have changed. A long, long time ago when I was going to school and visited libraries I remember the smell of books, the quite aura that volumes of books exude and the sombre look and attire of librarians.Well, for some reason, I decided to drop into the 'newer' library on Wonderland Road South and I was blown away.

Bright colours, computer stations, noise and staff that seemed to have life in them!

My, how libraries have changed! Here are where 16 of them are in London Ontario.

Arts, Entertainment & Activities, London Ontario

  What about the arts, entertainment, sports or other activities in London Ontario. What are they, where and when?

What about connecting your children to schools and locations, day care etc?

What about a great Real Estate Brokerage in London?

Here are a few links that will guide you about things to do in London Ontario, with phone numbers, addresses.

Relocate London Ontario

City of London

London Childrens Connection School boards, French Immersion, Day Care

And of Course All about London

If you still need to be connected and can't find what your are looking for, I can help!

Connecting Your Child in London Ontario

 I just helped a family from Winnipeg move to London and with 3 school age children, the parents needed information on pre-school, childrens centres and other child related support services.

The following is a link that should help all newcomers to London Ontario, plus for Londoners who were not aware of the services being offered in London Ontario.

You can access all of the following:

  • Children's Centres
  • Community Home Child Care
  • I'm Home Program
  • Ontario Early Years Centre
  • School Age Program
  • Extended Day Care-before & after school programs for full day kindergartens
  • Thames Valley District School Board
  • French Immersion
  • London District Catholic School Board

Go to London Children's Connection

Environment & London Ontario

Sometimes in this busy world we lose track of the day to day inner workings of the city or town we live in and at times are only concerned about what the city does or does not do when effects us.

if you would like to know how London Ontario handles the following:

  • Air Quality

  • Greenhouse Gas emissions from private vehicles

  • Waste Management

  • Water Quality

  • Water Conservation

  • Average Daily Flow of Water

  • Residential Garbage Disposed in Landfill Sites

  • Waste Diverted Away from Landfill Sites

Go to at and now you know.

What Is London Ontario Doing About The Environment?

Is the well-being of Londoners considered where the environment is considered and is it sustainable? While London and its community may not be perfect, below are a few projects and groups that are making an impact.

  • London Community Foundation's Clean Air Challenge
  • Reforest London's Greening Our Schoolyards Planning Project
  • Pollution Solutions in the Coves Subwatershed
  • Daily Bread Goes Green
  • Urban League of London Endowment Fund

For more information go to the following:

Something About London Ontario?

London is the 10th largest city in Canada and the total population in London and Middlesex County is 489,274! By the time of the 2011 population census, it is estimated that people age 55-plus will increase to about 28%, or nearly 1-in-3 Londoners!

62% of Londoners own their own home and the number of those renting accommodations declined for the first time in 15 years!

Londoners speak 48 different languages! For more about London visit

About London's Vital Signs® Report

   Vital Signs serves as a check-up on the vitality of London and provides a snapshot of the positive and negative trends in areas important to our quality of life.

The report is compiled from recent statistics and studies that look at six different, and yet interconnected, issue areas that are critical to the well being of our city and its residents: Getting Started in our Community, Belonging and Leadership, Learning, Work, Environment and Gap Between Rich and Poor. This study deepens our community knowledge and is a valuable tool for residents, leaders and elected officials who develop the new ideas required to build a stronger London.

London Community Foundation has placed the emphasis of the report on the City of London. In some instances, the data presented represents the City of London and Middlesex County where possible. Conversely, some data estimates in the report use the Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) that includes the City of London along with the townships of Central Elgin, Southwold and Strathroy-Caradoc and surrounding areas of Middlesex and Thames Centres (Statistics Canada definition, 2001). It is important to note the data source when reading through the report for clarity on the geographical area.

For more information and links to source material, visit

Research Sources

Canadian Community Health Survey, Statistics Canada
Centre for Lifelong Learning
Children's Aid Society of London and Middlesex
Composite Learning Index
Elections Canada; City of London Elections Office
Fanshawe College, Research and Institutional Planning Office
Households and the Environment Survey 2007
London District Catholic School Board
London Economic Development Corporation
London Food Bank
Middlesex London Heath Unit
OEYC Data Analysis Coordinators, Early Development Instrument
Ontario Municipal Benchmarking Initiative
Statistics Canada
The University of Western Ontario
Thames Valley District School Board Annual Report 2009

Note: London CMA (Census Metropolitan Area) includes the City of London along with the townships of Central Elgin, Southwold and Strathroy-Caradoc and surrounding areas of Middlesex and Thames Centres.


How London Cares For Others

    We can all make a difference in London Ontario. Vital Signs is a snapshot of the issues that impact our quality of life. You'll find stories and statistics, hear about ideas and initiatives, and learn how you can make our community more vital.

Connecting People Who Care to Causes That Matter

  Although our economy is improving, it's too early to see change. When you're the most marginalized, you're first to need help but the last to recover.

  When the milk is running low, most of us just add it to the grocery list and buy more. But for many Londoners, it's not that easy. As a volunteer on the board at the Daily Bread Food Bank and the Fellowship Centre, Andra O'Neill says she is struck by how many two-income families have been in to get help this year.

Although our economy is improving, it's too early to see change. When you're the most marginalized, you're first to need help but the last to recover.

Each day, over 200 Londoners drop into the Fellowship Centre for a hot lunch, a cup of coffee and maybe a game of cards with friends. Many also frequent the food bank for a three-day emergency supply of food. Both urgent need services are run out of St. Paul's Cathedral on Richmond Street.

People are devastated to have to go to a food bank. So the moment they step inside, the volunteers go all out to make them feel welcome. It takes courage to get help.

For Andra and many volunteers like her, it's not about doing your "good deed" for the day. It's about listening to someone's story and being inspired to make your community a better place.

Andra is just one of the many people you'll meet in Vital Signs 2010 who make a difference. As you'll see from the stories ahead, a new spirit of generosity, compassion and yes, hope, is seeing us through. Not just from our richest citizens but from people who live modest lives too. Giving doesn't have a demographic. Anyone can do it, from the person who has a kind word for a stranger to the wealthy businessperson with a million dollars.

Connecting people who care with causes that matter was the impetus for publishing London's first Vital Signs two years ago, and it continues to be the reason for publishing the report now.

A key challenge for philanthropy is sorting through competing priorities, identifying opportunities and creating space for deeper conversations and solutions.  Vital Signs will continue to strengthen our role as a grant-maker and encourage our community and donors to make a difference.

Perhaps, most importantly, Vital Signs will serve as a beacon for the people of London and Middlesex County, drawing attention to the issues we must address to ensure the vitality of our community.

You'll meet many of our community champions here. Their passion and enthusiasm is evident in these pages: in their projects, data, and great ideas to make London a stronger, more vital community.

Visit the website at . Feel free to share your ideas and initiatives too -- there's so much going on, we can't begin to get it all into this report. You'll also find more stories, more in-depth data and interesting video on the website.

Vital Signs is a call to become more informed about the health and wellbeing of our vibrant community in London Ontario. Because community truly means each and every one of us

Getting Around London Ontario

Getting Around London

Getting around the city of London by car, bike or foot is relatively easy given the north-south/east-west grid layout of the city. Commute times from the downtown core to any of the four corners of the city are relatively short compared to major cities like Toronto.

The city is criss-crossed with an extensive network of well marked and well maintained bike and walking trails connecting many of the city's park areas and meeting places including the University of Western Ontario, Harris Park and Springbank Park. The relatively flat terrain makes biking to and from work a popular choice for many.

Bus, Taxi and Paratransit

The London Transit Commission (LTC) offers regular conventional and accessible bus services throughout the city. This service is designed to move commuters to and from the downtown core as efficiently as possible. Individual tickets are $2.75 per adult, senior or student and $1.35 per child (age 12 and under). Monthly passes range from $57.50 - $81.00 depending on ridership frequency.

LTC also provides specialized transit with a range of service delivery options designed to meet the needs of those with disabilities. A paratransit service is available for those with special needs. Of course, there are also many licensed taxi companies in London, including specialty car and limousine services.


Some additional sites you may want to visit to learn more about London:

Related Links:

Downtown London Parking Guide:

London Ontario Telephone Numbers You May Want To Know

If you are like me, when I want to call someone at London City Hall or the London Library or garbage pick up date, I scramble to find the phone number, or wait to turn on the computer and get the number. Below is a list that I felt you may want to know:

Civic Contacts      Community Information     


Animal Control                                                        519-685-1330

Building Permits                                                      519-661-4555

London Chamber of Commerce                                519-432-7551

Crime Stoppers                                                        519-661-8477

London Fire Department                                        519-661-4565

Garbage                                                                    519-661-5485

Library                                                                     519-661-5187

London Economic Development Corp.                   519-661-4545

Mayor's Office                                                         519-661-4920

Parking                                                                     519-661-4537

Parks & Recreation                                                  519-661-5575

Police                                                                       519-661-5670

Real Estate                519-435-1600 (I slipped that in, that's mine!)

Recycling                                                                 519-661-5803

Taxes                                                                       519-661-4540

Transit Services                                                       519-451-1347



Children's Hospital of Western Ontario                519-685-8484

London Health Sciences Centre                               519-685-8500

Parkwood Hospital                                                   519-685-4000

Regional Mental Health Care                                   519-455-5110

St. Joseph's Health Care London                             519-646-6100



Bell Canada                                                           310-2355

London Hydro  (water)                                            519-661-5503

Roger's Cable                                                           519-646-3311

Union Energy (water heater)                                    519-686-7554

Union Gas                                                                888-774-3111

So there you go, those numbers work! Now, I didn't add some of our great restaurants, watering holes, golf course, pilates class or mud wrestling, I thought I'd leave the adventure up to you.

10 Reasons Why London Ontario Is A Great Place To Live

Here are 10 reasons why London Ontario is a great place to live and work:

 Welcome to Good Move, London

This website is designed to help you discover all that London has to offer and provide information that is important to you in making a decision to relocate to our community.

Midway between Detroit and Toronto, London is at the heart of Southwestern Ontario. As Canada's 10th largest centre, London has a population of over 464,000 and serves as a regional hub for surrounding communities.

Go to for an in depth of the 10 reasons and the 11th could be that London is where Envelope Real Estate Brokerage is located!

London Works For Employers and Job Seekers

LondonWorks in London, Ontario, Canada

London is a dynamic community with a solid foundation of diverse business and industry sectors.  We welcome employers, workers and jobseekers and are pleased to provide you with access to information that will help you succeed in our community. 

This website reflects the London Economic Development Corporation's (LEDC's ) acknowledgement and commitment to the importance of workforce for a flourishing economy.   The workforce initiatives of the LEDC work to ensure a sufficient and appropriately skilled workforce is in place to support new business investments by companies wishing to locate in the London area and by businesses already located here.

LondonWorks is your key link to workforce information for London and area for both employers and jobseekers.

Go to   and see how LondonWorks can help you.

LondonWorks is a workforce initiative of the

Is Lead Water Pipe Replacement Safe?

There has been conflicting reports that a costly program meant to protect Londoners & Canadians from lead in tap water may instead be placing thousands at risk.

London City Hall each spends more than $750,000 each year to replace lead service lines with copper pipes to bring water to the property lines of older homes. However, many homeowners fore-go that $1,500 cost of removing the lead pipes on their property, instead leaving new copper pipes connected to lead pipes.

This is common throughout Canada, but in the U.S., it has come to a halt!

Research has shown that when sections of lead pipes are replaced, the lead that remains can corrode much faster than a stand alone lead pipe, the rust flaking into tap water.

The US Centers for Disease Control made public to the head of the agency's lead poisoning prevention that where lead pipes were partially replaced, children have higher blood-lead levels than children in homes with full lead pipes.

What amazes me is that it is reported that Canadian officials refuse to screen children for lead exposure while in the U.S.,children are routinely screened for blood-lead levels with the risk being most acute in children & fetuses.

Marc Edwards who presented his findings to the US Congress and engineers of the American Water Works Association states: "I don't think you'd find anybody in the United States who would defend partial as economically sound or providing a health benefit."

As a side note, I read a newspaper article today that thousands of hockey sticks are being replaced because of lead levels! Wow, when I was a kid, a new stick at the end of the season!

Londoner's Lead Canada in Volunteering and Donating

Londoners have a rich history of volunteering and community involvement. With National Volunteer Week being in April  I thought I would pat those volunteers on the back!

Most donors and volunteers are active because of what is in their hearts, not the visibility in the press or self-promotion.

A recent survey carried out by Stats Canada found that London's volunteer rate is at 60%, which is well above the Canadian average of 46%. In Ontario, it is the highest of any other city or community!

On average, London volunteers contribute 153 hours to volunteering with a nonprofit or voluntary agency each year and the economic value is an incredible 672 million dollars.

London Ontario substains over 1200 nonprofit groups and charities. So, what are you doing this week? Help someone, call someone, smile at someone, help an old lady across the street, help a young lady across the street, feed the birds, pick up some litter, pat a dog, instead of giving the finger to someone, give a wave and a smile, that will really p*ss them off!

A percentage of my commission  on every trade goes to a charity, you can choose it or I will for you.


Condos in London & South West Ontario

Getting Started In London Ontario

Getting started in a new community, with its new culture, languages and customs can be tough. Finding employment, learning a new language and gaining recognition for foreign education and credentials are major challenges that many newcomers face.

London cannot afford to lose out on skills and talent of our newcomers.

If you are new to London Ontario, are planning on moving to London Ontario or knows of someone who is, if they visit they will find a wild array of agencies and contacts that can help in adapting to London Ontario.

Welcome to Ontario

Capital: Toronto

Motto: Ut Inceptit Fedelis Sic Permanet (Loyal it began, loyal it remains)

Flower: White Trillium

Population, 1998: 11,404,750



The Land


The name "Ontario" comes from the Iroquois word "Kanadario" meaning "sparkling water." The name is fitting: not only is Ontario bordered on the south by the Great Lakes and on the north by Hudson Bay, but 177 390 km2, or one sixth of its terrain, is covered by rivers and lakes. Ontario is larger than Spain and France combined. The province has a landmass of 1,068,580 sq km and is the 2nd largest province in Canada. At its greatest extremity Ontario is 690 km in width. the longest distance north/south is 1,730 km. The highest point, at 693 m above sea level, is in the District of Timiskaming, near Lady Evelyn Smoothwater Provincial Park.


The People


With over 11 million people, Ontario is the country's most heavily populated province. While English is the official language, Ontario's Francophones play an essential part in the province's cultural life. The provincial government provides services in French in those regions where the Francophone population is sufficiently high.




Ontario is Canada's most productive province, generating some 40 percent of the country's gross domestic product (GDP). Its manufacturing industries lead the way. Ontario's competitive advantages include its natural resources, modern transportation system, large, well-educated labour force, reliable and relatively inexpensive electrical power, and proximity to key U.S. markets: less than a day's drive puts Ontario's products within reach of 120 million American consumers. Automobiles are Ontario's major manufacturing industry and most important export, employing more than 140 000 people. Motor vehicles, parts and accessories accounted for 37% of Canada's total exports in 1998.


*Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition, Copyright (c) 2003.

Working in London Ontario

Working in London Ontario

Industry sector leaders like 3M, McCormick, Kellogg's, Trojan Technologies, TSC Stores and Starlim North America have their Canadian headquarters in London. Over the past seven years, the city has witnessed significant growth in manufacturing, particularly the auto parts sector. London is also poised for new business growth in the areas of life sciences and technology.

The result is a diverse business community with a well balanced economy that embraces strengths in health care, government, education, manufacturing, IT and business services.

Related Links:

Working in London:

London Ontario Road Maintenance. A Heads Up!

The London Free Press is calling road related work in London alone 'The mother of all construction seasons' with a record 150 million being allocated.Orange pylons, not daffodils and tulips will signal the spring season.

Do not despair! If you go to an interactive website awaits you and you will know where construction in London is on any given day.

Another way to avoid traffic when looking to purchase real estate in London  is to have me drive you around. I can curse in 14 languages, have  a multitude of finger signals and have a GPS and know before hand where the construction is. lol




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