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             3 Real Estate Fundamentals in London Ontario

  Transparency, clarity & professionalism are the 3 basic tenets of real estate when it comes time to select a real estate brokerage and a Realtor in London Ontario . They are:

    1.  How will you focus on me?

     Every buyer and seller of real estate has different requirements and it is wise to have someone who will listen to you, who understands your needs & builds a flexible plan just for you. You should want someone who will tell you the truth and not tell you just what you want to hear, all for the sake of a real estate commission! 

 Great Questions to Ask any Realtor BEFORE you buy or sell a home in London Ontario and area.

     2.  What services do you offer?

   Having access to a brokerage with experience, knowledge & innovative methods should be a major point for you. Having access to trusted & like- minded law firms, home inspectors, mortgage lenders, appraisers, accountants, trades people, movers, cleaners & retailers can be a huge bonus. As well, who will help me? Is it the first person I call or learning the business or is it the experienced pro who will work with me, one on one?

  We believe our care and skills are second to none that we offer our 'Love it or leave it' guarantee. 

  100% guarantee you will love your home in London

    3  How do you charge for your services?

   As a buyer, 99% of the time, the seller pays the real estate fees which is disclosed to you upfront and in black and white. When you are a seller of real estate, the listing brokerage gets compensated after the brokerage and the Realtor have successfully fulfilled their fiduciary duty to you and you have received the proceeds from the sale of your home or investment property.

 In other words, we only get paid after we help you get what you want.  

Ty Lacroix Broker of Record

            Success leaves clues!

Envelope Real Estate MLS Houses For Sale London Ontario & Area

 Below are all the MLS houses listed for sale in London Ontario & area.  For Condos

 For a more precise search, such as by postal code or draw your own map, walk scores, virtual tours,  go here. 


  London Ontario Houses With a Pool  



  One Floor Condo Townhomes (Townhouses) in London Ontario


 One Floor Houses, Bungalows & Ranches in London Ontario

  MLS London Ontario              London Ontario Real Estate Informatiom

Real Estate Investor?

  Investing in real estate rental properties can be financially rewarding when done prudently as with any investment. There will be risks which you can minimize, however,  if not done strategically, keep your money under a mattress!

 investing in real estate London Ontario

 Now what?

Downsizing, Rightsizing ?

  Downsizing at one time was perceived to be what your grandparents or even your parents did as they got older! Not any more.

  Downsizing London Ontario

  People seeking financial freedom downsize, recent singles downsize & travellers who do not want to spend their weekends  maintaining a larger home downsize.

 Some ideas...

Why Sutton Group Envelope Real Estate Brokerage Inc

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All MLS Houses For Sale London Ontario in Detail

 Here are all the MLS listings in our region , an easy way to search all MLS houses for sale in London Ontario & area.  For Condos

 I can also answer for you 3 very important questions before you buy:

  • What is the property worth in today’s market? (most important)
  • How flexible is the seller on the asking price? (very important)
  • What’s wrong with the property? (extremely important)

 And of course, if you want to see any property, I am accessible, call me at 519-435-1600 or reply to this email, let me know the property you want to see, and I’ll work promptly & quickly to get a showing scheduled for you.

 I have access to the lockbox of any property listed on the London & area MLS to let you in. 

 For a more precise search, such as by postal code or even draw your own map, go here. 

 I have access to properties for sale that are not listed for sale on MLS (Property owners have asked us to help them sell, but there’s few days lag time before they are searchable on MLS or they are doing a few bits of tidying up)

Boring London Ontario Real Estate

        How To Be Excited About Real Estate in London Ontario & Bored At The Same Time!

 "Boring" is the best description how I prefer to help buyers and sellers in London Ontario & area!  I'm not bored, its that I bore my clients!

 Oh, they are excited and  pleased when they successfully buy a house or a condo in London Ontario or sell their home, what's boring is that there is no nail biting, sleepless nights, panic phone calls, nefarious or dubious games played, no BS*.

                      we are boring

   Its just that at the end of the day, clients found me to be boring!

 Let me explain.

 I know from experience that most buyers and sellers of real estate, stocks & bonds, mutual funds, automobiles etc. are not disciplined in all situations and let the heat of the moment, their emotions override logic and at times common sense and in turn, a financial mistake.

  A basic truth is that he average Canadian cannot make rapid buying or selling decisions. Indecision & procrastination have become acceptable. The reason most can’t make a decision is the fear of making a bad decision. They are so afraid of making a bad decision; they won’t make any decision at all.

 Knowing that and wanting my client's to be successful in a real estate transaction,why not listen carefully, find solutions & develop a step by step plan so that my clients have all the necessary information to make wise decisions?

           real estate decisions, we can help

 So boring it is.

  No :

  • no last minute phone calls that the buyer's financing fell through
  • no silent treatment
  • no "we cannot close tomorrow, we need this, the bank needs this, blah, blah'
  • no  games such as "we have another offer"
  • no "if you don't buy tonight, it will be too late"
  • no underpricing or overpricing your home
  • no worrying about owning two homes
  • no "Am a paying the right price for this property"
  • no "What if  there is something wrong with this house?"
  • no more thinking the sky is falling, the Leafs might win the Stanley Cup, interest rates are up, are down, it's going to rain, it's too cold, too hot. All excuses that are out of my control, so, why not focus on your real estate goals and achieve them, laser like and get it done.


 As you can see, real boring! 

 Don't get me wrong, I have not yet seen a transaction that were without a few challenges, but no game playing, no posturing, no phoniness, just do what you hired me out to do, guide and advise you to a successful real estate transaction.

You see, it is quite straight forward and pretty simple and can be boring! These client reviews thought so!

  client reviews of Envelope Real Estate


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